Tuesday, July 25, 2017

There's a Hiring "Freeze" at Ole Miss

As we all know, Hugh Freeze is out as the Ole Miss head football coach. The guy that is in is former assistant coach Matt Luke. Luke is an Ole Miss guy who will lead the Rebels on an interim basis, at least for now. There is nothing coming out of the Ole Miss administration concerning a search for a new 'permanent' head coach, nor will there be any time soon. The school faces possible severe sanctions from an ongoing NCAA investigation, which could include further bowl game restrictions and scholarship reductions. With all of this on the table at Ole Miss, the next man up at the university will automatically come in to a program with some real handicaps. The cupboard at Mississippi will not be bare, but it won't be stocked to the hilt either as recruiting will most certainly take a direct hit as a result of all the uncertainties surrounding the program. Stay tuned,there seems to be a lot more coming out of Oxford, Mississippi. Just not the hiring of a new 'permanent' head coach. The 'Freeze" out continues...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hugh Freeze: Integrity Driven or Incredulous Individual?

At last count, the NCAA allegations against Ole Miss had grown to a gigantic 21 charges. At last count, Head Coach Hugh Freeze had used the word integrity in referring to himself and his program about 2,100 times. And why wouldn't he? His University has stood by him thick and thin. Freeze and Ole Miss seem undaunted by all of these serious charges. The Head Coach himself is looking down the barrel of a coach's most serious allegation, the dreaded "Failure to Monitor". If upheld, this alone could cause Freeze to lose his job.
If other allegations are upheld, the Ole Miss football program could face sanction, above sanction, above sanction. If all of this smoke turns into fire, it will be time to get the horses out of the barn in Oxford. And if all of this devastation falls upon this university, won't people wonder even more why the administration continued to support Hugh Freeze? Perhaps the answer is because his teams defeated mighty Alabama two times in the past three seasons. It probably won't even matter to Ole Miss that Freeze would be proven guilty of cheating in order to do that. So much for integrity.