Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brady

After months of rumors, Tom Brady made Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen his bride Thursday in California. The New England Patriot quarterback has been dating his new bride since 2006. Brady continues rehab on his reconstructed knee as he prepares to return to NFL competition this fall. Oh yea Tom, in case you overlooked the prenup, just dial 1-800-dennycrane!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michael Vick: There's No Place Like Home...

Michael Vick will possibly serve out the remainder of his prison sentence under home confinement. It seems that there is no room in a halfway house for him, thus the move home. There are two months, more or less, remaining on his sentence. Why not keep him in prison since he can't go to the halfway house? I must be missing something here. I wonder if he'll be on "double secret probation"? Will it be one of his houses, or how about a real 'dog' house? What if schools began doing this: "there's no room in 'time-out' now, so we're sending you home to be confined to your room. But do not get on the Internet!" But I digress. Do you think I should post a welcome home sign for Vick on An Opinion On Sports? Oh well, I'll take that as a NO.

NASCAR: So Lame To Be Tamed...

SI Galleries has a great listing of 'The 10 Lamest Rules' in NASCAR. It is a very accurate depiction of how the governing body of the sport has been detrimentally successful in over-controlling the sport. The only other lame rule I would have added would be the "Lucky Dog" rule where the lead lapped car gets that lap back on the next caution flag. Ridiculous!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Gosh, Goodell!

Continuing on this economic kick this afternoon, it has just been reported that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will take a pay cut of 20-25 percent. His current salary is $11 million, so he'll have to "make-do' on a measly $8.25 million. Break out the bologna and bread! The remainder of the NFL staff was trimmed by 169 employees, adding together buyouts, terminations, and un-filled positions. Maybe the league won't have to trim any more jobs to come up with Roger's 8.25 mil.

Greg Norman Talks About "Recession" on Tour

Greg Norman feels that PGA golfers should be willing to accept smaller purses in light of the country's economic situation. Yea right, and I suppose all professional athletes will allocate a portion of their tremendous salaries to decrease our national debt. The problem with inflated purses doesn't seem to be with the PGA, but with corporate sponsors who continue to be willing to pay huge sums of money to sponsor tour events. When they say no to huge dollars, you will also see TV revenues fall. That's when you will see a decrease in prize money. Last year's average purse per tour event was $5.8 million. The purse at the Northern Trust Open last weekend was $6.3 million, with a winner's share of $1.13 million. This coming from a sponsor that was granted a $1.6 billion bailout for the federal government, although they insist no TARP money was used for the tournament. Yea, like I insist I'm 6' 1" tall when I am only 5' 10" (the people who know me are shaking their heads at this analogy)! But at least golfers have to earn their paychecks. If they don't play well, they don't get paid well. And there are a lot of guys on tour who would not be able to be there if not for their personal sponsors subsidizing their income. It's not as glamorous as one would think for all the golfers. I understand Norman's point about pro golfers feeling like they are "recession proof", but they will continue to feel that way until the sponsors admit that they are the ones who are not exempt from the perils of recession.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Knowshon at NFL Combines

Knowshon Moreno runs a drill at the NFL Combines over the weekend. He is projected to be a first round draft choice, but not necessarily the first back taken. By all accounts, he had a very productive showing as NFL scouts looked on with all the scrutiny of London Bobbies.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nice Gesture By Fred Couples

I'm sure Fred Couples has given away thousands of golf balls during his long PGA career. I just happened to be watching this afternoon at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera as Couples handed a young spectator yet another one of his golf balls as he moved from tee to green. The camera showed a big smile on the face of the recipient as Freddie continued on his way to the next hole. It was really just a small gesture on the part of the golfer, but what struck me was that it was an enormously big deal to the young fan. One he will absolutely never forget. With all the negatives that sometimes accompany the world of sports, it really is nice to see good things, regardless of their magnitude. The significance of a gift is always determined by the recipient. A simple flip of a cut golf ball to an unsuspecting young guy turned out to be quite significant. Thanks, Fred Couples!

Matthew Stafford: To Throw or Not To Throw...

As the NFL Combines began this weekend in Indianapolis, conjecture heats up as to who will be the number 1 selection in April's draft. One very interesting note to follow is the decision by Georgia's Matthew Stafford not to participate in the combine's throwing and lifting drills for quarterbacks this weekend. Stafford says he will throw in Athens next month at Georgia's Pro Day workouts. Some draft experts predict Stafford to be the overall number 1 pick by the Detroit Lions. How will his decision at the combines affect that selection? Stay tuned...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leave the Sophmores Alone...

I realize that this post might have the repugnant odor of sour grapes. I assure you that 'fragrance' is misleading. This is a pure, unadulterated, logical opinion on an aspect of the world of college athletics. Whew, I'm glad we cleared that up! Now on with the cause... Just this week the University of Tennessee offered a football scholarship to a high school sophomore. That's right, sophomore, as in two years away from his diploma. This is where I dance around those aforementioned grapes: the kid is a Georgia prep player, and I, yes, am a die -hard Georgia Dawg. Nevertheless, I don't agree with the practice of offering college scholarships to kids that young. Or to be more precise, that far from graduation. It doesn't matter if its Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, or any other NCAA member. For starters, I don't think they've earned that offer at that point, irregardless of their talent level. More importantly, it isn't fair to the athlete nor the university. Too much can happen during his last two years of high school. Too much can change. Going perhaps a step further, I don't even think juniors should be offered until they have qualified academically for their senior years. Let's narrow this thing down some. Level the playing field, if you will. Not between different schools, but between the high school player and the pursuing college. Allow the prep student-athlete to be teenage undergraduate without any additional, unnecessary expectations. It isn't like college coaches don't have enough on their respective plates already with 85 young men already enrolled, plus a wish list of aspiring juniors. Let the sophs' continue to swim in the sea; learning, growing, and exploring. There will be more than enough time to cast the nets when they can see the light at the end of that high school tunnel. Until then, swim on boys (and watch out for those sour grapes)!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Super Bowl? I Don't Think So!

NASCAR calls the Daytona 500 its Super Bowl. Can you imagine the NFL calling their biggest spectacle complete after three quarters? That is precisely what the good 'ole boys did. But it was raining and the track was too wet and slippery to continue, you say. I say, it was stupid to start the biggest 500 miler so late in the afternoon. I know, TV made you do it. You should have argued for a 1:00 P.M. green flag. I also say, finish the contest on Monday if you have to, with perhaps an 11:00 A.M. re-start. Do whatever you have to do to make the thing more legitimate. You know, just grant the fans a continuance. Or give them one fourth of their money back. We are in a recession you know. Step up to the plate NASCAR and earn some credibility. It never rains very long at a time in Florida anyway. You just let it rain all over your 'parade'. Shame on you.

New York Post 2/18/09

We all know the "Big Apple" to be a tough city. But if this is your home town 'having your back', what in the world will it be like on the road? At least A-Rod doesn't have to play in Cameron Indoor Stadium in front of all the "Crazies"!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here and There, This and That...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sanford Stadium: 92,746

The University of Georgia ranked 6th nationally in attendance for the 2008 college football season, drawing a Sanford Stadium capacity of 92,746 per contest. Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State, Tennessee, and Texas made up the top 5 schools in average attendance. The only way UGA can move up this list is by stadium expansion. There are some long-range plans in this area, but there will be no changes in capacity to Sanford anytime soon. There can't be very many venues in college athletics as picturesque as Sanford Stadium with the background of the beautiful Georgia campus. I would be opposed to any changes to the stadium that altered its aesthetic uniqueness. I hope those in charge of making decisions regarding changes would share my perspective ( to some degree anyway). It's good to be a Georgia Bulldog!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Papi Says Year Long Ban

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox says to test every major leaguer on every team several times a year, and for anyone who tests positive, ban them from baseball for an entire year. Forget the fines, threats and court injunctions. Just take the game they love away from them for a complete year. Soon the message will sink in: take performance enhancing drugs and forfeit a year from your career. Then you'll have natural athletes playing America's Pastime. Just the way it was always intended to be.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Petty No More...

For the first time in more than 40 years, there will not be a Petty in the Daytona 500. Kyle Petty found himself out of a job when Petty Enterprises merged with Gillett Evernham Racing. He states that there is no 'Petty Enterprises', and he has no loyalty for the new corporation. Kyle Petty is a super-nice guy who is involved with some great charities and causes off the race track. His interests and abilities have always been so diversified that he never has seemed to be able to focus solely on racing. I believe that is why he never achieved the stardom on the track that was expected of him as Richard Petty's son. Part of his frustration now stems from the fact that he was not allowed to end his racing career on his own terms. Whether he would have been able to be competitive if allowed to race this year is debatable, but nevertheless, it will be a little strange with no Petty in the 500 field today.

Winless No More!

Georgia avoids going winless in the Southeastern Conference by upsetting Florida in Athens 86-84. Terrance Woodbury poured in a career high 32 points as the Hoop Dawgs snapped an eleven game losing streak. This streak was the Dawgs longest since 1975. Georgia played with an aggressiveness they had not shown very often this season, and they refused to fold down the stretch when Florida took a lead late in the game. The bulldogs lost at Tennessee Wednesday by a score of 79-48, but scored 54 points in the first half against the Gators. This early momentum was a result of "lights out" shooting that propelled Georgia to this much needed (how's that for an understatement?) late season victory. The Dawg's next opponent is Auburn in Athens Wednesday night.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ken Griffey, Jr. on Braves Radar

The Atlanta Braves are reported to be interested in acquiring the services of free agent outfielder Ken Griffey, Jr. The Braves feel that he would fit their need for a left handed hitter to platoon with righty Matt Diaz in left field. The Braves open spring training tomorrow, and Griffey is in California for the AT & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament. The Seattle Mariners are also interested in bringing him back to the city where his big-league career began.
It is believed that a deal with either club could happen within the next week. Even though at 39 years old Griffey cannot take the field every day, his success against right-handers and the veteran leadership he would bring to the clubhouse make him a worthwhile pursuit for the Braves.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Greg Reid: He'll Take The "High Road"

Greg Reid is a highly touted defensive back out of Lowndes County High School in Valdosta, Georgia. He recently signed a letter-of-intent to play college football at Florida State University. His other college preferences were Alabama and Georgia. The Atlanta Journal has published an article in which Reid explains why he elected not to attend his state's university. One of the reasons was that Athens was just a little too far from Valdosta. Yea, sure. I don't think Google Map will advise you to layover in Sandersville for the night or anything on that trip. However, the most intriguing reason the prep star gave was that he figured he would have to compete too hard to play at Georgia, as opposed to FSU. Does that mean the kid isn't willing to earn a starting position? He would rather be given the job? I would say this young man has a lot to learn. And not just about football.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not For A Photo Finish This Time...

Let's talk about Michael Phelps once more. I do not condone what he did. You may label his actions with any descriptive you want. Stupid, immature, irresponsible, illegal, all of the above. They all fit. However, the reason I bring up this subject again now is because of the news that the authorities in Columbia, South Carolina where the alleged marijuana pipe incident took place, are making arrests related to this event. All of the arrests being made, and it is rumored that Phelps' number is soon to be called, are stemming from the picture of Phelps and the story behind that particular picture. I'm sorry, but that sounds a little like the "ambulance chasing lawyer" to me. Did you not have a case until the picture surfaced? What do you have, some guy married to the Internet tracking down leads that you can't uncover on your own? Are you doing this simply because of Phelps' celebrity status? I might be 'splitting hairs' here, but this just doesn't seem the same as being caught by one of those traffic cameras running a traffic light and being prosecuted after the fact. It would go down much better if you had raided the 'party' and locked all of the participants up. Then I would have thought "those Carolina police are on top of things over there". But on the other hand, with all the technology in our world today, this way sure is one heck of a lot easier than the old fashioned "beat the bushes" method. But I gotta believe 'ole Joe Friday couldn't handle this. You know, he was a "just the facts ma'am" kinda guy!

How About "Four" On 'Coach K Floor'!

It's always easy for me to recall Joe Namath running off the field after his Super Bowl victory over the Baltimore Colts with that index finger waving over his head signaling that this New York Jets were indeed number 1. Now, how about Tyler Hansbrough running off Coach K Court in Cameron Indoor Stadium with four fingers waving over his head emphasising that his North Carolina Tar Heels had swept four games in a row from the Duke Blue Devils on their home floor? In one of the toughest arenas to play in college athletics, that is an unheard of accomplishment. And to hang "a hundred" on Duke while earning number four was just the proverbial icing on the cake. Especially when it was the first time in 26 years that an opposing team scored a hundred or more against Duke at home. Carolina seniors Hansbrough, Denny Green, and Bobby Frasor will always be able to say they never lost to Duke in Cameron. It would be difficult to imagine the magnitude of relief that the Duke team, as well as, the student body feels knowing they are through having to face the unconquerable Tyler Hansbrough in Cameron. Junior guard Ty Lawson was instrumental in the Tar Heel victory while scoring 25 points, 21 of which were registered in the 'Heels big turn-around second half. The "Cameron Crazies" are always roaring like lions before a game at Duke, but turn out to be timid little lambs after getting drubbed. Especially by their fiercest, most hated rival. It's hard to figure out which sound was the most deafening: The loud chants and taunts before the game or the utter silence after the final horn. You know what I mean?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Miami Hurricanes On The Ground!

The University of Miami has announced it has cancelled plans to fly to two interstate football games, and will charter buses instead. The university's athletic department will save approximately $140,000 by letting the "rubber meet the road". The games are at Central Florida and South Florida. The school has elected to make these cost saving changes in light of the tough economic times the entire country is facing. With all the conference, television, and ticket revenue that major Division 1 schools have pouring in, it sure is encouraging to see an athletic department being so responsible with their dollars. I think that major corporations, not to mention the federal government itself, would be wise to learn a few lessons from the University of Miami.

The Dan Magill Tennis Center

The NCAA has announced that the University of Georgia will host the 2010 and 2012 Division 1 tennis championships. Georgia's Dan Magill tennis complex has hosted the championships 25 times. This year's championships will be held in May at Texas A&M. Georgia's men won the title last year in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and are currently ranked third nationally. The Georgia women are ranked sixth.

Brett Favre: Quietly This Time

The 2009 retirement of Brett Favre from professional football has been announced by the New York Jets. As I'm typing this, I feel that if I were saying this, I'd be whispering. But it kind of hard to relate that via a keyboard, right? You realize a year ago, there was all the fanfare surrounding the tearful retirement announcement in Green Bay. Then the yes I am, no I'm not fiasco. Now it's riding off quietly into the sunset. I'm glad he chose to do it this way this time. He really messed his image up last time, and I blame the Packers for that just as much as Brett. If they had left him alone at the beginning of the calendar year, he probably would have retired and stayed retired. The 'Pack' tried to force his hand, and then that old quarterback ego got in the way and it was "well I'll show you". That led to the year as a Jet filled with a lot of ups and downs, but not much consistency. I like Brett Favre. But I wanted him to stay retired last year. Now I want him to stay retired this year. Don't put anymore tarnish on the armour. Attack retirement with the same vigor you attacked NFL defenses with. Thanks for all the good memories #4. They far outweigh the bad.

Troy Aikman: Cap & Gown Time!

After 20 years, Troy Aikman has completed two courses necessary to earn his bachelor's degree in sociology from UCLA. Aikman will "walk that walk" during graduation ceremonies with all those other 'young' graduates. The sports broadcaster is 42 years old. I commend the former Dallas quarterback for finishing his degree requirements. After all, its not like he needs it to earn a living or anything. Nice going #8!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jeff Gordon: Never Popular, But Always Professional

As the Nascar world awaits this Sunday's running of their 'Super Bowl', the Daytona 500, driver Jeff Gordon finds himself entering a season following one where he failed to win a single race. This is certainly not the norm for a super-star who has amassed 81 career victories and 4 Cup Championships. In fact, he had not gone through a season without a trip to victory lane since his initial victory back in 1993. Now he remains only four victories away from third place on the all-time win list behind Richard Petty and David Pearson. Not bad for a guy who gets no credit from the fans of the 'Nascar Nation' for being the tremendous talent behind the wheel that he is. It has always been my opinion that his lack of popularity, which borders on pure-out hate, is because he was not afraid to race toe-to-toe with the sports poster boy Dale Earnhardt, Sr. The nerve of that young 'Speed Racer'! It was always admissible for Earnhardt to be as aggressive as he chose to be, but not o.k. for anyone to duel him with that same aggressiveness. Gordon did just that and won his share of checkered flags, but lost almost all of the Nascar fan base. If you recall, Jack Nicklaus went through this as a young upcoming talent on the PGA Tour. He was not looked upon with favor for his success against the ever popular Arnold Palmer in his early years as a professional. Nicklaus, however, won back and won over almost the entire golfing world. I really don't see this type of fairytale ending for Gordon. He deserves it now, but a hard-core racing fan base is not going to reward him with any adulation. They just can't handle the success of Jeff Gordon very well.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Alex Rodriguez: Batting 0 For 2 in Integrity

Alex Rodriguez is a tremendous baseball player. With all his talent and skill combined, he is arguably the greatest ballplayer to lace up the spikes. He literally can do it all. He can make all the plays and throws from both shortstop and third base. He can hit, and hit with power. He can flat out put up some impressive offensive numbers. He has taken more than a little flack due to his less than spectacular postseason production, and this is justified. You make the magnificent bucks to produce in the clutch in the playoffs. He has not lifted his Yankee teams to the heights that all their talent would justify them achieving. Nevertheless, he is one heck of a baseball player. I sometimes wish for him that he had not ended up with the Yankees, where the spotlight beams so bright. I could picture him as a Dodger, or a Cub. Not as much pressure and more appreciation. But he chose his team, and he is and will be a Bronx Bomber. Regarding this steroid issue that has just surfaced with Rodriguez, two major negatives pop up for me. The biggest is that he, and all the hundreds of guys who have taken steroids, have compromised the game of baseball. That's the biggest part of this deal to me. That and the fact that they have cheated the guys who played and chose not to take performance enhancing drugs. Those two things are actually one in the same if you think about it. Thank goodness that the game of baseball is bigger than all of these guys. Individually as well as collectively. Secondly, by lying on national TV to Katie Couric, he perjured himself. One does not have to be under oath to commit perjury. It's just illegal under oath, and just flat out lying out of court. Either way, you compromise your own personal integrity. So, he's 0 for 2 in integrity. But you really don't have to be a "good" person to be a professional ballplayer. I guess integrity doesn't count between the white lines. That's what the Umps are there for, right? Somebody has to be willing to call 'em as they see 'em.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coach Herrmann, Please Sit Down!

South Carolina handed Georgia its 10th straight defeat Saturday in Columbia. Not that there is any tradition with Bulldog hoops, but it is the longest losing streak for the Dawgs since 1972-73. They have yet to win an SEC contest, going 0-8 thus far this year. I witnessed LSU's dismantling of Georgia last Wednesday night in Athens. I have to admit, even as a die-hard Dawg, we have a terrible basketball team. It is really hard to believe these kids are on scholarship. I'm not trying to knock the kids personally, but is this the top level of talent that Dennis Felton could recruit to Georgia? No wonder he lost his job. And while we're mentioning coaches, interim head coach Pete Herrmann NEVER sat down the entire game. He barked out player instructions while standing up all night long. It might not hurt at this juncture to just try to coach 'em up in practice and then let 'em go play. Try that chair, Coach. Just don't get too comfortable. You won't be in it too much longer. And there are several more chairs on down that line that need to be refilled.

Tom Glavine Not Flattered By Braves Offer

The Atlanta Braves offered veteran pitcher Tom Glavine a one year deal reportedly somewhere between $1 million and $2 million. Incentives could bring the value to around $3 million. This is still much less than the $8 million he was paid by Atlanta last year. Glavine says he is considering if this amount of money is worth coming back another year for. I don't blame the Braves for not offering him more. He'll be 43 years old before he throws a pitch in a game this year. He was injured last year. What did he expect from the Braves? He would be their fifth starter in an improving rotation, if they could count on him even for that. He had his chance last year to earn a bigger paycheck this year. It didn't happen, injuries not withstanding. He's had a Hall of Fame career, full of fame and fortune. Now is his chance to make a paycheck the old fashioned way: by earning it!

Andruw Jones Signs With Rangers

Andruw Jones has inked a minor league contract with the Texas Rangers for $500,000 with bonuses that could pay him $1 million more. This is somewhat less than the $36.2 million, two year deal he signed with the Dodgers last off-season. Maybe Andruw will report to camp in shape this spring and work to regain the form that enabled him to win ten glove gloves and five all-star appearances. It will be interesting to see if he can resurrect that once stellar career.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Duke "Exposed" by Clemson

The tenth ranked Clemson Tigers handed Mike Krzyzewski's fourth ranked Duke Blue Devils a resounding 74-47 defeat Wednesday night at Littlejohn Coliseum. It was Duke's worst loss since 1990. The '3-point dependant' Devils were a pitiful 3 for 13 beyond the arc, as they posted their lowest point total of the year. The typically arrogant Dukies were flustered and flabbergasted all night by Clemson's relentless pressure. "Cryzewski" wasn't nearly as adept at intimidating the officials as he usually is, and Duke teammates even resorted to screaming at one another and calling each other out before the game ended. If you dislike Coach K and his perfect band of players as much as I do, it was a beautiful sight to behold! For the last few year they have survived by the three-point shot. They really have been a vastly overrated team that has been very good at matching your two pointers with their three pointers. When they have that lone weapon taken away from them, as the Tigers were successful at doing, they are not a very good team at all. It is really great to see a cocky bunch lose that swagger when they get their lunch handed to them. Now maybe the rest of the ACC will continue to serve them up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Michael Phelps: Bong Gone...?

Hey Michael: You're a celebrity, my man. You might be out of the water most of the time now, but everyone is still watching you. Some of them are even watching you just to try and catch you slipping up. I think you've slipped up now. Whatever you want to do is fine. You're a big boy now. But it wouldn't hurt if you perhaps tried to incorporate a little discretion in your behavior. Do whatever you would like, but next time lock the doors. Even get under the bed if you must. There are times when even super heroes need to keep a low profile. You have a great image. Don't tarnish it anymore. I realize there are people everywhere doing far worse things than you did. But they aren't Michael Phelps, the Olympian. You are, even if you are out of the water most of the time now. Just stay out of the "hot water".

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

National Signing Day

Tomorrow is National Signing Day for high school senior football players around the country. In the South, it's almost like the first of four seasons relating to football: National Signing Day, Spring Practice, Summer Camp, and the Regular Season. There are college football junkies who follow recruiting more than a year in advance (as an example, Georgia Tech just got their first verbal commitment for the 2010 class from a high school junior!). Much of the excitement of N.S.D. has diminished somewhat due to so many seniors committing early. However, the drama is still very thick this year with several highly ranked guys holding out to the last minute with three and four schools listed as their 'finalists'. Some of these guys have made a major spectacle with their announcements by disclosing their selections at all-star games, TV recruiting shows, and other off-campus venues. At times, this can add to an athletes already overblown ego. I have thought many times how insecure it must be as a college coach to know a certain part of your potential for success hinges upon what an eighteen year old tells you, and then what he actually does. They've been told for so long how great they are, and now they want to tell the college football world how great they are. The reality of it is, many times these kids never live up to he high expectations placed upon them. Nevertheless, they get to hold us hostage every year at this time. I know that in the morning, I will be watching the announcements of four or five guys key guys, hoping that at least two or three of them choose to wear the red and black of the Georgia Bulldogs. Tomorrow they get to talk the talk; after that we'll see who can walk the walk!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The "Boss" Rules Super Bowl Halftime

Bruce Springsteen proved that he is still ths "Boss" as he and the E Street Band rocked the house in Tampa Sunday night. The twelve minute show was full of lasers, lights, and 'lectricity!

Glory days well they'll pass you by

Glory days in the wink of a young girl's eye

Glory Days, glory days