Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SEC 11 - Ohio State 1

Ohio State beat Kentucky 19-6 in 1935 (Heck, everybody beats Kentucky). Since that time, the buckeyes have faced an SEC school twelve times and won only once. How do you spell total domination.
January 2, 1978: Alabama 35, Ohio State 6 August 27, 1986: Alabama 16, Ohio State 10 September 26, 1987: LSU 13, Ohio State 13 September 24, 1988: Ohio State 36, LSU 33 January 1, 1990: Auburn 31, Ohio State 14 January 1, 1993: Georgia 21, Ohio State 14 January 2, 1995: Alabama 24, Ohio State 17 January 1, 1996: Tennessee 20, Ohio State 14 January 1, 2001: South Carolina 24, Ohio State 7 January 1, 2002: South Carolina 31, Ohio State 28 January 8, 2007: Florida 41, Ohio State 14 January 7, 2008: LSU 38, Ohio State 24

Monday, September 28, 2009

Detroit Lions: Won One, Streak Done!

Detroit has its first win since December 2007, Matthew Stafford has his first win as a pro, and the City of Detroit has a win for its Lions' future. The Washington Redskins fell victim to the one-win Lions on Sunday 19-14. Stafford was 21 of 36 for 241 yards and one touchdown. He did not throw an interception. This will not be his last win as a Lion by a long shot. This former "Dawg" is learning to roar with the Lions very well. Congratulations to Matthew and the Lions!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tim Tebow: He Finally Gets Hit

Tim Tebow finally took a shot. It took until his senior season for him to really get hit. And he did get hit. He was released from a Lexington hospital today, and I'm glad he is going to be o.k. I would hate to listen to the excuses coming out of Gainesville if he wasn't, and I never want to see anyone seriously hurt on a football field. But I have to admit, I've wanted to see him take a good, hard, clean SEC hit for a long time. He took one Saturday from the Kentucky Wildcats. His Gators are idle next week, so he has an extra week to get his "wits" back. I'm sure he will bounce back and be the dominating presence that all the press and everyone in the Gator Nation wants him to be. We'll see. But Tim, watch out for that blind-side defensive end. I'm just saying...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mississippi State: They Have to Learn How to Win

Mississippi State had the ball first and goal from the two with less than two minutes to play against LSU. Then they had the ball fourth and goal from six inches out. Then they turned the ball over on downs with 1:08 remaining on the game clock. The MSU Bulldogs caught the Tigers of LSU at just the right time to pull off an impressive upset. Almost just the right time. The game was theirs for the taking, but the Tigers prevailed by the tight score of 30-26. State has been down so long they just don't know how to win anymore. And they are in one heck of a conference to even get the chance to learn how. Their legitimate chances will be few and far between with the likes of Alabama, LSU, Auburn, etc. on their docket every season. The Bulldogs are getting better, but they still have a long way to go. Especially when it comes to knowing how to win, because this loss will stay with them for a long time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

South Carolina 16 - Ole Miss 10

South Carolina defeated Ole Miss Thursday night 16-10 in a crucial SEC game for both teams. The game might have been played on what I refer to as "ACC Night", meaning a Thursday, but the defensive struggle was nothing like the offensive frenzies of that weaker conference. Ole Miss came into the tilt ranked number 4 nationally, but the Rebels were, and are, nowhere near a number 4 team. To be perfectly honest, Ole Miss is not even a Top 20 team. So simmer down Gamecocks, you played a more than respectable game on defense, but you really weren't up against much. And it's a good thing for South Carolina, because their offense wasn't up to very much either. Ole Miss will not win the SEC West. Heck, they won't even finish in the top 3 in the West. Neither will South Carolina win the East, but they could have a say in who does. Because if you have to play in Columbia after the sun goes down, you just might get bushwhacked by a pretty good SEC defense.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Atlanta Braves: Wild Chance at a Wild Card

The Atlanta Braves, along with the San Francisco Giants, are four games behind the Colorado Rockies in the National League Wild Card race. The Florida Marlins are 4 1/2 games back. Both the Braves and the Rockies have ten games left to play in the season. They both also play seven of those ten remaining games on their home fields. However, Colorado must play six of their ten against divisional leaders, St. Louis and Los Angeles. On the other hand, Atlanta plays the 52-99 Washington Nationals seven more times, with the final four played at Turner Field. On paper it would appear Atlanta has an easier closing stretch than the Rockies, but don't forget these two facts: 1) Colorado has that four game cushion, and 2) Atlanta has not dominated Washington by any means this year (6-4). I heard commentary several weeks ago that 90 wins will earn a team the wild card spot most years. Atlanta, San Francisco, and Florida all have 82 wins at this point, and Colorado has 86. Atlanta is hot now, and I could see them going 8-2 to finish the year. In fact, I can imagine the Braves going 8-2 before I can see the Rockies going 4-6. Colorado has just played very steady, consistent, and strong. And they've been really fortunate to pull out some late season come-from-behind victories. With my head I'm picking Colorado, but with my desires I'm going with the Braves. After all, it's still not to late. Yet...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chip Kelly: The Check is in the Mail

Did you hear where an Oregon season ticket holder mailed a receipt of his airfare to the Ducks season opening loss at Boise State demanding a refund from coach Chip Kelly because the team played so lousy? The story has it that Kelly, the Oregon head coach, mailed the guy a personal check to cover his expenses. You talk about setting a precedent. Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez better watch his mailbox for expense receipts from disgruntled Bulldog fans over the way his defense is playing (or not playing). I'm just saying...

World's Longest Basketball Shot

I saw one view of this shot and I couldn't follow the flight of the basketball. So I assumed it was just result of all of our modern technology. However, the video below appears to show the true flight of the ball. Amazing! Check it out...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lane Kiffin: His Mouth is Made for Talkin'...

Florida's Urban Meyer says he didn't think Tennessee was playing to win Saturday. Lane Kiffin responded by saying the next time he and his team aren't excited about a performance, they'll just tell the press everyone was sick. The verbal jabs just keep on rolling between these two SEC head coaches. It's a shame it isn't a boxing match, where we could just hope they would knock each other out.

Colt McCoy: Beats the Flu With Pedialyte

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy had the flu last week but stilled played in Saturday's game against Texas Tech. He said he really didn't begin to feel better until after halftime, when he drank a children's grape hydration drink, Pedialyte, and ate peanut butter/jelly sandwiches. With the flu epidemic running as wild across college campuses as streakers in the 70s, can't you just see athletic trainers running out and buying all the Pedialyte in sight? Heck, McCoy went 15 for 18 in the second half with a touchdown, and his Longhorns won 34-24. It just had to be that grape Pedialyte!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Georgia 52 - Arkansas 41

If you have a grip on this 2009 edition of Mark Richt's Georgia Bulldogs, you are leaps and bounds ahead of me (which, by the way, is nothing to strut about I assure you!). I have no idea what this team is about after three games, except for the fact that they do possess a lot of heart, talent, and tenacity. All great virtues within themselves. After their second consecutive SEC scoreboard busting performance Saturday night, I wondered how many teams instead of Arkansas we could have defeated. Then I came to the only logical answer, as well as the only one that counts, and that is we only had to defeat the Hawgs. Georgia defeated its second straight conference opponent. On the road in a hostile environment. It was not a pretty win, as they say, but it was a win nonetheless. I wrote earlier that maybe this Bulldog team would be one that showed week-by-week improvement. I suppose they improved last night just enough to escape with a win. However, turnovers and penalties continue to plague this group, just as they did a year ago. If they continue, they will surely be the 'Achilles Heel' for this unit. I hope this is not developing into a trait of a Mark Richt coached team. We continue to be so very inconsistent on kickoff coverage, and very weak in pass defense. We did step up defensively on third down plays, our offense made key plays when it had to, and our punter, Drew Butler, was outstanding. If you love the Dawgs, this team is going to stress you out every Saturday. You will find yourself as worn out as the players are at each game's conclusion. Just remember, this team is a work in progress. They are definitely one game at a time, week-to-week. And this 'Roller Coaster' group is only a quarter of the way into the season. For this to continue to be fun, these Dawgs will have to show that weekly improvement. Maybe then we'll all know what they are about.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Minnesota Golden Gophers: No Blow, No Go!

The University of Minnesota is taking a big step to rid its football facility of unruly student fans. Any fan who is kicked out of a Golden Gopher football game for drunken disorderliness, will not be allowed back in the stadium for the next game without passing a Breathalyzer test. Minnesota is one of the first schools to take the "next step" to control misbehavior at on-campus athletic events. Any student under the age of 21 must be 'clean' to enter the stadium, and a student 21 or older must show an alcohol level of less than .08 percent to be granted admittance. The rule is aimed at those students who over indulge at tailgate parties prior to coming to the game. The University of Wisconson also requires a breath test after an alcohol offense. Taking this topic a step further, the Southeastern Conference has a new television contract with ESPN and its family of networks. This new deal will force all SEC teams to play more night games than they normally would (at least four per year), resulting in longer tailgate hours before kickoff. It will be interesting to see if those member schools feel the need to implement a breath test policy after this first year of increased night games.

Florida -vs- Tennessee: No Contest.

There has been a lot of hype over today's SEC tilt between Tennessee and Florida. Most of that quasi buildup comes from first year Vols coach Lane Kiffin and his press conference prediction of a UT victory over the Gators. I caught myself being a little intrigued by this game until I considered that the Vegas line is Florida by thirty points. More than four touchdowns. The game is being played at the Swamp in Gainesville, the Gators still have Tebow, and Tennessee is re-building. They are not "built" yet by any stretch. I'm not sure I would take Florida and give up the full 30, but they will nevertheless handle the Volunteers without ever missing a beat. Forget the hype, throw out the expectations of a great SEC clash; this one will be over before the first quarter ends.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tech Thoroughly Thrashed!

Georgia Tech got beat in every facet of the game Thursday night by Miami 33-17. The Hurricanes held the vaunted Yellow Jacket offense to a mere 95 yards rushing, while Tech's defense gave up big play after big play. Tech's unstoppable offense was stopped dead in its tracks. It is so satisfying to see Georgia Tech lose, especially when their small fan base had been anointing them as the best team in the ACC. But I will have to give them one thing. Even though they didn't live up to their over-blown billing, they did live up to their nickname. Yep, they certainly looked like a "Rambling Wreck" against the Hurricanes!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

UGA Tailgaters: Clean it Up or Stay at Home

Come on Dawg Fans. We're better than this. If you're an alumnus, it's hard for me to believe you would leave your alma mater like this. If you didn't attend UGA, then be considerate of those who still do and call it home. It's one of the most beautiful campus settings in the entire country, for crying out loud. Most Georgia fans I know wouldn't even litter an opposing campus, much less their own in Athens. If you in fact cannot do better, go and follow NASCAR. They don't give a crap how you leave, as long as you left your money before leaving. Or better yet, stay at home and throw your trash on your den floor. Then wallow around in it. Isn't that what hogs do?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chick-fil-A Kickoff 2010

The LSU Tigers and the North Carolina Tarheels will square-off in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic to open the 2010 football season. The game will again be played in the Georgia Dome, this time on September 4th. The two schools have not met on the gridiron since 1986.

Blair Walsh: "I Do What I'm Told"

Georgia has been heavily scrutinized for its tendency to "directional kick" most of its kick-offs last year and a lot this year. The Bulldogs' kick coverage has been atrocious, resulting in great field position for the opposition. When kicker Blair Walsh was asked whether he preferred to boom it through the end zone or try to kick it short of the goal toward one of the 'coffin corners', he replied: "I do what I'm told". Translated, that means "I want to kick the crap out of it every time, but my special teams coach is such a bone-head that he won't let me". I don't think I could have expressed that any better myself!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Branden Smith & A.J. Green: Raw Speed & Natural Talent

Freshman Branden Smith (#1) might not be the fastest Bulldog ever, but he has that exceptional, game-breaking speed we haven't see in Athens in a long time. He is a threat to the opposition literally every time he touches the football. Sophomore A.J. Green (#8) just might be the best and most talented receiver to ever wear the Red & Black. He is a "Play-Maker Supreme", capable of changing the games' momentum all by himself. A quarterback doesn't have to throw it to him, just throw it in his vicinity. He will take care of the rest. Georgia must get the ball into the hands of these two guys as many times and in as many ways as they can. All Smith needs is a crease and he's gone; Green doesn't even need the crease, he'll make his own. In a season where most of the Bulldog Nation still isn't sure of what these 2009 Dawgs are all about, enjoy these two Pups all you can, while you can. They are as you say, "Worth the price of admission". At this level and the next.

New England 25 - Buffalo 24

On the night of the much anticipated return of Tom Brady, as well as, the not so much anticipated return of the throw-back uniforms, New England stunned Buffalo with two late fourth quarter scores. But what actually did the Bills in wasn't the scores (although they had to have the points, of course), it was the heart and soul of Tom Brady. You just gotta love that "refuse to lose" mentality. Down two scores when New England got the ball with 5:32 remaining on the game clock, 'Number 12' told the guys in the huddle: "We're gonna score before the two-minute warning, we're gonna get the ball back somehow, and we're gonna win". I think that is almost exactly what happened. The Patriots obviously have a lot of work to do to be a great team this season, but at least they have Brady back following a year off due to knee surgery. As Randy Moss alluded, when you have a guy like that leading you, the rest of the team just needs to shut and make plays. I enjoy just shutting up and watching the guy perform.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Roger Federer: The Greatest Shot of His Life!

O.K., this sounds like one of those old basketball commercials featuring Bird and Michael: Between the legs, back-to-the-net, cross-court winner to the baseline. Roger Federer pulled off what he himself called the greatest shot of his life. If you happened not to see it, check it out here. It is unbelievable when you consider it is in the semi-final round of the U.S. Open. He's not at practice trying out new shots. Wow...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe Cox: UGA Starter - Logan Gray: He Needs to Play

I've bought in to the fact that Joe Cox at quarterback gives Georgia the best chance to win. Mark Richt said so before the Oklahoma State game as well as the South Carolina game. He knows quarterbacks, especially his own. And Joe might be the type of player who gets better each week and makes everyone around better as a result. I'm all on the "Let's Go With Joe" bandwagon. That being said, I do think that Georgia needs to play Logan Gray at least one series per game. Especially for next year, but the time could prove valuable down the run of the schedule this year. We've let two games pass already, so I'm only suggesting the guy plays ten series from here on out. He could have played a series in Stillwater, and the plays off would probably have helped Cox. There certainly was no momentum he could have broken in the season opener. There were also times in the Carolina game where the insertion of Gray into the game would not have harmed the Bulldogs. The kid needs game experience. Just think if Joe had been given that opportunity a year ago. He might be a little bit more comfortable here in the early games of the season. I will admit, last year would have been harder to get the backup in games with all the high expectations and close,crucial contests. But this year, no such pre-season predictions of championships exist. We will not be hurt if Logan Gray quarterbacks the Dawgs one series each game. It will help Joe Cox, it will help Logan Gray, and it will help the team. This year as well as next.

Georgia 41 - South Carolina 37

Is there such a thing as an "ugly win"? In the SEC where every win is crucial, I vote for the old saying that "a win is a win is a win". And in Athens, Georgia this year, wins are to be cherished, because there is a very strong possibility that there will not be as many of them as we would desire. Georgia outlasted the South Carolina Gamecocks 41-37 Saturday night in a long, drawn-out gridiron affair. Big plays by both teams were the order of the night. As much as I hate to admit it, this game was a lot like one of those ACC tilts I have been bashing that conference about lately. Soft defensive play and big scoring plays. That's an ACC trademark, and the Dawgs and the 'Cocks borrowed a script out of their portfolio. It does indeed hurt to write that. And it hurts even more to acknowledge that a soft defense is continuing to be a way of life "Between the Hedges". The 'bend-but-don't-break' style of defense once employed so successfully by the great Erk Russell just doesn't cut it in today's football. Offensive teams now will take the six to eight yards you give them and stuff it right down your throat with ten to twelve play scoring drives. For one, Erk didn't have the athletes Georgia has now. He had guys with great heart and desire, even though they did not possess exceptional talent. Today, the bulldogs have talent galore, and if they don't, the so-called recruiting experts better re-evaluate our last eight classes. They were all ranked in the top 5 or 10 nationally. The Bulldogs have great talent, but they are not even close to being a great team. I know the difference, but I wonder why. The word I have deferred to for weeks now is 'philosophy'. I suppose it is our coaching 'philosophy' that allows us to abandon the run offensively when it is working so well for us. "Philosophy' that allows us to be so soft defensively. "Philosophy" that makes us so inconsistent on special teams. I am glad we won. I only wish we had won in such a way as to give me more optimism for the rest of the season. This 2009 edition of the Georgia Bulldogs does have heart and resiliency. But they should be reloading instead of rebuilding. And I don't understand why.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ground-rule Double & Endzone Holding

I was watching North Carolina and Connecticut play this afternoon. The Tarheels ended up winning the game 12-10 because they received the two points awarded for a safety after the Huskies were called for offensive holding in the endzone. It was, by the way, the correct call. A safety is awarded the defense because it is assumed that without the holding, the defense could have earned the two points on their own. The 'assuming' part made me think of baseball's ground-rule double. A man can be on first base, and if the batter hits a ground-rule double in the stands, the runner on first can advance no further than third base. You cannot assume he would have scored , even though many times the runner could score easily. Football assumes, baseball does not. How the heck did I get off on that?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ga. Tech 30 - Clemson 27 - Do Ya Really Care?

Clemson spotted Georgia Tech 24 points in the first half, fought back to tie the score at 27-27 with the second play of the fourth quarter, only to lose by a Tech field goal with 57 seconds left in the game. Now, I must be honest with you here. I did not stay awake to see the entire scenario play-out between these two football juggernauts. Someone I know who was on a diet said once said they didn't want to "waste their calories" on a certain dessert, and I didn't want to waste my sleeping hours on Georgia Tech football. I will concede it was an exciting game filled with big plays by both teams. The real reason I wanted to write this post was because of one play that wasn't so exciting if you were a Tiger fan. But is was nevertheless stupid. Clemson lines up for a 54 yard field goal in the first quarter, but calls time-out only to end up failing to properly execute a pooch kick which the Insects run back for a touchdown. While the Tigers were lining up for the apparent field goal, the play clock was running down. I'm sitting in the den thinking I wouldn't burn a time-out, just take the five yards and punt towards the coffin corner. Nope, Clemson coach "Yaba-Dabo-Do" Swinney wastes the time-out to set up the touchdown return by the Bees. But excitement is what the ACC is looking for in the absence of physical defenses in their ever-so-soft (sounds like Avon, huh?) football league. I guess last night was a success for them. By the way, Tech loves a Thursday night don't they? Go figure...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Georgia to Honor Troops

The Georgia Bulldogs will honor Georgia's 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team by wearing the unit's insignia on the back of their helmets this weekend. The 48th Brigade is now deployed in Afghanistan. Here's hoping the 48th, as well as the Dawgs, kick butt this weekend. USA & UGA!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Blue Field Needs to Go

Blue is for swimming pools. Center court at the U.S. Open is blue, and I can live with that. Not pool table felt though. Nor tartan track surfaces. And certainly not football fields. No way. Come on Boise State, enough is enough. Your blue field is putrid, at best. When the Broncos played Oregon last week (you remember, the "punch" heard 'round the world), Boise was decked out in all blue uniforms. You really had to concentrate to see the players. They blended in with the blue turf. Since the NCAA is so big on regulations, why can't they decree that the blue turf must go? Give Bobby Bowden back his games, just don't give Boise their blue field. I like Boise's wide-open brand of football, but I just want to see it played on a green surface. So much so that I'll donate the first can of green spray paint. Go for it Boise! Let 'Buster Bronco' gallop out on the surface of his ancestors: green grass.

Two Great Teams or Just One Great Game?

After Miami defeated Florida State Monday night 38-34, all the ACC purists said this was just what the conference needed. Their two showcase teams fighting it out down to the wire. They feel the ACC needs for the 'Canes and the 'Noles to be back in prominence. You can't very well have a car show without that vintage Ford and Chevy, can you? And hey, who needs that SEC defense anyway? Just run that score up like an American League baseball shootout. That's ACC football at its finest, and the fans and media love it. I'll admit, it was a great football game. Up and down, back and forth, big plays and exciting plays. The ACC does need these two teams to contend again, and they can contend in that league. They just aren't ready for the big time yet. They aren't BCS contenders yet. But hang in there boys. You're in a weak-sister league where only a couple of teams play hard nosed defense. That gets you half-way there by itself. Anyway, thanks for a great clash, even though you're not great teams. And one more thing: Bobby, you're another victory behind that other old guy at Penn State.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kip Smith: 67 Yard Field Goal

Legacy's Kip Smith set a new Colorado state record by kicking a 67 yard field goal. Even if it was off of a tee as a result of a free kick, 67 yards is 67 yards. The 6'2" senior has verbally committed to Minnesota.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Georgia -vs- Oklahoma State

Settle in Bulldog fans, it's going to be a long ride. Georgia picked up where it left off last season. The only positive change I detected yesterday from a year ago was that we did tackle better. We continue to have a passive defensive philosophy, we still cannot cover a kickoff, and offensively we remain very vanilla. If you are an avid Dawg fan, it really isn't that hard to call plays right along with Mike Bobo. Sadly, he's that predictable. After one game, I know less about quarterback Joe Cox than I did before the game. Was he playing with the ill effects of medication and flu-like symptoms? Was he just not very sharp, like having an 'off' day? Can he play better? Will he play better? Consistently? Plus, I don't think very many teams would trade tailbacks with us. Our experienced offensive line looked anything but that. They failed to control a defensive front they should have dominated. Probably the second weakest they will see this entire season. Chew on that for awhile as the SEC teams come rolling in. Speaking of weak defensive lines, Georgia left Stillwater with no sacks, and no turnovers. Doesn't that sound suspiciously familiar? We again failed to win the oh-so-important turnover ratio: OSU - 3, UGA - 0. Our defensive backs still seem to be too intent with talking 'smack', rather than playing football. To wrap it up for me, Georgia seems to play like a team trying not to lose, as opposed to a team trying to win. There is a huge, huge difference in the two. We don't GATA, on either side of the ball. That comes down to philosophy, to coaching. Two more questions for you: 1)Can we improve, and 2) Will we improve? I realize it is early, but once these Saturdays arrive, they seem to fly by quickly. And we're starting out 0-1.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Joe Cox: I'll Be There...

Despite suffering from "flu-like" symptoms the past couple of days, Georgia quarterback Joe Cox says he will play Saturday against Oklahoma State. Cox did not make the trip to Stillwater with the team, but confirms he will make the trip later today. Cox relates that he is feeling much better. Whew... You just gotta go, Joe!

Everything Could Have Been "Fina in Carolina"

If you had the not so distinct privilege of watching South Carolina play at N.C. State Thursday night, you certainly were not treated to NCAA football at its finest. In fact you witnessed two weak sister teams going head-to-head futilely. Two conclusions drawn from the festivities: South Carolina must get better, and N.C State can't get worse. State will be on the losing end of one heck of a lot of ballgames this season. In other words, they will tote a bunch of tail lickins!
There is not one team in the SEC they could defeat, and there might not be one in there own Pansy ACC either. They are bad! Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks were slightly less than impressive themselves. Not what you would call a dominating performance by any stretch. The Carolina defense did show promise, but the offense appeared to be inept, which as has been the norm for them lately. There is much work to be done in Columbia. And hang on 'Cocks, the SEC is looming large...

No Pregame Handshakes For UGA & Okie State

The American Football Coaches Association had requested that before all season opening games this week, that opposing teams take part in a pregame handshake. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy had already expressed his concern regarding this gesture. Now Oklahoma State has made it official: No pregame greetings between the Bulldogs and the Cowboys Saturday afternoon. No problem with either team concerning this decision. Georgia head coach Mark Richt had said since his team was visiting, they would comply with whatever the 'Boys decided to do. It really is a good decision. Get fired up, compete to the best of your ability, and shake hands after the battle. That's just football...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Charlie Weis: "Billboard Boy"!

A new billboard facing the Notre Dame campus and located only about a half-mile from Charlie Weis' office subtly offers a good luck wish to the head coach. In this instance, it is felt the honeymoon with Weis and the Irish is long over and it's time to for him to win big in South Bend. If this turns out to be another disappointing season for the Fightin' Irish faithful, the next billboard will probably be pointing Weis on a quick route out of town. How about "Out of Time , Out of Town"? Like I said yesterday, it must be college football season.

Tim Hudson: Welcome Back!

After nearly 13 months of recuperation from elbow ligament surgery, the Braves Tim Hudson returned to the mound Tuesday against the Florida Marlins. He pitched 5.1 innings, allowing 6 hits and 2 earned runs. Atlanta won the crucial inter-division game by a score of 4-3. Hudson had to wait out a long three hour rain delay before making his first pitch on the very same field that he suffered his injury on over a year before. He gave up two doubles and two runs in the first before settling down and pitching well. He was pulled by manager Bobby Cox after giving up two walks in the sixth. Having Hudson back gives Atlanta six strong starting pitchers as they continue their stretch run for a play-off berth.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Memphis Pulls T-Shirt

Memphis has pulled the "Bust A Nutt" T-Shirts off the shelves. The Tigers play the Ole Miss Rebels in their opening game, and the reference of course, is to Mississippi head coach Houston Nutt. I'll give the designer an 'A' for cleverness, but an 'F' for taste. Especially since the game is actually being played on Sunday afternoon! It must be college football season.

Georgia vs Oklahoma State: It's Getting Close

It is now Tuesday of Game Week number 1. And don't forget, South Carolina and N.C. State get us started on Thursday night. Fox Sports has a helpful TV schedule for the Labor Day weekend covering Thursday through Monday. The Dawgs and the Cowboys put it on the tee at 3:30 P.M. eastern time Saturday afternoon. Georgia got good news yesterday as Guard Chris Davis and Center Ben Jones (above) both returned to the practice field (sprained ankles). That puts the experienced offensive line back together, and allows for a solid rotation with the second guys. Tailback Caleb King (also sprained ankle) practiced yesterday as well, but only to a very limited degree. It is still unclear if King will even make the trip to Stillwater. It will come down to how he practices today and Wednesday. This is possibly the best physical condition, referring to the lack of severe injuries, Georgia has been in for a season opener in several years. It's all getting close...