Monday, August 31, 2009

Top 10 College Football Uniforms

You might find this video interesting. I think it boils down to the schools with the most jersey colors get the higher rankings. It was still great to see the Georgia Bulldogs at #8. Those traditional red jerseys with the silver britches are hard to beat. Especially when you put them with one of the best helmets in all of football. But Georgia Tech ranked higher at #5? I guess mustard is a popular color these days. (or is it "baby turd yellow"?).

Heath Slocum: A Victory Earned & Deserved

Today's PGA headlines should be about Heath Slocum making a 20 foot putt on the 72nd hole to win the first tournament of the FedEx play-off series at The Barclays yesterday. Instead, it's more about Tiger Woods missing a seven footer to lose. The 35 year old Slocum did not 'back into' this victory. He played well all week, then made a crucial putt when he had to. He deserved the victory, and he deserves top billing this morning. He shouldn't have to play 'second fiddle" to Woods after this big victory. Just another example of the Press forcing Tiger Woods down everyone's throat. Great victory Heath Slocum. You've got "Top Billing" here on An Opinion On Sports!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ole Miss: Not Under the Radar Anymore

Last season, the Ole Miss Rebels were the underdog upset pick. No one expected too much out of them. After all, the year before, they didn't even have one single SEC victory. But enter transfer quarterback sensation, Jevan Snead, as well as two physical lines, and the Rebs finished 9-4 with a Cotton Bowl victory over Texas Tech. This year everyone has their eyes on Ole Miss. They won't slip up on anyone. But they really don't have a tough schedule. Not by SEC standards anyway. They of course have to play ranked teams Alabama and LSU being in the west division, but they pick up Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and South Carolina from the east. That's a pretty easy draw, considering they bypass the Gators and Dogs. The remainder of their west schedule is relatively light. But there is one thing that really stands out about the rebels to me. That is, they lost three offensive line starters from a year ago. That could be the one detriment that causes big problems for Houston Nutt and his staff. That and the fact that all their opponents will definitely see them coming this year. That Top 10 ranking might prove to be a little high for these boys from Mississippi.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

'Live Sports Radio' at a Stadium Near You

Georgia is one of six SEC schools offering a new radio receiver to listen to games live at the stadium. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, LSU, and South Carolina are also participating in this venture. The devices cost $20.00, and will be sold at both home and away sites. Fans can also order online from Live Sports Radio in a "3 for 2" deal. The lightweight radio, which fits either ear, gives you a live, no delay, play-by-play feature as you watch the game at the stadium. It will also feature pre-game and post-game audio. Is there no limit as to the money to be made, or spent, on college football?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spahn and Sain...

What knowledgeble baseball fan hasn't heard the classic Braves verbage "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain"? In a five season span Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain combined for 181 wins. Well, it's raining on the Braves, but they're missing the Spahn and Sain part.

Stick A Fork In the Braves: Yep, They're Done

Mathematics say they are still in it. Actual performance on the field, along with negative intangibles says there will be no post-season play for the Atlanta Braves. After dropping their second consecutive home game to the lowly San Diego Padres last night, the Braves are clearly showing that they aren't quite ready for the playoffs. Playoff teams don't blow extra inning games at home down the stretch of a pennant (or wild card) race. Playoff teams don't blow early 3-run leads when they know every game is so important as the season's end draws ever closer.
As a team the Braves don't seem to be able to sustain the level of play they were displaying a week ago. And no single player has stepped up to carry the team on his shoulders. They do not have that "refuse to lose" attitude, but it might be because they really don't have that ability yet. I say 'yet' because I do think they are very close to being very good. They need to develop consistency and thus stay away from the peaks and valleys. Chipper is having an 'off' year, McCann is on the verge of being great, and they are a 'stud' centerfielder away from ruling the Eastern Division again. The team chemistry seems to be really good, and that's always a big plus. Perhaps package McClouth and Church together to obtain that guy in center, and here we go. They're close, it'll only be a year. Just not this year.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Stadium: It's 4th & Long, But Don't Punt!

I suppose Jerry Jones just wants to do away with punting the ball in the NFL since the "World's Largest HD Television Screen " is hanging too close to the playing surface at his new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. How do you spend $1.15 billion on a facility and not check out a key point such as the height of a monitor directly above the field? Tennessee Titan's punter A.J. Trapasso booted a ball that struck the bottom of the JumBoTron during the first game at the facility. Jones has said he won't have the screen raised, but we haven't heard from the commissioner's office on the matter yet. I bet those former Cowboys' season ticket holders who were priced out of the new stadium are loving it. I can't say that I blame them.

Surprise Team in a Stronger SEC? Georgia

According to Fox Sports, the team that could be the surprise in the SEC this year is the University of Georgia. It is also noted that the Bulldogs could be the team that turns out to be Florida's biggest obstacle in a Gator National Championship run. After all the preseason hype surrounding the Bulldogs a year ago, they are pretty much flying under the radar this summer following the departures of Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. Their defense will be better, more fundamentally sound, and more aggressive or defensive coordinator Willie Martinez will be looking for a job. The linebacking crew will be strong again, led by Rennie Curran. The Dawgs offensive line will have more experience as well as depth. It should be one of Georgia's best units in several years. Joe Cox will be more than ample at quarterback, and the Bulldog Nation will love what they see out of backup Logan Gray. It just might be tailback by committee in Athens, but Richard Samuel and Carlton Thomas will not disappoint. A.J. Green will be spectacular as he leads a group of strong receivers. Georgia's schedule is indeed brutal, but if they can avoid the types of season ending injuries they suffered last year, they will be dutifully equipped to play it well. They do have a tremendous test in the season opener at #9 Oklahoma State, and we all know how tough the SEC East is every year. But these Dawgs are for from pups, and they could make the preseason speculation of an 8-4 season whimper in the wind. If you don't have to play 'em, don't schedule 'em!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Georgia Works to Cure Penalty Bug

In 2008, the Georgia Bulldogs were the most penalized team in the SEC, averaging almost 9 yellow flags and over 70 yards per contest. To make matters even worse, the Bulldogs hurt themselves so many times in crucial situations by aiding their opponents to sustain key drives, to continue to build momentum, and to negate turnovers for themselves. This year in preseason, when officials flag Georgia players in scrimmages, they are disciplined on the spot with up-down drills, and held accountable by coaches and fellow players. But more importantly, the Bulldogs realize what all the penalties did to them last year and how important it is to shore up that aspect of their game this year. In a matter of days we'll get a first-hand look at how the focus on penalties and the discipline relating to them has, or has not, helped the Dawgs play with a competitive intelligence. It sure is tough to beat the eleven players across the line from you when you help them out by playing stupid. Just ask the 2008 Bulldogs.

Atlanta Braves: Yes We "McCann"!

The Atlanta Braves are in the thick of a running to make the playoffs. Just like old times, huh? Somewhat, but this time the realistic chance is probably as a wild card team as opposed to a division winner. The Braves have 38 games remaining in the regular season. They are currently in second place in the eastern division , 6.5 games behind the Phillies. They are in third place in the wild card standings, 4 games behind the Colorado Rockies. The Phillies can mathematically be overcome, and we play them six more games head-to-head down the stretch. However, I don't see the Braves sweeping the boys from Philadelphia, so those games will evaporate in a hurry. But if Atlanta continues to win series against teams in their division, there is still time to pull off a shocker. Brian McCann and Chipper Jones will have to be flawless from here on out, the starting pitching must keep giving the team a chance to win each night, and the bullpen will have to come through in all clutch situations. But it "McCann" be done. Yes it "McCann"!

Louisville: A Tolerant Institution

The amount of tolerance allocated to an individual who commits an act of wrongdoing is directly proportional to that person's importance to the one being tolerant. Basketball is a religion in the state of Kentucky. Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino is important to the basketball program there. The University of Louisville is willing to be very tolerant of Pitino. All is forgiven. Just don't commit adultery with UK. And that's the way the round ball bounces where the blue grass grows.

Eric Bruntlett: Unassisted Triple Play

The Philadelphia Phillies Eric Bruntlett pulled off an unassisted triple play Sunday against the New York Mets. A line drive off the bat of Jeff Francouer ended the game. Bruntlett caught the line drive, stepped on second to double off the runner there, and tagged out the runner coming from first.The Mets had two men on base with no outs, trailing by a score of 9-7. It was only the second unassisted triple play in MLB history to end a game.

Richard Samuel: Georgia's Starting Tailback

The wait for Georgia's replacement for Knowshon Moreno's vacated tailback position is over. Georgia head coach Mark Richt has named Richard Samuel as the Bulldogs starting tailback. Samuel is a 6'2", 218 pound sophomore who saw only limited duty last year behind Moreno. In fact he carried the ball only 26 times for 133 yards. He also missed spring drills due to wrist surgery. But he has won the starting job outright this summer with his bruising style. He has battled four other tailbacks, and Richt has not ruled out the possibility that the Bulldogs might operate as a 'tailback by committee'. That remains to be seen, and probably won't be sorted out until later in the season. But for now, Samuel will be the first on the field, and he hopes the one on the field the most.

Thomas Brown: This Falcon is Keeping the Faith

Thomas Brown is a man with a strong Christian faith. He believes that everything happens for a purpose. The former University of Georgia star is using that faith to try and understand God's purpose and will for his life. But that sometimes is easier said than done. In Brown's case, he ponders why after so much hard off season work a year ago, his 2008 season was ended by a groin injury in the final pre-season game. But he has worked hard to recuperate from that injury so that he could be ready for the 2009 season. Now he faces yet another crisis; a leg injury that has cost him part of training camp. Last year the Falcons kept four running backs on their regular season roster. They now have six at that position in training camp. Is Brown caught up in a 'numbers game'? He very well could be. But the Falcons staff and front office are well aware of not only his talent, but just how hard he has worked to get back on the field this year. At least his leg injury is almost healed and he can finish the pre-season strong. Whatever the outcome turns out to be for Thomas Brown this year, it won't shatter his faith. He'll know it's just part of the plan.

John Smoltz: This Cardinal is Flying High!

When John Smoltz was with the Boston Red Sox just a short couple of weeks ago, his record was 2-5 with a bulging 8.32 ERA. He bore no resemblance to his old self. It seemed that Father Time had finally reeked havoc on his golden right arm. Smoltz himself obviously never bought in to such career ending jibber-jabber (that term is straight out of Boston Legal!). Now fast forward to yesterday where John Smoltz of the St. Louis Cardinals fanned a season high nine San Diego Padres, while issuing no walks over five scoreless innings. Granted, the Padres do sport the second lowest batting average in the majors with a measly .240. Nevertheless it is still the 'Bigs', and for Smoltz to bounce back like he did against even them is pretty heavy stuff. The dude is 42 years old and Father Time will come a knockin' at some point. Just not quite yet.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shaun Chapas: Dawgs Veteran Influence

In Athens, all the offensive talk is about the battle for Knowshon Moreno's vacant tailback spot, as well as, how will Joe Cox do as Matthew Stafford's replacement at the quarterback position. Important topics no doubt. However, you don't hear about the Bulldogs solid rock in thier backfield , junior fullback Shaun Chapas. Now you need to understand that in Coach Mark Richt's offensive scheme, the fullback's roll is crucial to its success. It's true that the fullback is primarily a blocking back, even in Georgia's philosophy. But the Dawgs also use their fullback on key running downs and employ them out of the backfield as receivers quite often. Shaun Chapas can fill all those roles, and is very adept at them as well. Chapas is experienced, hard working, and talented. Perhaps just as important, he is emerging as a leader among his teammates. Guys are watching Chapas because he does it the correct way. A leader by example leaves no room for questions of credibility. Shaun Chapas will be a driving force in the success of the 2009 Georgia Bulldogs.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Falcons to Sport Throwback Uniforms

The Atlanta Falcons will relive a chapter out of 1966 and play in "throwbacks" twice during the 2009 season. The red helmeted Falcons will appear in the second game of the season against the Carolina Panthers, and then later in the campaign against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 29th. Lookin' good Atlanta!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Usain Bolt: Yet Another World Record

Today Usain Bolt sprinted to a new world record in the 200 meter dash in the time of 19:19. He broke his own record by .11 seconds, the same margin he slashed off the 100 meter time just four days ago. Bolt is definitely shaking up the world of track and field with his performances in Berlin. This race wasn't even a contest. He literally smoked the field. Just as the race commentator said today, "we may never see the likes of Usain Bolt again". The speedster himself added, "I'm on my way to becoming a legend". No argument about that from An Opinion On Sports!

How About Zero Body Fat?

Jessica Ennis of Great Britain performs in the long jump portion of the heptathlon at the 2009 World Track and Field Championships. The women's outdoor heptathlon consists of seven events, four of which are contested on the first day of competition. The final three events are completed on day two. The events are: 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m dash, long jump, javelin throw, and 800m run. The heptathon has been contested by female athletes since the early 1980s.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How About Some More From #4...

Brett Favre is back and that's o.k. with me. I know he's getting smashed on the talk shows, newspapers, and blogs, but I'd rather hear about 'ole number 4 "un-retiring" again than I had about dog fighting, involuntary manslaughter, drug abuse, and banned substances in the NFL. So the guy has trouble making up his mind, big deal. Is it his fault that there are still suitors out there seeking his services? I dare say the Vikes pursued Brett more than vice-versa. The guy can still play. Minnesota isn't that stupid. Perhaps not play at the level he did even five years ago, but he can play. Maybe his signing says a lot about the current depth at quarterback in the league now. It is somewhat thin, from top to bottom actually. I don't think there are as many super star QB's as there were say a decade ago. You even had a rookie, Matt Ryan, emerge as a star in his freshman campaign. Perhaps the NFL still needs Favre. The Vikings feel that they do.

Derek Lowe: The Time is Now to Step-Up

The Atlanta Braves have looked at Derek Lowe as their number one starter all season. That's the reason they signed him to a $60 million contract. He hasn't performed as a number one, nor has he justified that fat $60 mil. Just last night the Braves spotted him to a 4-0 lead against the injury plagued New York Mets. Lowe then proceeded to give up 8 earned runs on 11 hits over 3 2/3 innings. Not exactly what you expect from your number one man down the stretch in a playoff run. Especially in a game Atlanta should not have lost. Granted, Bobby Cox did leave Lowe in too long, but the pitcher just isn't getting it done. It's time for Derek Lowe to step up his game and be the pitcher the Braves signed him to be. We would like to make a little better run at that wild card spot.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Keith Brooking: Playing a Little "D" in the "Big D"

From the time Keith Brooking was six years old until this season, he has played football within the same 20 mile radius of Atlanta, Georgia. He was the only remaining Falcon from the Super Bowl eleven years ago. He started every game for the Dirty Birds, plus led the team in tackles for the past eight seasons. He is an original Atlanta boy. Yet he knew it was time to move on. Thus was the mindset when he signed a 3 year, $6 million deal to play in Jerry Jones' new stadium as a Cowboy. The five time Pro-Bowl linebacker is thrilled to be reunited with his old coach, Wade Phillips. He feels rejuvenated and energized. He's ready to go. He wants to finish his career on a high note, to go out strong on his own terms. Isn't that what all jocks aspire to? He just might do that too. Brooking says his legs feel great, and that he can compete at a "very high level". He feels he's a good fit for the Cowboys' 4-3 defense, and he likes being moved inside in that scheme. I don't usually get all caught up in the careers of former Georgia Tech guys, but here's hoping Keith Brooking finishes his pro career the way he started it. At the top.

David Wright: First Stint On The DL

David Wright has been in the 'Big Leagues' for six years and has never been on the disabled list. Until now. Wright rejoined the Mets on Monday after being hit in the head by the Giants Matt Cain this past weekend. The 94 MPH fastball decked Wright, sending him to a Saturday night stay in the hospital for observation. The Mets have now made him inactive for 15 days, as they perform their own observation. The four time all-star third baseman says he feels much better, even the headaches aren't as severe, and did not want to go on the DL. However, with the Mets out of the play-off picture, this is a very smart move on the part of the Mets organization. Why take any unnecessary risks with your marquee player at a time in the season when you're basically just playing spoiler for other teams? Furthermore, the Mets haven't ruled out completely the possibility of keeping Wright on the bench the rest of the season. I don't see him buying into that, but it's fine with me if he sits out all the Braves series against his club.

Auburn Football Goes to Reality TV

Auburn University announced this week that Tiger football will become a weekly 30 minute reality show this fall. It will be a documentary type show titled "Auburn Football: Every Day".
At first I thought it was a bit 'dorky', but after reading the basis for the show it does sound like a novel idea. I know I would enjoy seeing the operations of Georgia football on a daily basis during a game-week. The practice, preparation , and planning for an upcoming opponent would have to be intriguing for most avid gridiron fans. Auburn could have treated it like a soap opera and named it "As The Tiger Turns", or "Our Little Place on the Plains", or how about "Life As the Stepchild of a State". You just gotta love those War Eagles...NOT!

Georgia Bulldog Football 2009

Everyone I talk to is ready for college football. Many publications and blogs have countdown timers measuring down to the second of that first kickoff. Calendars are marked, plans are being made, and expectations are running high. But hold on everyone. Once this thing gets rolling, it's gonna take it a while to slow down. I was looking over the Georgia schedule and realized we are back to back to back all the way up to October 24th. No breaks, no let-ups, and no push-overs. When we come back from that really tough road test in Stillwater September 5th, we find the Ole' Ball Coach waiting for us 'Tween the Hedges, just before we venture out once again to visit Bobby Petrino in Bill Clinton territory. We then return home for the re-match with 'Zona State the week before LSU comes a callin'. Two consecutive SEC road trips to Tennessee bring us to a much deserved off week before heading to Jax. There are no breaks again until the Holidays, with the only "breather" in that final stretch coming against Tennesse Tech on November 7th. That means no open week to prepare for Tech's offense, which didn't help last year anyway. So perhaps we all should take a deep breath and enjoy the "calm before the storm". Because once it hits, the hits just keep on comin'!

Greg Paulus to Start at QB for The Orange

Syracuse University head coach Doug Marrone has tabbed former Duke hoopster Greg Paulus as his starting quarterback for the 2009 season. Paulus last took a competitive snap from center in 2005, in high school. He's been hanging out in Cameron Indoor Stadium for the past four years playing round ball for some coach whose name I can't spell and don't care to learn. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the season begins and progresses. If I can't learn to like him as a football player anymore than I did as a basketball player, it really won't make much difference to me. Here's hoping some defensive ends get some really good shots on him.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Carlton Thomas: A Dawg Ready to Bust Out

Carlton Thomas is 5'7" tall, but don't harp on that around him. He's a football player and that's the way he looks at it. His height, or lack thereof, is a non-issue. The red-shirt freshman, who is in the mix for Georgia's starting tailback position, gained 90 yards on 6 carries in the Bulldogs second scrimmage Saturday night. Georgia coaches like his toughness and competitiveness, not to mention his talent and ability. The kid has blazing speed, but his ability to pound it up inside is what has surprised everyone. Word out of Athens is that Carlton Thomas is something special, so look for him on the field a lot for the Dawgs this season. He'll be the one standing tall!

Matthew Stafford: Don't Take the Training Wheels Off Just Yet

Matthew Stafford completed 7 of 14 passes for 114 yards and 1 touchdown in his Detroit Lions debut Saturday night. He also threw a third down pick that was run back for a touchdown. All in all, the reviews were positive for Stafford. The Lions like the fact that he isn't afraid to make all the throws and then get right back after it following a mistake. His cannon arm will probably be more suited to the pro game than it was to college, but he'll still have to learn the can-dos versus the can't-dos. Like Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations". He'll eventually become a good pro quarterback, but I don't think he'll have a Matt Ryan type rookie year. He doesn't have Ryan's discipline yet, nor does he have the surrounding cast Ryan had in Atlanta last year. He might not begin the season as the starter, but he'll play a lot before the season ends. And he'll lead the Lions to a recored better than their 0-16 of a year ago.

Michael Vick: The Eagle Has Landed

Michael Vick is back in the NFL. I know you aren't shocked by this revelation. You knew it was only a matter of time before some club picked him up. It just happened to be another flock of birds. Once a Falcon, now an Eagle. Philadelphia will be a good town for Michael. When NFL Sundays roll around, the fans of Philly will not care one bit what Vick did to dogs. Their only concern will be what he does to/for Eagles. Their Eagles. He will have their complete adoration if he plays well. But they will vilify him if he fails to perform up to their expectations. They will not hide their emotions. He will know exactly where he stands with them. For Vick, it will either be great to be free again, or they'll make him think prison wasn't such a bad place after all.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Usain Bolt Now In Unchartered Waters

When we talk about football speed we talk about 40 yards. Every college and professional prospect, not to mention player, has a forty yard time. The low 4's are great, even times in the 5's are acceptable for the real big boys. When Usain Bolt set a new world record Saturday in the 100 meters at 9.58 seconds, that was the equivalent of running his last 40 yards in 3.1 seconds. Granted, he had a running start, but that is still almost unbelievable. The dude is running at a clip of about 30 miles per hour. With one heck of a MPG I might add! He destroyed his own world record by .11 seconds. In a 100 meter distance, that margin is amazing. The scary part is that he possibly can go faster. It was even projected that he could have run a 9.55 when he won the Olympics if he had not been playing to the crowd. He has and is an unbelievable talent. Now perhaps he will take it seriously enough in order to work harder and see just how great he truly can be.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Payne Stewart: PGA Champion 1989

Back in time to August 1989. At Kemper Lakes Golf Club in Illinois, Payne Stewart shoots 276 to capture the 71st PGA Championship. Payne suffered his fatal plane crash in October 1999, and the golfing world has missed his personality, flamboyance, and talent since that tragic event. The 2009 edition of the PGA is underway this week in Minnesota.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rick Pitino: Playing More Than a Set of Drums...

Hey Coach Pitino, were you trying to tell us something breaking out in your boxers for this Guitar Hero commercial? I'm sure now you wish you had kept those boxers up back in 2003 in that closed restaurant! Not to worry though. The university's president says you're still "our guy"! ( And what did you say that $3,000 was for?). But even if he has a change of heart, there's always politics. You would probably make a great South Carolina governor!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Georgia Jersey Numbers to Remember: Part 1

This is all about great names who have worn specific jersey numbers while playing "Between the Hedges" for the University of Georgia. It's taken me awhile to get ready for this post because it required some research and memory recall on my part. I especially wanted to give consideration to all eras of UGA football. Since the only rule I imposed on myself was that I could pick only ONE name per numeral, it also required some tough elimination regarding certain numbers. I found that the numbers 5, 14, 24, and 47 were really tough to narrow down to one. However, there were legitimate multiple choices with practically all numbers. So go ahead and take a look at the list. See who you would have chosen differently, and feel free to leave your comments. If nothing else, it will bring back some great memories for you. In Part 1, I'll cover jersey numbers 1 through 30.
Jersey Number 1: Andre Hastings
Jersey Number 2: Tim Wansley
Jersey Number 3: John Kasay
Jersey Number 4: Champ Bailey
Jersey Number 5: Kevin Butler
Jersey Number 6: Chris Carpenter
Jersey Number 7: Matthew Stafford
Jersey Number 8: Buck Belue
Jersey Number 9: Allan Leavitt
Jersey Number 10: Fran Tarkenton
Jersey Number 11: Bobby Etter
Jersey Number 12: Zeke Bratkowski
Jersey Number 13: Jake Scott
Jersey Number 14: David Greene
Jersey Number 15: Abb Ansley
Jersey Number 16: Lynn Hughes
Jersey Number 17: Matt Robinson
Jersey Number 18: John Rauch
Jersey Number 19: Scott Woerner
Jersey Number 20: Jimmy Poulos
Jersey Number 21: Frankie Sinkwich
Jersey Number 22: Dick Conn
Jersey Number 23: Zippy Morocco
Jersey Number 24: Kent Lawrence
Jersey Number 25: Bill Hartman
Jersey Number 26: Cory Robinson
Jersey Number 27: Ronnie Harris
Jersey Number 28: Herb St. John
Jersey Number 29: Buck Swindle
Jersey Number 30: Billy Bennett

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey Baseball, Whatever Happened To...

The bullpen cart, stirrip hose, radio broadcasts as the way to catch most games, and World Series day games? Not to mention the old baseball show "Homerun Derby". Ah yes, the more things change , the more things change...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Georgia Bulldogs Football

If you don't think you're absolutely ready for the 2009 edition of the Georgia Bulldogs, just take a look at this:

Lou Holtz: No Run For Congress

Lou Holtz says he is not a candidate for a congressional seat. Already enough hot air on Capitol Hill, I suppose. One web poll asked if you would vote for Holtz if he did run for political office. My response would have been that if it would get him off of ESPN, heck yes. No such luck.. We're stuck with his lisping, maniacal ranting. Perhaps if ESPN had not been 'recession proof', they would have cut out his dead weight. Oh well, thank goodness for the mute button!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Georgia Bulldogs: Preseason #13

The Georgia Bulldogs are ranked at the number 13 position of the USA Today coaches' preseason poll. Florida is the number one pick, followed by Texas, Oklahoma, Southern Cal, and Alabama. The Bulldogs open the 2009 campaign on September at Oklahoma State. Incidentally, the Cowboys are ranked number 11 in the poll.

Tom Brady: "Slow to Slower"

Tom Brady hit the practice fields Thursday with a black knee brace as his only limitation, admitting that the brace took him from the 'slow' category to the 'slower' echelon. After a year of knee rehabilitation, Brady pronounced himself ready to get in game shape, vowing to participate in more pre-season game action than he did before the 2008 season. He admits his year off showed him just how much he loves football. He's back folks, and that makes New England a force to be reckoned with. Again.

John Smoltz: Is It Time to Fold 'Em?

I like John Smoltz. It was terrific seeing him perform at such a high level for the Braves all those years. The only pitcher is MLB history with 200+ wins and 150 saves. How good is that? I didn't necessarily agree with his criticism of the Braves when they opted to release him and his buddy Tom Glavine. I understood where he was coming from, but I think ballplayers are too quick to admit professional sports are a business when they seek free agency, and to quick to cry about it when clubs choose to not re-sign them. It is a business, but it is also a two-way street. You know, the 'good for the goose, good for the gander' thing. Anyway, Smoltz is coming off of shoulder surgery, and he hasn't been able to recover his dominant pitching form. He was shelled last night by the Yankees, dropping his record to 2-5 and raising his ERA to over 8. At 42 years of age, he is not anywhere close to being the pitcher he once was. A comeback at 42 is a very tall order. Does he have the time, and do the Red Sox have the time? The answer might be no for both parties involved. Perhaps the Braves knew what was up. No team has shown interest in Glavine, and Smoltz isn't Smoltz. We've always heard that the hardest thing for an athlete to admit is that his time has come to hang 'em up. For John Smoltz, that time might have arrived.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Logan Gray: How 'Bout Some "Wild Dawg" Offense!

Joe Cox is Georgia's starting quarterback for the 2009 season. And rightfully so. He has paid his dues by waiting his time, and he has certainly earned the right to start. The Dawgs are in good and capable hands with Cox behind center. With that being said, you will see Logan Gray receive far more playing time at quarterback behind Cox this year than Cox got behind Matthew Stafford last year. Gray runs a legitimate 4.4 or 4.5 forty. He will bring a totally new dimension
to the Bulldawg offense. But don't get hung up on the notion that Gray is a one dimensional QB. The kid is capable of hurting teams with his arm as well. He is actually sitting in a very big slot for Mark Richt's offense. Behind him are two true freshmen quarterbacks fresh off of their respective high school campuses. At least one of them will red-shirt this year, possibly both. This in itself makes Logan Gray a valuable commodity. Not to mention the fact he will need experience for 2010 as well. The kid from Missouri can play. And he will. This year for his Georgia Bulldogs.

Eli Manning: Now The Richest Manning!

When I read about Eli Manning's new contract with the Giants, I thought it was kind of interesting that he will make more money playing football than big brother Peyton. Eli's deal averages out to $15.3 million annually, while the Colts QB only averages a meager $14.2 million. So consider this; combined, the two brothers will rake in a cool $29.5 million per year. Now this doesn't even include all the endorsement deals they both have, with Big Brother gobbling up the bulk of those extra earnings. Putting it all in prospective, I suppose all these combined millions by the two siblings makes 'Ole Archie more productive than a lot of the stud horses that are "out to pasture". He's sure sired some earnings makers! As Peyton would say "I'm just saying...".

The Old Things We Miss in Today's Football...

How about that single-bar face mask worn by Bart Starr? SI Vault has an interesting gallery on the things that technology, time, and rules have phased out of football's modern day game. I know you remember when coaches wore suits/sportcoats with ties, and players used globs of 'stickum' paste. It was an interesting event when the College All-Stars played the defending Super Bowl Champions. When was the last time you saw a bare-foot kicker? Not to mention the infamous drop-kick. Just a little "Back-in-Time"!