Friday, November 27, 2015

Steve Spurrier: You Basically Just Quit, Right?

Steve Spurrier chose to retire from coaching this year when his Gamecocks were 2-4, and 0-4 in the SEC. With his competitive nature and cocky attitude, I find it hard to believe that he would have stepped down if his team had been winning instead of losing. He cited no health issues to prompt this leave, so why not just announce that he would be stepping down at the end of the season? Hang in their and endure this season with the kids he recruited. I suppose his years of successful coaching earned him the right to bail out midway through the season. To me, it still looks like the quit on all his players and coaches. But he came trough all his this squeaky clean. Just doesn't seem right to me. What do you think...?

Mark Richt / Les Miles: Both Out of a Job by Monday?

It is a possibility that Mark Richt and Les Miles will each be coaching their final games at their respective universities tomorrow. The two embattled head coaches have been under fire from powerful boosters and intense fan bases for more that a month now. We are at the point where the trigger just might be pulled on both men after they walk off the field on Saturday. Their tenures don't appear to make it even into December. It doesn't sound as if the results of their two games will even have any bearing on their fates. Win, lose or draw there is a distinct likelihood that Georgia and LSU will both enter the already crowded arena of Division I schools searching for new head coaches. Richt and Miles are both successful SEC head coaches, but their programs have failed to meet the expectations of proud conference standards and expectations. If indeed they are both dismissed, here's hoping they both experience nothing but success in their future endeavors. This is deserved by both. They have each conducted themselves with class and represented their two universities well.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mark Richt & Jacob Eason: Can't a Guy Just Recruit...?

It seems that Mark Richt's breakfast on the west coast has everyone up in arms regarding his intentions. As the story goes, Richt headed for the airport following Georgia's win over Auburn Saturday and departed on an already planned trip. His intended destination was Washington state and a visit with UGA's top quarterback recruit Jacob Eason. The coach, Eason and Eason's Dad had breakfast together and then spent the remainder of Richt's visit hanging out together. You see, Coach Richt is allowed this unusual visit with a recruit because this particular player has already signed his financial aid papers with the University of Georgia.This gives the Bulldog coaches unlimited contact with Eason. So, why did Richt take a cross-country, in-season recruiting trip? He did it to try and make sure Jacob Eason enrolls at the University of Georgia in January 2016 as planned. Plain and simple. No ulterior motives. Jacob Eason is that important to the future success of the Georgia Bulldogs. Richt just tried to calm the seas among the recent rumored staff turmoil and assure the high school star that Athens, Georgia is where he indeed needs to be to play his college football. A very important recruiting trip. No more - no less.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Georgia: Quit Playing Georgia Southern

As a Georgia fan, I believe the Bulldogs should stop scheduling games with Georgia Southern University.  Think about it: Georgia has absolutely nothing to gain by playing Georgia Southern. If Georgia wins, it's no big deal because they were supposed to win. If Southern ever wins, Georgia will never hear the end of it. Not to mention the fact that a Southern win would then make the Eagles just like Georgia Tech to Bulldog fans: Hated. Georgia fans admire the Georgia Southern program primarily because of Erk Russell. Seeing the Eagles succeed is an extension of Erk's success.The two go hand-in-hand. There are also many Southern supporters who have always been fans of the Bulldogs. It sounds good to keep it that way. Besides, Georgia has more that enough rivals now. We certainly don't need another one. There's only so much hate to spread around.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jeremy Pruitt: Most Valuable Coordinator and More...

Georgia assistant coach and Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt is one hot commodity. He is being attributed for many positive changes around the Georgia football program. For example, he is the reason the Bulldogs have changed the way they practice and the way practice is now set-up and conducted. It is said that some of the new hires UGA has made in the football operations department are a direct result of his input. He is being credited as the reason Georgia is much more aggressive in recruiting, offering the elite high school athletes much earlier than they had in the past. It is known that he is a huge reason kids want to come to UGA, and not just kids on the defensive side of the football. Coach Pruitt is a big reason the Dawgs now will remain in Athens on Friday nights before home games instead of having to ride 45 minutes on a bus from a night spent outside of Athens. He is also named as the catalyst for the University finally moving forward with the construction of a long overdue indoor practice facility. He is definitely the Big Man on Campus at the University of Georgia. Since all of these factors are significant reasons for Pruitt's MVP status, doesn't it make sense that Georgia must do whatever they can to keep him wearing Red and Black? With that being said, if Mark Richt, Greg McGarity, and the administration at UGA feel as strongly about Jeremy Pruitt as the Bulldawg Nation does, they have to play all of the trump cards to keep him. Bring out the checkbook again and make him the highest paid coordinator in college football, and by a long shot. In this area, be like Pruitt is with his job, and be proactive and aggressive. Don't drag your feet with this man. Pay him big and pay him now. I don't like the concept of  "coaches-in-waiting" because it never seems to work out, but assure him he'll be the head Dawg when Richt decides to retire. Make it legal and put it in writing. Yes, Pruitt is that crucial to the success of the Bulldawg Program. Read the Georgia blogs, read the articles from the UGA beat reporters, read recruiting news concerning the Bulldawgs, listen to high school prospects, and in all of these Pruitt's name will be mentioned at some point. Other schools will come after Jeremy Pruitt, they will come sooner than later, and they will come hard. Georgia must make it tremendously hard for him to leave.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Now "Infamous" National Letter of Intent

The 2015 recruiting season and subsequent signing day have brought to the forefront the inadequacies of the National Letter of Intent. It is true that this "contract' is heavily weighted in favor of the universities. The recruit is locked in, locked up, and locked down. It is now argued that current day players, generally speaking, sign with a particular school because of developed player-coach relationships, as opposed to signing with the school and program itself. This year in particular, coaching changes at signing day have left several high school players feeling betrayed. This feeling is intensified once the letter of intent has been signed because now the player is bound to that school. There is no question that the process of signing high school athletes to "scholarships" needs to be changed. There is some/much tweaking that needs to be done. Why not do away with "Signing Day" as we know it now. Allow high school seniors to sign a letter with schools any time after Labor Day of their senior year through January 31st. That signed document could be worded to give the student-athlete an "out" option upon certain circumstances that might occur at the school of his signing (such as head coaches position coaches or coordinators leaving) up to the date of his actual enrollment. It could also be worded to protect the validity of a four year commitment by the school. I'm certainly not a lawyer, but I could see a viable document created in a reasonably simple way that would be fair to both the institution as well as the individual. But in reality, is anything simple these days?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If Tony Ball Bolts for LSU, UGA Should Call Hines Ward!

As we speak, University of Georgia Wide Receiver Coach Tony Ball is a finalist for that same position vacancy at LSU. It is rumored that it could be Ball's job if he wants it, not only as a change of scenery but also as a nice bump up in salary. When Georgia revised the titles and pay grades of several coaches after the 2014 season, Ball's position was not included in those pay hikes. Read in to that what you'd like, but the fact remains he is now exercising his options. For my unsolicited and unwarranted opinion on what the Bulldogs should do if Ball does indeed depart, I think Mark Richt's first call should be to former Bulldog and Pittsburgh Steeler great Hines Ward. With his resume he would certainly be a viable candidate, even though he has no college coaching experience. I can only guess here, but I would see wide receiver recruits jumping at the chance to play for a guy with Ward's credentials. Hines Ward may have bigger and better things going on right now, but he should be UGA's first call. It never hurts to ask...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ray Guy: Wearing That "Gold Jacket" With Pride

Ray Guy is now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is deservedly  the first and only punter inducted into the Hall and wearing the "Gold Jacket". A product of McDuffie County, Georgia and Southern Miss University, Guy could have been a professional in either one of two other sports had he taken a different athletic choice. He was that good in baseball and basketball, as well as football. Congratulations tonight Ray Guy! I'm proud to know you, and proud for having the opportunity to compete in the same Georgia high school region as you when you were at Thomson High School. You put the "special" in special teams play at every level you competed in. As you said in your induction speech, the road was often difficult, but now your journey is indeed complete. And what a special journey it was! Thanks, Ray.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jonathan Taylor: "De-Committed" to the G.

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round , all through the town. Yea, the bus keeps rolling and players who can't get their act together keep getting off the bus. Jonathan Taylor is just the latest casualty in a seemingly growing list of Georgia players who continue to get themselves in multiple offenses that go against player behavior standards. Taylor is now free to take his football talents and behavior imperfections to any school in the country he so desires. Even to a rival school in the Southeastern Conference. I wish those guys were never given that option. But Mark Richt puts absolutely no stipulations on where a dismissed player can and cannot transfer to. "You're free to go", means you're free to go. Anywhere. To me, players like Jonathan Taylor are just the same as verbally committed high school recruits who "flip" their commitment to another school. Taylor has just de-committed from Georgia. He is no longer a Dawg. He's another casualty, another deflection, another former player who very well might line up against Georgia one Saturday in the future. But Taylor will never again be a Dawg. Maybe just a low down dog, but not a Dawg, and certainly not a "Damn Good Dawg"!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

DirecTV: You Need the SEC Network...NOW!

Yesterday,  Cox Communications joined Dish Network as carriers of the new SEC Network. With those two in the fold, that still leaves DirecTV as the major abstaining provider. We are now looking down the barrel at one month before the new network airs, and I'm expecting DirecTV to take us to the very end before completing their deal with the new network. I have no insight as to the politics of such dealings, so I have no explanation as to why the satellite giant and the SEC Network would drag this out and make no assuring announcement regarding a partnership. However, there is one thing to which I am sure: the good-ole-boys of the South who live and die for college football will drop DirecTV in a heartbeat if it's the difference between missing an SEC game or seeing it.  Come on DTV, the stakes are high and kickoff is looming large.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Duck Commander: In the Bowl business...

The Independence Bowl has a new name and a new six year sponsor. It was announced on Wednesday that The "Boys with the Beards" from Duck Commander will be the face of the Louisiana post-season game. Should be interesting, right Uncle Si?

Barry Switzer: A "Jimmy The Greek" type comment?

Barry Switzer says he would never recruit a white quarterback. When I read that I immediately thought of the comments made by Jimmy The Greek that got him fired from CBS years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same.