Monday, December 2, 2019

Ole Miss and The Piss Boy...Sad, Sad, Sad

Nothing like a little urination in public, be it real or staged. It really took some real class to pull off that stunt Elijah Moore. Not only did you cost your team a shot at a win versus your hated rival, you probably played a hand in getting your head coach fired from his job three days later. Not to mention the fact that no one will remember you for catching the touchdown pass at the end of a thrilling comeback drive down the field, because they will forever know you as the Ole Miss player who let his team, coaches, school and fan base down by literally pissing away a legitimate chance at victory. And you will always be associated with the naming of the game: "The Piss and Miss"! But I guess you now have a cemented legacy at Ole Miss. Hotty Toddy Mr. Moore. The last time I checked, there is no "I" in TEAM.