Friday, April 8, 2011

German Golf: Conveyor Belt Style...

...and I thought you didn't get much exercise riding in a golf cart. At least you have to get your rear end up and down and in and out of it. These guys in Lohmar, Germany are doing absolutely nothing. I wonder what the ruling is if your ball lands on the belt and gives its golfer some extra yards? Go figure...

Stephen Garcia: Down for The Count?

South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia has been suspended from any participation with the Gamecock football program. Indefinitely. Again. Again as in five times. Since arriving in Columbia as a freshman, Garcia has been suspended from the program FIVE times. And he's still around, so go figure. Talk about second chances, and second chances, and second chances...I think you get the picture. He's about to embark on his senior gridiron season if he gets to hang around that long. The old saying about cats is that they have nine lives. I wonder if Gamecocks do as well? Hum...only at South Carolina, where it apparently is easier to overlook discipline than it is to administer it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ben Jones: A "Throw-Back" Who Will Throw-Down

In a matter of a few months, Ben Jones will embark on his fourth campaign as the starting center for the University of Georgia. And he wants it to count. So either lead, follow, or get out of his way. He is determined to do everything in his power to turn the Bulldawg program around, and he wants every one of his Georgia teammates to feel the same sense of urgency that he does. Jones has already called out his fellow offensive compatriots this spring, and he has no plans to let up until he has played his last snap in Bulldawg Red and Black. This spring he's not just Georgia's center, he's the center of attention.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trey Thompkins: No Dawg, No More...

Trey Thompkins will enter the NBA Draft this year as expected. No great revelation here. He said no to the league as a sophomore last year, so he really can't continue to leave millions on the table any longer. It was a sound decision on his part. Even though he will have to toughen up to play in the league, he will turn into a solid pro player. His propensity to hang out around the bonus arc will work out well for him at the next level. He has enough touch with his jump shot to offset his softness in regards to working in the paint. I also believe his leaving will be a good thing for Georgia. After all, he didn't exactly put the Dawgs on his back and carry them this past season. I certainly would not label his junior campaign as "stellar". It is time for Thompkins and the Georgia program to both move on. I wish Trey well, but I wish for the Dawgs of Mark Fox much more success.

Nate McLouth: Is Time On Your Side?

Nate McLouth had a lousy 2010 season, and that assessment is being extremely gentle. However, to his credit, McLouth worked hard during the off-season, had a successful "bounce back" spring campaign and emerged as the Braves starting center fielder. Just another "feel good" story, right? Huh, not quite yet. Now that the official 2011 campaign has begun the speedy center fielder is back to his bad habits once again. He is 3 for 16, with five strikeouts and one walk. Not very good numbers for your hitter occupying the number two hole, again being very gentle here. I realize that one week does not a season make, but how much time will new manager Fredi Gonzalez give his center fielder to get his offensive numbers turned around? I would assume far less than former skipper Bobby Cox would have. I want Nate Mclouth to succeed because I want the Atlanta Braves to succeed. In order for the team to flourish, they will have to have a center fielder playing at the top of his game. At least closer to the top than the bottom.

Shaka Smart: VCU Yes; N.C. State No..

Shaka Smart has decided to remain as the head basketball coach at VCU, as opposed to joining up with the Wolfpack of N.C State. Pardon the pun, but 'smart' decision. It hasn't been that long ago that practically any basketball coach in America would forsake all to become a head coach in the once powerful round-ball world of the Atlantic Coast Conference. And along with that the conference member programs could go after and get almost any coach that they so desired. My how times have changed. Those changes obviously include N.C. State individually as well. The once-proud Wolfpack program always prowled along the border of the first and second tiers of the conference's basketball hierarchy, always just a pounce away from the Tarheels and the Blue Devils. However, now State is considered a 'bottom feeder', and I suppose Shaka Smart wants eat a little higher on the hog than that.