Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods: You Missed the Fairway With This One

One of the slogans for Tiger Woods advertising campaigns proclaims "I am Tiger Woods". The ads feature different people of all ages and cultures saying that they are Tiger Woods. But now reality has really set in, and the perception of truth leaves no doubt. No one but Tiger himself can tell the police to get lost three days in a row. Forget the billion dollar income, the model wife, and the fame of being one of the world's most recognizable figures. If he doesn't want to talk to the law, he isn't going to talk to the law. Now, I do understand that he has no legal requirement to be interviewed by the authorities. No criminal charges have been filed. This is evidently a personal, family matter between Tiger and his wife, Elin. But, unless I'm mistaken, if the cops knock on your door or mine, it would probably be in our best interests to listen to them. Either at our homes, or "down at the station". Not Tiger, he can just buzz the fuzz. But I have no problem with his plea for privacy in this matter. By all means, he is entitled to that. But he is a public figure, perhaps even the largest public figure of all. It seems to me that he would want to inform 'his public' of what actually happened, as opposed to letting the tabloids, blogs, and late night talk shows run wild. Even if it your world Tiger, we all live in it. I'm just sayin...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Georgia 30 - Ga. Tech 24

Natural order has been restored in the state of Georgia. Things are as they should be now. Georgia has defeated Georgia Tech after allowing the Yellow Jackets to play "Pretenders" for the past 365 days. Mark Richt is now 8-1 against 'Yellow Tech', Paul Johnson a break-even 1-1 against the Dawgs. Georgia scored thirty points as interim mascot Russ looked on. Georgia Tech didn't score enough, and had no 'live' mascot looking on, because they don't have a live mascot. They barely have a co-ed to cheer them on. The Bulldawgs running game (339 yards) attacked the porous Yellow Tech defense all night long. The Jackets triple option attack worked well enough last night, but certainly not at all after Johnson mysteriously abandoned it in Tech's last futile drive. Three incomplete bombs left Tech with a must make fourth and ten to continue playing. A dropped ball later and the Jackets now limp into the weak ACC championship game with a whipped rear end. As for Georgia, they may limp into a lower tier bowl, but they do so as State Champions! But boy does that dumb loss to Kentucky in Athens last week really stink now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hey Kellen: Can We Get Five "Moore"?

Staying with this quarterback theme this morning, we highlight Boise State's Kellen Moore. All he did yesterday was throw five touchdown passes to keep his dominating Broncos undefeated, not to mention undaunted. His final numbers read 17 for 33 for 262 yards, with 5 TDs and no picks. On a team note consider this: Boise is not only 12-0 on the season, they are 72-4 this decade. How's that for a heck of a winning percentage? Now we wait to see if the BCS boys buy in to Boise...

How About a "Pike Six", Tony?

Cincinnati quarterback Tony Pike returned to the starting lineup Friday following an injury and threw six touchdown passes to keep his Bearcats undefeated for the season. It was his first start since October 15th. Pike finished the day with a gaudy 32 of 46 for 399 yards. He now has 23 touchdown passes with only 3 interceptions in his senior campaign. Not a bad day at the office , "Pistol".

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

An Opinion On Sports wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Furman Bisher of the Atlanta Constitution does a column every Thanksgiving about the things he is thankful for. Take the time to make your own list. You might surprise yourself. Here's what I'm thankful for:

  • For the guy in traffic whose NOT on his cell
  • For Georgia's RED helmets & RED jerseys
  • For family & friends who love me in spite of me
  • For the readers who take the time to stop by An Opinion On Sports
  • For those who still appreciate the independent merchant & the battle he faces
  • For Fall football Saturdays in the south
  • For the vegetarians in the world who leave more BEEF for me
  • For hearing my dentist's greatest two words: NO cavities
  • For all the currency that's out there that no one can remove "In God We Trust" from

We'll continue the list in 2010. Until then, have a great one!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rick Pitino: "Turkey" of the Year

As we near Thanksgiving Day 2009, my vote for "Turkey of the Year" goes to Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino. The married hoops coach found himself square in the cross hairs of an extortion attempt following a 2003 after-hours affair at a restaurant. The woman (shown above with 'Slick Rick') later married the strength coach at Louisville. Go figure. She, Karen Sypher, faces federal charges. Rick just faces the consequences of his actions with himself, his family, and his friends.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keith Olbermann: Not Very Funny at All

In my humble opinion, the people who try to be cute and funny very seldom ever come across either way. They aren't successful at being cute or funny. It just doesn't come naturally for them. So I usually arrive at the point where I can't stand to even hear their voices. That is where I am, and have been for a very long time, with Keith Olbermann. I refuse to watch the show Football Night in America because he is on there. His futile attempts at humor are sickening to me. I would really like to let him know he is making a mockery of himself. Because he is. He is a very intelligent man, but comedy and humor are not him. He should let the comedians take care of all of that. He should stick to serious documentary reporting. Notice I said reporting, because I don't think commentary is his strong suit either. Being a Sports Center junkie, I was elated when he left ESPN. I had come to detest him that long ago. Now he's back on a sports show. Ugh! But I can do without that one show, and I can certainly do without Mr. Olbermann.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Whatever Happened to the 'Double Bar' Face Mask?

Fran Tarkenton is shown above sporting an old 'double bar' face mask on November 23, 1975 when he became the NFL's all-time completions leader with 2,840. The double bar was popular for backs and receivers during that era, primarily because that was the best choice they had. And you would have to admit, it was a step up from the single bar that proceeded it. You can see in the photo that there is still a lot of face open as opposed to today's guards that modern players wear, but the single bar wasn't much more than a handle with which to carry the headgear with. It's a very good thing that both the helmet and the face mask have advance so far, because the game itself has advanced just as far with quicker, faster, and stronger participants.

Matthew Stafford: Heart of A Lion!

Matthew Stafford became the youngest rookie quarterback to throw five touchdown passes in a single game yesterday. But it was his fifth one that showed what Stafford is made of. Running back on to the field after a shoulder injury on the previous play, Stafford drilled the game winner before leaving the field again in obvious pain. His Detroit Lions defeated the Cleveland Browns 38-37 for their second victory of the season. The Lions only managed one victory in the entire 2008 season. Stafford was matched up against his former Georgia Bulldog teammate, Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. "Mo-Mass" had 5 receptions for 115 yards and one TD. When the Lions made Stafford their first selection in the NFL Draft, they knew he had the talent and ability they needed in a young quarterback to build a franchise around. Now they know he has the heart, desire and toughness. He will lead the Lions to many more comeback wins before it's all said and done. Here's hoping Matthew will be well enough to play in Detroit's traditional Thanksgiving Day game this Thursday.

Les Miles: Why Is Your Nose Getting Longer?

Les Miles said, "I do not know who told him to clock it." Yet Miles is shown on the LSU sideline frantically signalling his quarterback, Jordan Jefferson, to spike the ball and kill the clock. Ole Miss narrowly escaped with a 25-23 victory. The Tiger coaching staff had already botched the drive before it came down to the spike. They lost 17 seconds off the clock when they failed to properly get a time-out signalled to an official. They experienced confusion over which plays to run. And they confused their own players with their total disorganization. This will forever be known as "The Mississippi Meltdown", and it might further be known as "Les Lies".

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Georgia Bulldogs: Football Logic 101

Football Logic 101, as taught to me by the 2009 Georgia Bulldogs: I have learned this year that it really does not matter how recruiting classes are rated, nor how many 5-Star and 4-Star recruits there are on a single team. If basic fundamentals of the game aren't ingrained in talented individuals, the talent becomes unproductive. I've been reminded that football is still a TEAM game. A successful team must have very good individual talent, but these individuals have to function within the framework of the team. When they do, it becomes a win-win situation. When they do not, the team experiences limited success. A team with no discipline has no direction. The physical aspect of the game can only lead to success when the mental aspect of the game is understood and carried out. I've also learned that a fifth-year senior with basically no playing experience is actually a freshman who possesses a little better understanding of a system. Much like a medical student who understands the procedure that has been taught to him but hasn't actually held that scalpel in his hand. This has also led me to believe that skills unused can lead to skills that erode. When you fail to polish brass it tarnishes. I've been shown that the prolonged success of a program can lead to stagnation, and that once a comfort level has been achieved complacency easily sets in. When things become taken for granted, the framework of disaster is laid. I've been reminded that loyalty is a fantastic quality. The world we live in is drastically short of that commodity. But, I've seen that loyalty to any individual at the expense of an entire body or group is neither fair nor wise to either party involved. On a football team this goes for players as well as coaches. And I've learned that it is painful to watch a team that one has a passion for perform at such a mediocre level week after week after week. I realize with certainty that good teams get better as the season progresses, and that the weak teams show no improvement and even digress in some scenarios. Having said all of this, I am reminded that the worst thing a team can do in the midst of dreadful circumstances is to do nothing at all.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ben Jones: "Follow Me"

Before Georgia tailback Caleb King ran for two fourth quarter touchdowns against Auburn, center Ben Jones told him before each run: "Follow me". King listened, obeyed, and scored. Tomorrow against the Kentucky Wildcats, Jones will make his 21st consecutive start on the Bulldawgs offensive line. And as coach Mark Richt says,"He's like a pig in slop out there. He loves it." Lead on "Sixty-One".

Chance Veazey: He'll 'Homer' Again

Chance Veazey homered in his last at bat of Georgia's fall intrasquad games. He had three hits that day to elevate his average to an even .300. Two days later his scooter was hit by a car. Yesterday, the renowned Shepherd Center in Atlanta announced the diagnosis as paralysis below the waist. From everything we read and hear about Chance Veazey, although he has this diagnosis of being paralyzed, his will can never be stymied. His determination to overcome can not be halted. His dream may have been side-tracked, but his new challenge will be met full speed ahead. Chance will hit another homer, but probably not as a Bulldog second baseman. The next homerun won't even be in a baseball game. It will be in the game of life.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Uga VII: Headed to Bulldawg Heaven

Hey "Seven", you didn't stay around long enough for us to really get to know you. More heart problems, huh? Yea, they run in my family too. We knew you were just a pup compared to your dad, "Six". He liked to GATA, where you seemed to enjoy a good Saturday nap "Between the Hedges". I don't blame you though, that air conditioned Dawg House sure looks pretty inviting. We figured that spunk of your dad's would come out in you once you got a little older. But that's o.k, we liked you just the way you were. You were one of the Uga's, so you were special Little Guy. We'll miss you Saturday, so all the Dawgs at Sanford will take care of Kentucky just for you. Godspeed, "Seven", and tell your dad hello for us.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A.I.: Practice? Practice? Practice?...

With all the hype going on surrounding Allen Iverson's split with the Memphis Grizzlies, I couldn't help but take this chance to bring out the infamous "Practice" video. To me it's a classic, and he and the guys at the press conference just keep it going. That's partly because the press kind of baits Iverson to continue his use of the word 'practice' as it approaches hilarity. I love this part: "Not a game, not a game, not a game. We talkin' 'bout practice. Not a game..." Check out the counter on the YouTube as it tallies each time he uses the word.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The "Heidi Bowl" Revisited

I'm sure most of the readers who come across An Opinion On Sports are waaay too young to have a clue about the AFL's infamous 'Heidi' game. Well forty one years ago today(1968), the New york Jets, led by Joe Willie Namath, played the Oakland Raiders in Oakland. The Jets appeared to have the game won 32-29 with 1:05 left on the game clock. With this in mind, the network left the game to begin televising the children's special Heidi. While off the air the Raiders scored twice in the final 42 seconds to pull off an unbelievable 43-32 victory. Afterwards, NBC was besieged with irate callers who were denied seeing the game in its entirety. In fact the calls were of such volume, they blew out the network's switchboards. Never again has a network left a close football game to go to the airing of another show. Who said football doesn't rule?

Brian McCann: A Silver Slugger Again

Atlanta's Brian McCann has captured his second consecutive Sliver Slugger Award and his third in four seasons as the National League's top hitting catcher. This year's award is special to the Braves catcher because he had to overcome early season vision problems at the plate. In fact he was hitting a paltry .195 before going on the DL with blurred vision after playing in only thirteen games. Sports glasses alleviated the problem enough for him to finish the campaign with a .281 batting average, an .835 slugging percentage, 21 homers, and 94 RBIs. Just last month he had Lasik eye surgery to hopefully correct his sight deficiencies. McCann is also a four time All-Star catcher, having been named to the National League squad in each of his first four Major League seasons.

Willie Martinez: DC For the New Decade

The only way for Willie Martinez not to continue to be Georgia's defensive coordinator in 2010 is for another school to hire him away from the Bulldogs. Namely, the Memphis Tigers. I think Willie would look good in blue myself, but I obviously don't have a vote in the matter. To all of my UGA counterparts who believe a change is needed at Georgia on the defensive side of the ball, we can all forget it. Head coach Mark Richt is not going to fire Willie Martinez. Not of his own volition, and probably not if pressure were to be put on him to make the termination. Richt would choose to go down with the ship rather than fire his old college roommate. For that matter, I would not be surprised if Martinez isn't given a little bump-up in his salary before next season. I'm serious. The defensive recovery Georgia made after giving up 14 easy points to Auburn last Saturday night solidified the jobs of the entire defensive staff for next year. All other transgressions have been forgiven. Only a colossal collapse against Kentucky this Saturday would reverse that. The soft zone that the Bulldogs play, which features defensive backs out of position very often, will continue "Between the Hedges". Yep, we're gonna play it again in 2010! Come on and pick up that phone Memphis. Make that call.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Roy Williams: Hard Work: A Life's Story

Roy Williams new book, Hard Work: A life On and Off the Court, has a very realistic chance to make the New York Times Best Seller List. This short excerpt is one of the reasons why: "They say that Michigan State winning is going to fix the nation's economy, well then, I say, hell, let's all stay poor a while longer. All that stuff is B.S. This is a basketball game. That's all it is. We are better than they are. Now let's go play. Tonight somebody is going to win the national championship. Why not let it be us?" I've already put it on my Christmas list!

Lundquist & Danielson: We Need A Break

The CBS duo of Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson are not the worst announcing partners I've ever heard. They both bring positives to the table with insightful commentary and knowledge of the game. But on the other hand, I wish the network would shake up this crew if only for the sake of change. To me, their act is getting a little old and stale. They own that privileged SEC 3:30 PM time slot, and it's time for a new tandem in the booth. Let Verne and Gary work a 12:00 noon slot for a change. I'm sure they won't mind since their beloved Tim Tebow will have moved on from the college ranks anyway. That's one thing I'm trying to point out. They seem to overstate the positives for one opponent, and also harp heavily on the other team's negatives. If one team is outclassed, they will quickly point it out. Perhaps that is the way it is supposed to be Maybe they're just doing their jobs. But they tend to give it a little "homer" aspect. Nevertheless, I think their methods are wearing a bit thin. Try a new combo next season CBS. Just a suggestion...

Well I'll Be "Vol Gone"

Who would have believed this? Lane Kiffin has dismissed the two Tennessee freshmen football players accused in an armed robbery last week. Permantly dismissed. Gone. Do not pass 'Go"... etc., etc. I thought these guys would maybe get double secret probation or something, but not kicked off the team. I didn't think Kiffin had that in him. Almost makes you proud...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Notre Dame: Are You Crying?

Navy and Notre Dame have played each other in football on 83 different occasions. Notre Dame owns Navy in the aspect of the series, leading grossly 71-11-1. But the Midshipmen prevailed this past Saturday 23-21, and have now won two of the last three encounters. Consider this: the first of these two victories occurred after an NCAA record 43 consecutive losses. Now to the point of all this. This week a Notre Dame assistant coach bad-mouths the Navy head coach for a remark he made after the game. The way I read it, Navy's coach merely said they prepared for what the Irish did against them last year because he knew they(ND) weren't going to change anything. He didn't question any one's character or call anyone out on anything. He told how his team prepared and why he thought they could win. I must have really missed something here, because I can't see where he said anything wrong. With that in mind, I think Notre Dame should accept the fact that they were defeated by a Navy team that was obviously better than them. I also think Notre Dame is demonstrating that it is a lot easier to show class when you win. They don't seem to be showing any after this loss.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Georgia Just Might "Four-Peat" Auburn

Auburn's seniors don't want to go 0-4 to the Georgia Bulldogs. The Dawgs on the other hand have it as a goal to win all of the final three games on their schedule. If a four-peat comes with it, then that's just icing on the cake. Auburn has twenty Georgians on their roster. Georgia has only two players from the entire state of Alabama. Does that mean AU couldn't even field a football team if it weren't for the state of Georgia? Hum...The Bulldawgs can defeat the Tigers if they win the turnover battle, cease committing insane penalties, and cover kickoffs well. The Tigers can/will defeat the Dawgs if Georgia doesn't do those three things mentioned. And quite frankly, Mark Richt's team has not been successful at doing all three of those things in a single game all season. The visiting team has enjoyed much success in this long and storied rivalry, but I have a feeling Georgia is going to play well Saturday night. I think the Chapel Bell will be ringing all night long on the UGA campus. It will be close, but Georgia will be 1/3 closer to their season ending goal when they turn out the lights. They will have their first four-peat against Auburn since 1944-1948.

Dabo Swinney: Super Incentives

You want some incentives to do the absolute best coaching job you possibly can? Check these out. Dabo Swinney, the head coach at Clemson, is the lowest paid coach in the Atlantic Coast Conference at $800,000. His team is currently on the precipice of playing in its first ever ACC championship game. Big deal to Clemson, and perhaps a bigger deal to Swinney. You see, if his Tigers can win the Atlantic Division of the ACC, then his contract jumps to the conference median of $1.7 million. However, if his band of cats can win the ACC Championship, Mr. Dabo's annual income will escalate to $2 million. Now is that an incentive laden contract or what? In retrospect, Swinney would probably have taken the head job after Tommy Bowden was fired for half of that $800,000 base. He wanted it that bad. Heck, he wasn't even a coordinator at Clemson. But to word that lame contract in such a way that would give him the opportunity of becoming a member of the ACC $2 million club was borderline genius. But a guy who has had to go through life as "Dabo" deserves a couple of million. Nice going William Christopher Swinney. By the way, Swinney will turn 40 0n November 20th.

Sammy Sosa: Not Like That Mike..

Hey Sammy, what's up with the lighter skin these days? Cosmetic cream? Bright TV lights? Oh, o.k. I just thought for a minute you might be trying to "look like Mike". You don't have any white gloves laying around do you? Whew, just checking. But, you might want to lay off of that cream for awhile. At least until all this talk stops about you and Michael. I'm just saying...

Danica Patrick & JR Motorsports Continue Talks

Is Danica Patrick coming to NASCAR? Not Yet, but talks continue between the IndyCar driver and Dale Earbhardt's company, JR Motorsports. Patrick reportedly has discontinued talks with Michael Waltrip Racing, as well as, Kevin Harvick, Inc. Drivers like Earnhardt, Carl Edwards and others think Patrick's move to stock cars would be good for the sport. They feel the fans would be excited about it, and the new sponsors she would bring with her would be a benefit for all of NASCAR. Keep in mind that it was reported earlier that she recently signed a new three year deal with the Indy Car group of Andretti Green Racing. However, since the IndyCar series is so much shorter than the NASCAR circuit, it is very possible she could race both. Also, she would begin her stock car career on the Nationwide series, as opposed to the Sprint Cup circuit. Patrick is the only woman to win an IndyCar race, making her that much more appealing to NASCAR.

It's Veterans Day! Observe It!

A special thank you from An Opinion On Sports to all our veterans on this Veterans Day. Always remember: All gave some, some gave all; In war, there are no unwounded soldiers; It is easy to take liberty for granted when you have never had it taken away from you; This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave; Freedon is never free. May God always bless America!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Hansbrough, But Plenty of Go-Go

The 2009-10 edition of Roy Williams North Carolina Tarheels debuted last night against Isiah Thomas' Florida International Golden Panthers. UNC prevailed 88-72 in their first game in a long time without Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, and Wayne Ellington. Now we'll have to get use to new names like John Henson, Dexter Strickland, and Will Graves. They'll join existing lettermen Ed Davis, Deon Thompson, Marcus Ginyard, and Larry Drew (above). As you would expect, the young Tarheels were ragged, committing 26 turnovers. They'll become better as the season progresses at working together. Also, they will need to find a reliable, go-to , 3-point shooter to prevent defenses from sagging off and double teaming the likes of Thompson and Davis. But it is very early. The hustle, speed and quickness are all there again for the 'Heels. They will get to where they need to be, but it will take some time. Nevertheless, they won't be an easy opponent for anyone in the ACC.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Just One Side of the Helmet...

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Denver Broncos 28-10 last night on Monday Night Football. But, quite frankly, I could care less about the game. The reason I'm writing this is because there is something about one of those teams that has always bugged the heck out of me. It is the fact that the Steelers only have their helmet logo on ONE side of their helmets. Why just one? Why not both sides like everyone else? Why? Here's why: The Steelers originally wore gold helmets, so their equipment manager only put the decals on one side of the helmet because he wasn't sure how they would look. You know, less work taking only one off if they looked terrible. Anyway, after they changed to black helmets, they continued to apply the insignias to just one side because they had experienced success with only one. A bit of superstition, huh? So even until this day, or Monday night, the Steelers remain as the only NFL team with logos on only one side of their helmets. The end. But it still bugs the heck out of me!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Elizabeth Lambert: " A Girl Gone Wild"

Elizabeth Lambert doesn't have to spend her time at New Mexico playing a grueling game like women's soccer. Oh no, there's probably a gig waiting for her with the WWE. Vince McMahon could be ready to make this girl rich, and she doesn't even require any training for the job. She can just continue to do what she's doing on the soccer field. Lambert takes the art of the cheap shot to a new level, and she seems to be getting away with it every time. And check out the video, there are a lot of times.

UGA/AU: The South's Oldest Rivalry

When Georgia and Auburn get together, there is always a lot on the line. This year is no different. Auburn is 7-3 for the season, after starting out 5-0, and ranked number 25 in the AP poll. Every meeting since 1991 has featured at least one of the teams ranked in the national polls. They would like to stay nationally ranked for their showdown with intense rival Alabama two weeks after the Georgia game. The Tigers will be playing their 11th straight game without an open date. The Bulldogs on the other hand are not nationally ranked, and are not even bowl eligible at this point. A victory over Auburn would put them in a holiday classic, thus extending their bowl streak to twelve consecutive seasons. It would also give Georgia, who is 5-4 for the season, a tremendous lift in the confidence department as they finish out their season with Kentucky and the hated Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech. Both the Tigers and the Bulldogs are 3-3 in the SEC. Auburn leads oh-so-competitive "South's Oldest Rivalry" 53-51-8, but Georgia has prevailed in the last three contests. Georgia is a surprisingly early 4.5 point favorite for Saturday's 7:00 P.M. tilt being played "Between the Hedges" in Athens.

Atlanta Falcons: A Run For the Playoffs

The Atlanta Falcons are halfway through the 2009 campaign and they are tied with the Philadelphia Eagles for first place in the NFC Wildcard race. The Falcons and Eagles both sport 5-3 records heading into the home stretch. The Falcons have eight games remaining, one of which is with the Eagles in Atlanta. Atlanta will also play the New York Giants, who are only 1/2 game back, in New York. Atlanta's toughest opponent remaining will be division leading New Orleans in Atlanta on December 13th. The undefeated Saints have already beaten Atlanta in New Orleans this season. The Falcons yesterday enjoyed a very prosperous wild card Sunday. The Eagles were defeated by their division leading Dallas Cowboys. This was a good victory since Dallas has already defeated Atlanta, thus holding the head to head advantage on the Falcons. It would be better for Atlanta if Dallas won that division as opposed to Philly. That is predicated of course on the Falcons beating the Eagles on December 6th. The other three teams behind the Falcons, the Giants, Packers, and Bears, all lost. The best aspect of the Falcons playoff run is that they do control their own destiny. They don't necessarily have to run the table to get in the playoffs, but they must defeat the Eagles and Giants, and finish up the second half at least 6-2. So with that, I'm predicting that 11-5 will get Atlanta into the playoffs as the NFC wildcard. Stay tuned, there is a lot of NFL football yet to be played.

LaGarrette Blount: A Second Time Around..

LaGarrette Blount has been reinstated by Oregon head coach Chip Kelly for the remainder of the 2009 season. Kelly related that Blount has followed the plan of rehabilitation set up for him and he will be allowed to play this weekend against Arizona State. The Pac-10 had earlier approved Oregon's plan of reinstatement for Blount. He has missed a total of eight games during his suspension, and Kelly, along with Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott, feels that he has paid a significant price for his actions, thus deserving a second chance. As you can view below, his actions were pretty deplorable, but I agree that he deserves a second chance. The earlier season long suspension virtually meant the senior running back was finished as a collegian, so perhaps this change of heart by Kelly will help Blount with his future. Here's hoping a lesson learned hard will be a lesson learned well. What's your opinion on LeGarrett Blount?

Bobby Bowden: A Not So Happy 80th Birthday

Bobby Bowden turned 80 yesterday, less than 24 hours after his Seminoles lost a key ACC encounter with Clemson University. Florida State now stands at 4-5 on the season, two wins shy of becoming bowl eligible. If FSU fails in their attempt to play in a bowl, it will end a nations-best streak that dates back to 1982. That means the 'Noles must win two of their remaining three games, one of which is with top ranked Florida in the "Swamp" to close out the regular season. They will also travel to Wake Forest this Saturday, and close out the home part of their schedule with Maryland in Tallahassee on November 21st. To top it all off, he might have to accomplish this feat without his starting quarterback, Christian Ponder, who injured his shoulder in the Clemson encounter. If his team fails to make it to a bowl during the holidays, I think Bowden should go ahead and relinquish the reigns of the Seminole program to their coach-in-waiting, Jimbo Fisher. You're only talking about one year early anyway, because Fisher is contractually set to take over on 1/1/2011, or the university must pay him $5 million. Bowden is not going to catch Joe Paterno in the all-time victories race, so why prolong the agony? If FSU finishes 6-6, or worse, this off-season won't be very comfortable for Bowden if he hangs on for that last year. It's time for Bobby Bowden to take one for the team. Go ahead and ride off into that Florida sunset.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jahvid Best: Soaring Out of Consciousness

In one of the more frightening moments in college football this season, California tailback Jahvid Best soars over an Oregon State defender into the end zone yesterday, landing viciously on his back and the back of his head. His helmet was thrown violently off upon impact, and he was reported to have briefly lost consciousness following his fall. Best did retain movement in all his extremities, and has since been reported as having a concussion. All of this is pending further medical exams. Oregon State went on to defeat 20th ranked Cal 31-14.

Alabama vs L.S.U.: No Guts in the Replay Booth...

"Indisputable Evidence" as opposed to "I'm pretty sure he made the interception, but...". A very close play in Saturday's Alabama vs LSU game involved the Tigers' Patrick Peterson making a great sideline play on a pass thrown by the Crimson Tide's Greg McElroy late in the fourth quarter. The play was ruled an incomplete pass by the official closest to the play, and the replays showed just how close the play was indeed. The replay official "in the booth" chose not to overturn the call on the field. As I watched the game, I didn't think the booth would over-rule the play, but it would have been great to see a close play like that changed because the official said something like "I'm 99% sure he made the pick". I wonder if that call would have been easier to overturn if the game had been played in Baton Rouge? Just wondering...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Urban Meyer: That Will Be $30,000 Please

Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive is evidently a man of his word. He last week said he was finished reprimanding SEC head coaches about their verbal outbursts regarding conference officials. From now on he vowed, suspensions and fines would be the modus operandi. Well, Florida head man Urban Meyer has been the first conference coach to feel the brunt of Slive's promise. Friday, the league office fined Meyer $30,000 for his public remarks about certain calls in the Gators lopsided win over rival Georgia. You think Lane Kiffin is breathing a sigh of relief that he wasn't the first one to have to fork out the big bucks? Talk about dodging a bullet. But there's still a lot of football left to be played. I'm just saying...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Central Florida: A Contract is a Contract is a Contract

Central Florida is in the final year of a five year contract with Adidas. All coaches and players are required to wear Adidas footwear and apparel as part of the agreement. In return, CFU is paid big bucks and supplied with products. However, CFU has chosen to let one athlete sever their relationship with the German company. Marcus Jordan, son of Michael, refused to wear any shoes other than his father's Air Jordans. I completely understand the family loyalty. I know where the kid is coming from. Nevertheless, young Mr. Jordan is a part of a team now. He isn't under Dad's roof anymore. The college you chose wears Adidas, so therefore you wear Adidas. I only blame Marcus Jordan for appearing to be a somewhat selfish kid. I blame Central Florida for allowing him on the court wearing the Jordans. There's probably other kids on that team who would rather wear Jordans. After all, that entire age group has been spoon-fed the Swish logo all their lives. But if a player commits to CFU, it's the brand of the Three Stripes he will wear. And that should go for all Central Florida basketball players, regardless of their last name. Remember the T-Shirt: big T-E-A-M, little me. Shame on the team as well as the player.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hines Ward: Dirty or Just Hard Nosed?

Hines Ward has been named the NFL's dirtiest player in a vote by his peers. I don't follow the professional game as closely as I do at the collegiate level, but I always thought Ward just played the game hard, not dirty. I always pictured him as a "throwback" player, a guy who played the game hard because that's what he thought is was all about. However, he does have a rule named after him. The Hines Ward rule prohibits high, blind-sided blocks and carries a fifteen yard penalty. The rule came about after Ward laid such a block on the Bengals' Keith Rivers, breaking his jaw. You think Hines will get a trophy or some cash for winning this "distinction"?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jim Nantz: A Very Expensive Divorce

Under the terms of their divorce agreement, Lorrie Nantz will receive almost 1/3 of ex-husband and CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz's yearly salary. Nantz, whose CBS contract pays him $3.2 million per year, has been ordered to pay Ms. Nantz $916,00 annually in alimony and child support. Jim Nantz is arguably America's premier sportscaster. He filed for divorce after citing that his wife no longer supported his career, had lavish spending habits, and that they both had different interests. One of the sportscaster's new interest is his dating of a twenty-nine year old. The fifty year old Nantz admitted to the new relationship, citing his marriage was irrevocably broken before the new affair began. Ms. Nantz had been seeking $1.5 million annually. At this point, I hope Jim doesn't give up his "day" job...

Rodney Scott: An Ole Miss Hero!

The really good news about the photo above is that Auburn's Zac Etheridge has been released from the hospital with no apparent paralysis. The other really great thing about the above photo is that Ole Miss running back Rodney Scott, who is lying under Etheridge, did not try to get up. He somehow sensed that Etheridge was seriously injured, and chose to remain on the ground beneath him. Both head coaches, Auburn's Gene Chizik and Ole Miss' Houston Nutt, praised Scott for his awareness and maturity. Especially when you consider that he is only a freshman.
Thanks in a large part to Scott's "lack of action", Etheridge is expected to make a full recovery. Now this is the kind of college football story that you like to hear about!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brandon Spikes: A Dirty Play & Classless Act

No words are needed here, but maybe Spikes should read some of Tebow's eye black:

Billy Cannon: "The Punt Return" Fifty Years Later...

A legend was born at LSU fifty Halloween's ago when Billy Cannon returned a punt return against Ole Miss to win the game and secure the Heisman Trophy. If you know anything about LSU football, you know the play is simply referred to as "the Punt Return". It lives on to this day. It was, and still is, that big. The game itself was that big. Cannon covered 89 yards spectacularly, when he probably should have netted about nine, by breaking tackle after tackle. LSU was ranked number one in the nation, Ole Miss number three. Each team had allowed only one touchdown in their previous seven games. This famous run would be the only touchdown allowed in Tiger Stadium this trick-or-treat night in 1959. The run is half a century old, and the legend Billy Cannon lives on as well. Perhaps somewhat battered and bruised by the trials of life, but still intact nevertheless.

Georgia: Black Helmets, Black Pants, Blue Day...

The black hats and pants were a "gimmick gone wild". The look was atrocious, the results even worse. Red helmets, red jerseys, silver britches, and hard-nosed football. Those used to be the staples of UGA football. Now I guess all four are gone.