Friday, October 31, 2008

North Carolina: Pre-Season #1

The North Carolina Tarheels are the unanimous preseason number 1 team in the ESPN/USA Today coaches' basketball poll. The 'Heels captured all 31 first place votes to become the first ever unanimous selection. Roy Williams' squad was also the top ranked preseason squad last year. The 2008 Top 5 is rounded out by Connecticut, Louisville, UCLA, and Duke.

Georgia in All Red?

We have yet more drama with Saturday's Georgia -Florida border war. Mark Richt confirmed in a press conference yesterday that the Bulldogs will wear red jerseys in Jacksonville (Georgia is the home team this year). In fact his words were, "We're wearing red". When pressed as to whether he meant red pants too, Richt avoided that question altogether. Now the speculation begins. My vote would be not to do anything different as for as uniforms are concerned, and just come out and smack Florida in the teeth! Red tops, silver britches, and let the good times roll!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Family's Commitment

If you missed this last Saturday on ESPN's Gameday, you really need to take the time to watch it now. If this doesn't touch your heart, give your doc a call...

Jim Rome Talks About Georgia vs Florida

Jim Rome is one of those guys who talks a lot but never says anything!

And Who Will Be Smiling At The End?

If they're smiling like this when they get together before the game in two days, I assure you
those smiles will be manufactured. It's probably a meeting both of them dread having to go to. But I would like to listen in...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Georgia's Dominance Over Florida

In the photo above, Georgia's Buck Belue begins the most famous play in Georgia vs Florida history. Speaking of history, Georgia leads this series 46-37-2. Florida likes to brag about their domination in the 1990s but consider this: From 1971 through 1989, Georgia won 15 out of the 19 annual contests played. You won't hear mention of this from any Florida fans, and many young Georgia fans are unaware of our past and overall dominance. Also, consider this bit of factual information: The University of Florida never won an SEC football title until 1991. Yes, you read correctly, 1991! And the University of Georgia kept them away from the title many times by defeating them in Jacksonville. Incidentally, Georgia had won 10 SEC gridiron titles
before 1991 (who's yo Daddy now!). So to put all these numbers in proper perspective, the Gators would have to win the next 9 battles to just pull even in the war. You and I both know that isn't about to happen. In fact, Opinion On Sports predicts that Florida will NEVER tie or lead this series overall. This post has been a Dragnet special, 'cause like Joe Friday would say, "Just the facts, Ma'am"!

Pop A Top and "Whoop" It Up!

Now that sounds like a great suggestion for "The" Cocktail Party! I'd like to see several cans of that opened up Saturday afternoon! It's getting closer and it's getting bigger. I'm sure 'Gator goes good with a few cans of Georgia Whoop-Ass!

Missing "Leonard's Losers"

What a great way this was to pick college and professional football games. Forget the winner, tell me who's going to lose! Leonard "Postosties" did this up right, and most teams used to carry his own nickname for them. I remember the Georgia Bulldogs were the "Red Clay Hounds"from the Sanford Kennel Club. If you recall others, post them in the comment section.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mike Singletary:"Can You Hear Me Now"?

Mike Singletary does not do 'subtle' well. He cannot be mistaken for what he says, because he leaves no doubt in his listeners' minds concerning where he is coming from. And now the 49ers all know where Coach Singletary is headed. With or without them. There is a good bet that no member of the San Francisco 49ers went home Sunday evening without carrying a butt chewing with them. "Sing" even sent one player to the locker room before the third quarter was over. He made the guy leave the field by himself. When was the last time you saw that happen? The 49ers might not be that good, but you will begin to see them as one of the most disciplined and hardest playing teams in the NFL. Because Mike Singletary said so.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dawgs & Gators: For All The Marbles!

Put any moniker on it you like. The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, Border War, or just Georgia vs Florida 2008 edition. It doesn't matter about the rhetoric, because this year it is simply big. No, huge. No, gigantic. You get the picture. SEC East title, SEC Championship opportunity, BCS implications, National Title chances. They are all on the line this Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida. Just as Barney Fife said to Sheriff Taylor, "Andy, this is really big"! And the hype will just continue to build all week long until it reaches a huge crescendo Saturday. It's a must win for both schools, even though only one can win. It will have a "bowl atmosphere", which is only right because it is definitely a play-off game. The winner advances to bigger and better things. The loser plays out the schedule, carrying with it that 'what if?' quandary. They promoted Georgia vs LSU as a heavyweight title fight. Then the Bulldogs vs the Gators must be billed as an old fashioned wrestling match , with 'no holds barred'. Or even a really old western such as "Gunfight at the OK Corral". Either way, it will not be for the faint of heart. It will be down and dirty. The emotional level of both participants and fans will be out of sight. Keep the women and children off the street, 'cause this one could get ugly. Stay tuned...

Tech "Tanks" It

That's right Paul Johnson. Your Jackets don't really control their own destiny in the Coastal Division of the 'mighty' ACC anymore. Virginia put the "topsy-turvy" back in your season with a 24-17 win. Just when all of Georgia Tech's spirit's were so high. And you evidently forgot to tell your Bees they're supposed to win on Homecoming. You also had all the Techies in the palm of your hand, with visions of grandeur dancing in their analytical heads. Now you've let all those illusions turn into delusions. Shame, shame. Not to worry though, 'Engineering Boys'. You still have a chance with surprising North Carolina and much improved Miami left on that gridiron schedule (but I think your "Gardner Webbs" are gone). Just win out and hope for a Virginia loss and you're in. Right? Wrong..., 'cause it's just not gonna happen!

Darryl Gamble : Player of the Game

Darryl Gamble got the scoring started for Georgia in their 52-38 win over LSU on Saturday by intercepting the ball on the first play from scrimmage and returning it 40 yards for a touchdown. Darryl Gamble ended Georgia's scoring with a 53 yard interception return late in the game to tie an NCAA touchdown interception record for linebackers. Both picks came off Tiger quarterback Jarrett Lee. He also had 13 tackles, one of which was for a loss. His 93 yards of "offense" translated into the 14 point margin of victory for the Bulldogs. The red-shirt sophomore middle linebacker was playing in place of starter Dannell Ellerbe, who did not make the trip to Baton Rouge due to a knee injury. Gamble's initial interception was a tremendous lift for the Dawgs, enabling them to get an early lead against a tough opponent in a tremendously hostile environment. Although LSU answered that score on their very next possession to tie the game, Georgia also responded immediately with a second score and never trailed in the game. Darryl Gamble set the tone, and his Bulldogs just kept playing that tune!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Not Your Granddaddy's Buick...

John Abel of New Jersey won a contest to have Tiger Woods caddie for him. If that wouldn't blow you away, I'm sure Tiger's golf cart would!

West Virginia 34 - Auburn 17

Auburn is not supposed to give up 34 points to a Big East team. Not at home, nor on the road. A perennial SEC power is not supposed to allow that to happen. Especially one that is known for its physical style of play. But it did happen Thursday night at West Virginia. The Mountaineers soundly defeated the Tigers, even though they trailed at halftime. Auburn failed to show up for the second half, and the West Virginia team that had been M.I.A. all season finally came to life. And now you have to wonder what's going on on the Plains of Auburn. They are sinking faster than the stock market, and we all are aware of how fast that is. They fire their offensive coordinator and return to the ground attack they were always known for, but only manage to put 17 on the board (and they got the benefit of two 'no calls' on their first drive to do that). And where's the "D"? All those speedy, quick linebackers and hard-hitting safeties? Hey, what's the deal , Tub? And speaking of Tommy Tuberville, he'll be dodging more bullets than the Cisco Kid(and that's a lot of bullets if you recall who 'ole Cisco was). I wonder if that Auburn greeting of "War Eagle" will be replaced by "Terrible Tiger"... Just a thought... It's fine with me it that Tiger sleeps for another three weeks!

Seve Ballesteros: He Could Use a Few Birdies Now...

Seve Ballesteros is playing the toughest course he's ever been on. It's called the course of life, and he's battling brain cancer. Today he underwent his third operation to remove more malignant tumor from the base of his brain, as well as to relieve pressure on the brain. Not your run of the mill out-patient surgery by any means. He faces a tough road ahead, but he is a tough hombre himself. I doubt that he will back down from this challenge, even though this cancer is by far the toughest competitor he will have faced. Ever. I must admit I haven't always like Seve as a professional golfer. I didn't particularly enjoy seeing him celebrate when the Europeans would take home the Ryder Cup. I didn't think he looked all that great in green either, especially when it was Augusta's green jacket. But I always respected his enormous talent and his tremendous will to win. You could tell he was one of those athletes who had that fire burning inside. The kind of desire that all the great ones have. I hope he fights this obstacle called cancer with that same desire and fire. I hope he birdies out on this devastating course. Maybe cancer will hit a few in Ray's Creek, because Ballesteros has been known to eagle that par 5 13th.
And the more I think about it, it sure would be good to see Seve show up at next year's Masters, because I'm really pulling for him now!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's the Big Deal?

What is all the fuss about? And who cares anyway? I'm referring to the accusations against Brett Favre that he called the Detroit Lions prior to their September 14th game with the Green Bay Packers and gave them inside information regarding the Packers. In case you're wondering, Green Bay won the game 48-25. If Favre gave the Lions anything, it sure as heck wasn't too valuable. The Packer Nation is said to be hot at Brett for supposedly back-stabbing them. They should be tickled to death. They should wish he would talk to all of the Packs' opposition if they're going to win by 20+ points. It sounds to me like he gave 'em false info if he gave 'em anything. Heck, the Lions are the ones who should be miffed at Brett. Yea, "we can lose by 23 without your help". Hey "Frozen Tundra Boys", you're winning without Favre. Get off his case. I promise you he has more than enough to worry about in New York without sitting around thinking of ways to hurt the Packers. His Jets are more than a handful of headaches for themselves. Rest assured, Brett and the Jets don't have time for the Pack. I don't believe Brett Favre gave the Lions diddly. That's a bunch of bogus crap. The only time he would do that is if the Jets and Pack ever met up. Then he'd tell more than one of O.J.'s colleagues trying to get a sentence reduced. And that's would be sharing an awful lot of info!

As the Season Turns...

For the Georgia Bulldogs, the 2008 football campaign "turns" at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge this Saturday afternoon. A Bulldawg win gives Georgia great momentum and confidence to finish the second half of the season strong. An LSU victory makes the Dawgs season an uphill climb the rest of the way. Don't miss this exciting episode of 'As the Season Turns' on CBS at 3:30.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just which Bulldogs?

Overrated, under-achieving, or just haven't started peaking yet. Take your pick, any or all of the above. These are the things that practically everyone is wondering about concerning the 2008 edition of Mark Richt's Bulldogs. Georgia faithful are clinging to the hope that the Dawgs will get just as hot this year as they did last year about this same time in the season. And all they did last year was go on to be one of the best teams in the country by season's end. Ah, don't fret over these things for long. A whole lot of question marks will be erased after Georgia meets LSU in Baton Rouge Saturday. Will the penalty laden, red-zone burdened, mistake prone Bulldogs continue to plague themselves this weekend in Tiger Stadium? Or will we see an efficient, disciplined, intelligent group of canines? If the answer is the former, then everyone, and I mean everyone, on our schedule scares me terribly. However, if the answer is the latter, then everyone, and I mean everyone, on our schedule should be scared terribly of us. Stick around folks, this thing is about to come to a head. For better or for worse...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Knowshon Moreno: On the Move...

Knowshon Moreno was named SEC Offensive Player of the Week for his efforts against Vanderbilt Saturday in Athens. Moreno rushed for 172 yards on 23 carries with one touchdown.
He also had one reception for 10 yards. Those 172 yards pushed Moreno past Robert Edwards and Tim Worley on Georgia's career rushing list with 2,096 yards. They were also a season high for Knowshon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bulldawgs, Bar-B-Que, Boiled Peanuts & Bourbon!

Get the picture (Thanks again Larry Munson)! A beautiful, somewhat crisp, blue skied Saturday in the deep South. Crisp meaning a high in the upper 60's that was preceded by a nighttime low in the low 40s, and blue skies referring to the kind that would make a Tarheel's heart fill with envy. And to top it all off, it's a Georgia Gameday Saturday. The Dawgs might be at home "Between the Hedges", or on the road doing gridiron battle on foreign turf. No matter, it's a great to be a child of the South on a football Saturday getting ready to tailgate at the game or at home. The smoker is out at daybreak in order to have that 'boston butt' ready by the early evening hour, knowing a slab of ribs will hit the top rack about mid afternoon so they'll both be ready together. Of course you could cater in a little of Jeff's chopped Bar-B-Que from Midville, Georgia, or choose the pork from Rick's in Dublin, and of course there is always the Dairylane's choice "Q" in Sandersville. Flavor any and all of this with a little of Roan's 'Crossroads Grilling Sauce' and your southern Saturday dining is not only complete, it;s hard to beat. Around mid morning the peanuts begin boiling, and after you've salted them to perfection, they'll be consumed all afternoon long. They wash down splendidly with your choice of Corona with lime, Jim Beam and ginger, or the old southern staple, Atlanta's own Coca Cola! Not to mention all of this is taking place with a CD of Munson's highlights booming in the background. You know, a little "Look at the sugar falling from the sky" or "Run Lindsey. Lindsey Scott. Lindsey Scott" or "My God, only a freshman". Now that will get your gameday world rocking like a hob-nail boot! A little 'front porch lemonade' or 'bourbon slush' offers great game time support. Share all of this with some Bulldawg Buddies, and just like MasterCard says, 'priceless'! Then it's "Go Dawgs" and Glory, Glory to ole' Georgia, G-E-O-R-G-I-A!

Mark Richt is "Super Boca"

Th Coach Richt Challenge is a weekly Thursday night bowling league for University of Georgia students. The league was the founded by Coach Richt as an alcohol free alternative to the traditional Thursday night out for UGA's students. 48 Bulldog lettermen mix it up with 80 'regular' college kids in an in-season bowling league. The league consists of 32 four man teams who begin competing at 10:30 every Thursday night and wrap it up in the 12:30 neighborhood. Richt's team is composed of Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, and baseballer Adam Fuller. They are the "Untouchables"! The league is sponsored by the Athletic Assoaciation and has a waiting list of 150 students. It's hard to imagine a major college head football coach who would MAKE the time during football season to devote to a student body the way Mark Richt is doing with his involvement and participation in this bowling league. He not only talks a righteous talk, but he backs it up with his actions as well. "Super Boca", the nickname stitched on his bowling shirt is o.k. with me. Mark Richt is pretty super all by himself!

Georgia -vs- LSU

There ain't nothin' like Saturday night in Baton Rouge! Thank goodness Georgia won't have to experience that this year. Saturday's contest at Tiger Stadium has been set for a 3:30 kickoff on CBS. Both teams enter this important SEC tilt nationally ranked and needing this win to stay in their conference divisions races as well as to move up in the national polls. The Bulldogs are 27-4 in road games under Coach Mark Richt. Could LSU's fate be Georgia's 28th?

Mid-Day Madness at Illinois?

No 'Mid-Night Madness' at Illinois this year. In lieu of the traditional black-out opening to the college basketball season, Illinois held the world's largest outdoor practice by setting up a portable court at Memorial Stadium. The practice was held immediately following the Illini's 27-20 gridiron loss to Minnesota.

Georgia 24 Vanderbilt 14

Georgia defeated Vanderbilt 24-14 in Athens Saturday. And that's about it. Not 'Georgia dominated Vandy'. Not 'Georgia overwhelmed Vandy'. Not 'Georgia crushed Vandy'. Not even 'Georgia Rolls through Vandy'. Georgia just defeated Vandy between the hedges. A win is a win is a win. We got the lead and held on. Not spectacularly, or fantastically, nor impressively. Just about like at this point last year, only we didn't need a late, crucial turnover to make it happen this time. And now you wonder more than ever what fate awaits us next week in Baton Rouge, not to mention later in Jacksonville. Will Georgia mature as a football team just as they did at this point a year ago? Or will the Bulldogs continue to wade in that murk and mire known as mediocrity? A few "ups" must take place in order for Georgia to achieve the lofty goals of the pre-season: UGA VII will have to grow up like his Dad, Mike Bobo will have to wake up as an OC, Willie Martinez will have to show up as a DC, the offensive line will have to man up against stronger DLs, the secondary will have to light up speedy receivers, and Mark Richt will have to coach up a team in that needs to step up. All of these "ups" happened last year. If they don't happen this year, we really don't want to consider all the "downs".

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Washaun Ealey: Mr. Touchdown

ECI tailback and University of Georgia recruit Washaun Ealey is the new Georgia state career touchdown record holder. Ealey scored three touchdowns in a 35-12 win Friday night over Johnson County. He now has 113 TDs, after finishing the night with 243 yards on 23 carries. ECI is the defending Class A state champion.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fire Danny Smith

Danny Smith is the inept, egotistical special teams coach of the Washington Redskins. Since you haven't heard much about the 'Skins special team play, that lets you know he hasn't or isn't in the running for any assistant coach of the year honors. His specialty is spewing profanity at a high volume. He seems to be one of those old, washed-up, frustrated jocks trying to relive his playing days by staying connected to the game through the profession of coaching. He perhaps knows something about the game of football simply because he's been around it for so long. But it's evident he knows absolutely nothing about relating to his players, and even less about understanding how to motivate them. His general manager even says he's an a__hole. He persuaded the Redskins to draft Durant Brooks in this past years NFL draft, and rightfully so. Brooks is said to be one of the most talented punters to come out of college into the Pros in years. That's where the kudos for Mr. Smith begin and end. He never tried to help develop Durant as an NFL player. All he did was bash him, mess with his psych, and destroy his confidence. And you would think he wanted to see this rookie succeed. Smith succeeded in turning practically an entire NFL city against Brooks. I never read so many negative articles about a special teams player before. Anywhere. One would think Durant Brooks was responsible for every Washington loss. He most definitely was not. Brooks is on injured reserve now with a torn muscle, and the Redskins will most likely release him when he comes off. I know Durant Brooks, as well as the family he comes from. That release will be Washington's loss, because Brooks will punt again in the NFL. And he will punt very well for a lot of years. And Danny Smith will get what he deserves one day, his own release. Get Smith out of coaching before he has the opportunity to try to destroy other talented athletes. Do the right thing Jim Zorn: can his rear end now!

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's All About the Color Orange...

It has to be the color. Or perhaps it's the season. You know Halloween, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns. All orange. Then there is Clemson orange, Auburn orange, and Tennessee orange. One down, two to go? Literally. Tommy Bowden is out at Clemson. Whether on his own or not, he's gone. He told his beleaguered Dad he felt it coming. I'm sure that feeling came from continually underachieving with the Tigers. He probably felt nausea coming to, but that's better than what the Clemson faithful felt: diarrhea. Tommy had his chances, so now we'll see who can pump life back into Death Valley. He left them in cardiac arrest, so someone better get pumping fast. In Auburn, they're saying Tommy Tubberfield fired the wrong guy when he dismissed OC Tony Franklin. After falling to lowly Arkansas on Saturday, folks on the Plains are wondering if Tubs should have fired himself. But he can beat Georgia and Alabama and all will be well. Hum...And now we work our way to Knoxville where Phillip Fulmer is as embattled as a fat man can get. It seems like they've been after 'ole Pumpkin Head forever. "They" just might get him this year, but it will be to the tune of a $6 million buyout (and I betcha he won't give another mil back to UT like he did before!). Even beating Vandy and Kentucky both, which the Vols do every year, might not save Phil this time. Be careful out there boys; don't let that "Orange Flu" sneak up on you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How about: "Wild Dawg" or "Rabid Dawg" or "Dawgs Gone Wild"

One NFL offensive coordinator commented that his philosophy centered around getting the football into the hands of your best play makers as often as you can, anyway that you can. I believe Houston Nutt's staff at Arkansas did a very good job of that by allowing Darren McFadden to take direct snaps from center and create opportunities on his own, as well as for running back mate Felix Jones. This wide open style of offense was known as the "Wild Hog" offense of the Razorbacks. In the NFL, the Miami Dolphins have their own "Wildcat" attack which allows direct snaps to Ronnie Brown with fellow running back Ricky Williams in the slot and quarterback Chad Pennington spread out as a wide receiver. They have been creative, as well as successful in this formation. I could envision Georgia having either Knowshon Moreno or Caleb King taking direct snaps out of the shotgun formation, then using the other for fakes or hand offs or decoys. Run an end around to A.J. Green out of this 'wild thing' and you would have the chance to use three of your fastest and most elusive players. All on the field at the same time. Now that would give defensive coordinators more to consider with the Bulldog's offensive attack. After the Tennessee game, I think they have our fade routes and quarterback keepers pretty much figured out.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Please Don't Flag That Dawg!

Georgia has had more of those yellow flags thrown at them than any other major college football program in the country this season. The Bulldogs have been flagged 53 times for 437 yards, while their opponents have been penalized 21 times for only 165 yards. Dawg' coaches have made a concerted effort in practice to curtail these mistakes, while at the same time not taking away the aggressiveness of the players. With so much on the line with every game now, Georgia cannot afford to give their opponents any more gifts. Maybe the Bulldogs will save the refs some back strain by not forcing them to keep bending over to pick up flags. According to practice reports, they could also save themselves from some of the physical strain of 'penalty punishment' by playing a little smarter. If not, the talented teams of the SEC will make them pay on their own.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Georgia -vs- Tennessee

Georgia -vs- Tennessee, 2008 version. Georgia comes into the showdown with the Vols coming out of an off-week which followed a trouncing at the hands of Alabama. Tennessee enters the clash following a lackluster win over Northern Illinois where UT introduced a new starter at quarterback. So there you have it; you've "got the picture". The take on the contest by 'Opinion on Sports' is that Tennessee will play their best game of the year against Georgia in Athens. They always play the Dawgs well, and this year will be no exception. But this year will not be like the trashing Georgia got in Knoxville last year. Mark Richt's Bulldogs will not be ambushed 'Between the Hedges' again this week. We will not trail by 31 points at halftime again. Our offensive line will perform better, and Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford will both have big days. Tennessee will put some points on the board against the Dawgs defense, but Georgia will prevail Saturday afternoon. It will not necessarily be a rout, but it won't be close either. It was said last year that Georgia 'saved' Phillip Fulmer's job by the way his Volunteers manhandled the Dawgs when he himself was constantly hammered by the Vol Nation. He is again being lambasted this season, but he cannot count on Georgia to bail him out. This year, those same Bulldogs will be the ones nailing another nail in his coffin.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brannan Southerland Returns

Georgia's senior fullback Brannan Southerland returns to the Bulldogs lineup for Saturday's annual showdown against Tennessee. With the fullback's somewhat 'humble' role in offenses these days, you might be inclined to respond 'big deal'. Well, getting the big #36 back in the Dawgs backfield is huge for several reasons. One is that he provides that good 'ole intangible of leadership. Senior leadership at that. You can't buy it, you can't borrow it. You just gotta have it. Southerland's got it and we need it. Two is that he is arguably the best blocking fullback in college football. With a guy like Knowshon Moreno lined up at tailback, how important do you think a dude like Southerland is? Also, Matthew Stafford has to be encouraged by such a competent weapon returning to his backfield. Three is that he can always get you that crucial one, two, or three yards when you absolutely have to have them. He is clutch. The fourth reason is that he has excellent hands, especially for a fullback. We have utilized him as a receiver often before, and this adds another dimension to our offense that coordinators have to prepare for. Hopefully, he is completely healed and rehabilitated from foot surgery and we will have him in the Bulldog backfield for the remainder of the season. Borrowing a phrase for the 'Herschel Era': "Let the Big Dawg Eat"!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don Larsen: "Pitcher Perfect"!

October 8, 1956, The Yankees Don Larsen pitches the first perfect game in World Series history. Yogi Berra's huge bear-hug of Larsen has to one of the most famous photos in Yankee and Yankee Stadium history. New York shut out the then Brooklyn Dodgers 2-0 that day. The Yankees were in the World Series practically every year in the 50's and 60's with guys who didn't make huge salaries but loved to play the game and played it at a high level. Today, they can't even get to the post-season with a lineup filled with talented millionaires who seem to care more about themselves as opposed to the success of the team. I will admit Derek Jeter is an exception to that selfish theory, and I believe he would have fit in just fine with the Mantles, Berras, and Fords of that era. It really doesn't fill strange that the Yanks aren't in the playoffs, it actually fills kind of good!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey Plaxico Burress: Phone Home E.T.!

Let me see if I can get this straight: Plaxico Burress signed a new renegotiated contract at the beginning of this season in the neighborhood of $7 million per year over five years. That's a $35 million deal. Now that we have that all figured out, what I can't fathom is how an employee who makes(earns?) that kind of cheese can not report to work without calling in. It shouldn't matter if you're a professional athlete, a school teacher, a clerk, a factory worker, or butcher, baker , candlestick maker. It is a courtesy, not to mention an obligation. A professional responsibility.
What this is all about is that Burress failed to show up for the Giants regular Monday meetings/workouts, and never bothered to call in. His reason was 'personal issues', stating that his family comes first. I understand that, but at least have the decency to call your position coach and let him know what's going on. His boss is paying you $35 million, and that's a very good reason to keep the lines of communication open. He was fined and suspended for one game and not allowed in the Giants facilities. Then to top it all of, Plax does an interview and says he doesn't care what his teammates think about the way he does things. That sounds like a brush-off of his teammates to me. He also stated that he didn't lose any sleep over the suspension. What the heck. No big deal. After all, his fine was only $117,500, which isn't even 'chump change' for a guy raking in $7 mill. And now we arrive at the bewildering part of the entire situation. It comes out of the Giants camp that Burress has been "disciplined" over 50 times throughout his stay in the Big Apple. The organization renegotiates the contract of a player known to have "issues" on a regular basis. We're not happy with the way you conduct yourself Plax, but what the heck, here's a raise. I would say to the World Champion New York Giants and the troublesome Plaxico Burress. Good luck, both of you deserve each other. What the heck...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Steve Spurrier and Colleagues: Crying a River

South Carolina's Steve Spurrier has been named the "Whiniest" coach in college football. In all, a total of six SEC head men made the top 10 as compiled by Fox Sports. Joining Spurrier from his conference are: Rich Brooks, Urban Meyer, Tommy Tuberville, Nick Saban, and Les Miles. I'm sure none of those names is a surprise to any SEC fan. Oh by the way, I wonder how Phil Fulmer squeaked out of this list?

Frank Sinkwich: A Bulldog "Throwback"

Frank Sinkwich, Georgia's All-American halfback, is shown here breaking through the line against Tulane. Sinkwich led the Bulldogs to a National Championship, and he also was a winner of the Heisman Trophy. Years later, Herschel Walker would duplicate the feats of #21 above by being an All-American, winning the Heisman, and leading Georgia to a National Championship. Hey Knowshon, there's room for three here!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Almost to the day, O.J.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted of first degree murder charges on October 3, 1995. Thirteen unlucky years plus one day later, the man who "got away with murder", couldn't get away with armed robbery. At 61 years of age, the ex-football star likely will spend the rest of his life in prison. I guess his next book will be titled 'How I Should Have done It', as opposed to his earlier edition of 'How I Would Have Done It'. Perhaps the late, great writer and humorist Lewis Grizzard would have headlined: 'Johnny Cochran is dead, and O.J. don't feel so good himself!'

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chicago Cubs: Really Poor Baseball

Hey Cub fans, there's no curse this time. Just really poor baseball. No excuses this time. Just really poor baseball. Your Cubbies have made errors on top of errors, and the Dodgers have made them pay. The boys from the west coast come up with the big hit, and the Cubs don't hit period. Chicago plays what might be their two worst games of the year, and they pick the playoffs to go into a 'baseball funk'. Now you have to win three straight, beginning with two in Los Angeles.. It has been done, and can be done again. But not by playing really poor baseball.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Georgia in the SEC Championship Game?

I checked out one of the more popular Georgia blogs a couple of nights ago, and the comments posted there had the Dawgs one and done for this season. They were already crying and ready to throw in the towel. And these were Bulldog fans too (perhaps of the "fair weather" variety). They were already speculating about bowls that we wouldn't be invited to. Gee whiz guys. We had a conference loss earlier than this last year, and before it was all said and done, we were the hottest team in the country at season's end. Our opponent in the Sugar Bowl could have been anyone else, and they would have received just what Hawaii got. We finished the year that strong. And that good. Now back to this year. To heck with bowl speculations, I want us to play in the SEC Championship in Atlanta. If we do that, our bowl invitations will take care of themselves. And getting there is within our grasp. We still control that destiny. I like our chances against Tennessee, and I like the way we match up against Florida. The annual contest in Jacksonville will come down to pure emotion this year. One team just has to want it bad enough to go get it, and I think it will be UGA. Reality is about to hit Vanderbilt right between the eyes, and we will be part of that rude awakening for them. Kentucky is playing over their heads, and we will also be a part of bringing them back down to earth. Maybe we will at least leave them with enough to finally defeat the Vols, but they really don't know how to do that anyway. Now LSU in Baton Rouge really concerns me (no joke, Shurlock!), as does Auburn's physical defense. And we have to win at least one of those two to get to Atlanta. Without sustaining any more season ending injuries anywhere, but especially on the offensive line, we could again be very good each week beginning October 11th. If you want off the bandwagon, jump now. But remember, don't even try to get back on when we are kicking serious butt again. Go be a Jacket. I understand the Techies can always use some help trying to sell out Grant Field.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surprise, Surprise...

Who would have thought that at this point in the season the following would be true:

1. The Vanderbilt Commodores are 4-0 and leading the SEC Eastern Division.

2. The Duke Blue Devils are 3-1 under new head coach David Cutcliffe.

3. Georgia Tech is operating their new run-oriented offense efficiently, while Auburn is struggling to run their new spread attack.

4. West Virginia is a very unimpressive 2-2 with all that talent and speed having returned on offense.

5. BYU is undefeated by not only putting points on the board offensively as one would expect, but by playing uncharacteristically good defense as well.

6. Ole Miss defeated Florida by stopping Tim Tebow on a fourth down rush attempt. In the 'Swamp" no less!

8. Oregon State defeated Southern Cal 'all night long' on a Thursday night.

9. Georgia trailed Alabama 31-0 at halftime. At home. Alabama led Georgia 31-0 at halftime. On the road.

10. Tennessee is a mediocre 1-3. Not surprising is that Phillip Fulmer is once again the 'King of the Hot Seat'.