Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chipper Jones: N.L. Batting Champ

At 36 years of age, Chipper Jones hit a solid .364 and became the oldest switch hitter to win a batting title. He also belted his 400th home run this season, continuing to build on his Hall of Fame type numbers. Jones plans on playing four more seasons, all of which he hopes will be as an Atlanta Brave.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Michael Strahan: Fill That Gap!

This is absolutely none of my business, but since the title of this thing has to do with "opinions", I might as well proceed. After tuning into 'Fox NFL Sunday' for a very few minutes yesterday, this thought occurred to me regarding Michael Strahan: Why doesn't he have that 'gorge' between his front teeth repaired? I swear that gap is growing before our very eyes. It's huge. He must have to use a rope to floss it! Most photogenic he is definitely not. It isn't like the dude can't afford it, even though it would require a truckload of porcelain I'm sure. His dentist would be glad to use the 'ole PC to generate a computer image of how much better he would look like "after", as opposed to "before". Maybe he feels like "The Gap" is his trademark and he doesn't want to 'part' (no pun intended) with it. I hate to tell him that 'ugly' is not the descriptive one should aspire to being known for, especially when one has the means to change that 'ugly' into at least 'less ugly'. I mean come on, you have to consider how much you have to work with here. Whew... At least he should do it for us now that he is supposedly a TV personality. It certainly would make tuning in and actually watching the Fox pregame show a little easier. Come on Michael, take one for the team. Fill that gap, bridge that gorge. "Dare not deny to be a GQ kind of Guy!"

Back in Time With Muhammad Ali

On this date September 29, 1976, Muhammad Ali defeated Ken Norton by a unanimous decision to retain the WBA/WBC Heavyweight titles. "Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee!"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Maybe Munson Saw This Coming

Perhaps Larry Munson saw this 'tail trashing' coming, and figured at his age he just couldn't sit through it. At least at home, he would have the remote to ease the pain. Just like in the hospital when you get to push the button for another pain killer. Let Scott Howard figure out what to say on a night when none of the 'Bulldawg Nation' knew what to say. And what you wanted to say couldn't be said over the airways. It's a good thing UGA VII is young and doesn't know what's going on yet. This lopsided loss to Alabama would have killed his Dad for sure. It's a good thing "Six" didn't have to live through it, and it's a good thing he wasn't sitting on the "Game Day" desk when Lee Corso put on that elephant head. UGA VI just would not have put up with that crap! But "Seven" is just a Pup, and that is what his (and our) team looked like Saturday night. Bullpups. Out-manned, out-coached, out-disciplined, out-prepared, out-played, and a lot more "outs". Like fall out. And just how far will we fall? Just when the chips were all falling into place. Southern Cal loses Thursday night to open the door on the national picture. Florida and Tennessee both lose Saturday to open the door on the SEC East picture. And then we lose, and we lose in a huge way. Not just derailed, but dominated. I, for one, did not think we would make it through this land-filled schedule unscathed. Our conference is just too good, too tough, week end and week out for that. But I thought our days of being handled the way 'Bama handled us were in the past. We've recruited so well over the past several years. Our talent level is so high. We are at the point to where we can compete with any team in the country anywhere. I thought. We did not compete for an entire half Saturday night, and then it was too late to compete against a solid Crimson Tide team. You can't give away an entire half of football and spot an upper echelon team in the SEC 31 points. That's not competing. There are no off weeks from September to December, but we took the night off last night. Munson played out, the Black jerseys played out, we played out, and Alabama played 'lights out'. I guess it was our funeral after all. At least we all dressed for the occasion.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Moore to Hodgson to Taylor

What a perfect time to recall one of the most famous plays in Georgia Bulldog folklore. The infamous "Flea-Flicker" against Alabama in 1965. Moore to Hodgson to Taylor. If you're a die-hard Bulldawg, you know those three names, in sequence, by heart. However, few remember that Coach Dooley elected to go for the two point conversion after the flea flicker score. Again, it was Moore to Hodgson to secure the 18-17 upset victory. Alabama was the the defending national champion.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back To Black -vs- 'Bama

For only the third time in its storied history, Georgia will don their black jerseys for Saturday night's crucial SEC battle with Alabama. The team is also encouraging the "Bulldawg Nation" to 'Black-Out' Sanford Stadium by also wearing black attire. The news of Coach Richt's decision on this prompted one Alabama assistant coach to quip, : "They're wearing black because they are going to a ______ _______ funeral." That might be the case, but whose funeral it will be remains to be seen! The first time the Bulldogs dashed through the Hedges wearing black, they defeated Auburn 45-20. They then annihilated Colt Brennan and his Hawaii team 41-10 in the Sugar Bowl. (Don't fret over that thrashing too much Hawaii, no one in America would have defeated the Dawgs that night!). If Georgia hangs another 40 on the board wearing black this weekend, I assure the above mentioned Crimson Tide assistant that it will be a "Bama Burial". Coach Richt told the Dawg Nation that we would probably see the black jerseys once or twice a season. Opinion On Sports guessed we would see them in Jacksonville for the Florida game since we are the 'home team' (Ha!) this year, and possibly Alabama or Tennessee. Well, the guess was half right, and I'm still predicting "Black in Jax"! (Remember, you heard it here first!). We sure could use 40 down there.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Larry Munson: The One and Only!

Larry Munson, the legendary voice of the Georgia Bulldogs, has decided to retire effective immediately. Munson, who will turn 86 this weekend, has been calling the Dawgs action for 43 fall seasons. He gave up calling road games last year due to failing health. His long time colleague, Scott Howard, will take over the call of home games just as he has for away games last season and thus far this year. Munson will always be remembered by Bulldogs everywhere for his famous calls such as 'Run Lindsey, Run Lindsey', 'Look at the sugar falling from the sky', 'my God, a Freshman', 'We just stepped on their nose with a hobnailed boot. We just crushed their face', and so many more. Thanks for all the great calls that stand for so many great memories. You'll always be "the voice of the Bulldogs!"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

How do You Spell 'Ryder Cup'? U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

Sleep well tonight, America. the Ryder Cup is back where it belongs. Captain Paul Azinger's team defeated the Europeans 16.5 to 11.5 to reclaim the cherished cup after last owning it in 1999. Forty eight year old and Kentucky native Kenny Perry was an integral part of the victory, one that he said "made my career". Then the young guns like J.B. Holmes, Anthony Kim, Boo Weekly, Ben Curtis, and Chad Campbell kicked in to help secure the cup by the largest margin for the Americans since 1981. It won't be hard to swallow that champagne at Valhalla!

A.J. Green: Living Up to the Hype!

Georgia's A.J. Green was one of the most highly touted receivers coming out of high school last year. The South Carolina prep star slipped out of that state right under Steve Spurrier's wishful nose. Saturday night in Tempe, Arizona he showed the entire nation why he was so sought after. After a break-out game against the Sun Devils, where he caught 8 balls for 159 yards with one trip to the end zone, he left all doubters in his wake. The kid has arrived. And then some.

Vandy is Dandy!

Hats off to the undefeated Vanderbilt Commodores. Yes, you read it correctly: undefeated. Not only that, they are the number 21 ranked football team in the land. Oh yea, ranked in the top 25 for the first time in 24 years following a 24-17 victory against Ole Miss Saturday. Vandy's venture into the top 25 gives the Southeastern Conference 6 teams in that fraternity, including three in the top five. The Commodores have not experienced a winning season since 1982, when they went 8-4 and played in the Hall of Fame Bowl. That's the good news for the Commodore faithful. The bad news is they still have games remaining against Auburn, Georgia, and Florida, and Tennessee. Those first three teams are all ranked in the top 15 nationally. Keep it going Vandy! I will be pulling for you to win three of those games, but certainly not that one"Between the Hedges".

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Knowshon: Airborne in the Desert!

Georgia's Knowshon Moreno executes a spectacular dive into the end zone for the Bulldogs first score against Arizona State. Moreno finished with 149 yards on the night as Georgia beat the dry heat as well as the Sun Devils 27-10. The third ranked Dawgs improve to 4-0 for the season.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Football at its Finest: The S.E.C!

Hold on to your seats, Southeastern Conference football fans. The heat just got turned up a notch in the kitchen! Check out the slate for this weekend's games: Alabama travels to Arkansas, LSU invades the Plains to trade punches with Auburn, Tennessee welcomes Florida to Neyland Stadium, Vandy journeys to Oxford to take on Ole Miss, while Mississippi State takes on Georgia Tech (who?) in Atlanta, and last but certainly not least the Georgia Bulldogs head west to convert the Sun Devils. How's that for a slate of high caliber games? Consider these issues: will the Crimson Tide team that demolished Clemson resurface and eat up the Hogs in Fayetteville? We know Auburn can play defense, but can they muster enough offense to tame those other Tigers from Baton Rouge? Will the Volunteers show that the UCLA loss was a fluke and play the Gators tough, or will they get nuked in Knoxville? The Commodores and the Rebels might match up well in Mississippi - which one will "cover Dixie like the dew"? We all know too well that the Yellow Jackets have it oh so tough when facing Bulldogs - can this pack of canines from Starkville jump on the Jackets? And will the Dawgs win in Tempe only to drop in the polls again? Is this bunch from Athens really overrated, or will they have a break-out night in the desert? See, I told you to hold on. It's gonna be that kind of weekend for the SEC. You better be ready for some football, because it's coming at you fast and furious. Southern style!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The 2008 Ryder Cup

The 37th Ryder Cup begins Friday at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. The U.S.A. has not won a Ryder Cup match since 1995, and we are not the favorites to win this year. This year's team is made up of more guts than glory. That is to say the team is composed of more steady, gutsy grinders as opposed to big name superstars. Phil Mickelson would fit the bill of the latter, and this would be a great time for him to step up his game in this competition and lead this team by example. This U.S. team, captained by Paul Azinger, doesn't seem to be phased by being the underdog, so they don't have the added pressure on themselves that they might have as favorites. They should battle the Europeans valiantly. Even if you're not a golf enthusiast, it's hard not to get excited about the Ryder Cup. After all, it's 'us against them'. Let's go us! U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.!

Ed Hochuli: Even the Best Blow It Sometimes!

Last Sunday during the Denver Broncos / San Diego Chargers game, veteran NFL official Ed Hochuli made a very bad call at a very crucial time in the game. Jay Cutler set up to pass, and the ball came out. Hochuli blew his whistle, killing the play, and ruled it an incomplete pass. The replay showed that the play should have been ruled a fumble, but the call could not be reversed because the whistle prohibited continuation of the play. Hochuli admitted he made the incorrect call, but the damage was done. The Broncos went on to score and won the game with a two-point conversion.

Dawgs Gone, then Dawgs Home!

There has been much speculation this week in the media and on the blogs concerning the decision of the Georgia coaching staff to wait and travel to Arizona State on Friday, as opposed to leaving on Thursday. The Bulldogs face the Sun Devils Saturday night in Tempe. The explanation given by Coach Mark Richt was to keep their travel plans the same as for any other road game, even though the distance is much greater. One would be hard pressed to argue with a head coach who has a winning road record of 26-4 in opponents home stadiums. He's done his home work, and obviously he feels this is the best plan available to his team. One positive with all of this is that when 8:30 P.M. rolls around, the stands will be rocking with the "Red and Black" as UGA fans have been buying up tickets for this game since the mid-summer months. I tend to be more concerned about the arrival on the 'back end' of this trip as opposed to departure on the 'front end'. Get the picture (thanks, Larry!): The Bulldogs depart Arizona as soon after the game as possible that night. They will not arrive back in Athens until the daylight hours of Sunday morning. The players and coaches will be travel weary, not to mention being weary from what I believe will be a tough game. Now, they must begin to make preparations to face a formidable SEC foe in the Alabama Crimson Tide. The recovery time from the Arizona State game will be minimal at best. The 'Bama game is "Between the Hedges" at night, so that has to be a good thing for Georgia. If we can weather the storm of these two weekends, we at least have an open date following the Tide and before facing an enigmatic Tennessee Volunteer team in Athens. And guess what Dawg Fans? This isn't even the toughest part of the schedule for Richt and his Pups! Don't forget about that four week road venture coming up that starts with LSU in Baton Rouge, followed by the hated Florida Gators in Jacksonville, and trips at the end to Lexington and Auburn just to keep things interesting. Whew...we will all enjoy that open date with the Dawgs October 4th!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hairy Dawg & the Red Coat Band

There are absolutely no limits to the talent and ability of the University of Georgia's "Hairy Dawg". Just like the lead into the Lone Ranger: "He was a fabulous individual"! Playing with the 'Coats, high-fiving the fans, checking on UGA VII, or cheering on his beloved Bulldogs, Hairy Dawg is a canine of extraordinary capabilities. And he does it all inside a fur suit which makes it hotter on the inside than on the outside. And people, it is hot on the outside here in the south!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Georgia 14 - South Carolina 7

Sometimes in the course of a football season you have to win 'ugly', and there was nothing pretty about Georgia's victory over South Carolina Saturday except the "W". And that it came at the expense of the beloved Steve Spurrier. But this series has always been made up of games that you probably would not reference at a coaching clinic. It's a play it, take the win, and get out of town type of deal. And it's also the kind of deal that if you're too far away from the SEC, you probably won't understand it. South Carolina didn't expose any new concerns about the Bulldogs, they just showed us that the the known concerns are still there. The offensive line must improve, the pass rush must intensify, the kickoffs and kick coverage have no where to go but up, the numerous and crucial penalties have to decrease, and receivers must hold on to every catchable ball thrown their way. Did I mention that we can have no more missed assignments on either side of the ball? Other than those 'little' things, we're a really good football team. We must improve every Saturday now. That is what a championship season is all about. If you check out the polls, there is not a top five team we would have defeated yesterday. But we didn't play them yesterday. And when we do play them, we have to play up to their level which is in the realm of our capabilities. And that entails week by week improvement. There is no talent shortage in Athens, and our depth can sustain us if we don't have anymore season ending injuries. The intangibles such as character, leadership, and the burning desire to not be defeated must surface 'bigtime'. We have to continue to work hard and improve. And win 'ugly' sometimes!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just a Few Georgia Blogs

You guys need to check out a great story over on Catfish and Cornbread. They do a great job with their blog, and I appreciate them checking in on An Opinion On Sports:

Also, over on Blogging Pantsless there's a story that will help you put things in perspective. I'm also glad Mackalicious checks out An Opinion On Sports:


The guys at Georgia Sports Blog have the most visited of all the Bulldog blogs. My thanks to PWD for his advice when An Opinion on Sports was just getting started. I'm sure he's as surprised as anyone that we're over 200 posts now:


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let The "Up His Sleeve" Games begin

Saturday, Georgia will begin what I'm labeling the "Up his sleeve" games. (You heard it hear first sports fans, an Opinion On Sports exclusive!). Let me explain the rationale behind my name for these crucial SEC tilts. For instance, this week Steve Spurrier always has something 'up his sleeve' for the Bulldogs. Everyone in the media is conjecturing about what he just might have 'up his sleeve'. Up someones sleeve immediately conjures up recollections of magicians and their slight of hand maneuvers. Well, Mr. Spurrier perhaps could have passed for a magician at Florida, but that won't fly in the land of the Gamecock. Next up, most people figure Nick Saban will have something "up his sleeve" when the Tide rolls in to Athens. You know, payback for the terrible overtime loss at the hands of the Dawgs last year in Tuscaloosa. It might turn out to be the biggest thing up St. Nick's sleeve is that inflated paycheck he gets from Bama. Then we turn our attention to the sleeve of one Mr. Phillip Fulmer. Ah yes, the giant Pumpkin and the Vols pummelled the Bulldogs in Knoxville last year. Georgia might have saved his job in 2007, but that kindness will not be bestowed 'Between the Hedges'. That could mean that up Phillip's sleeve is a pink slip and a one way ticket out of town. The Dawgs will travel to Tiger Stadium in October to face LSU. I expect Les Miles will have more coming out of his mouth than coming out of his sleeve. He will however make at least one 'daring', situational call during the coarse of that game that will hopefully backfire on him. When all is said and done, that crowd of Cajuns in those seats is the best card 'up his sleeve'. Georgia will trade Baton Rouge for Jacksonville the following weekend. And yes, I fully expect that Urban "Crier" Myer will pull out all the stops, as they say. He will never get over UGA's celebration victory last year, so anything is fair game for him this year. The fact that Mark Richt 'one uped' him in 2007 is a fact that his enormous ego just cannot handle nor accept. You can forget the cliches, the Gators definitely will have a few things 'up their sleeves'. Tommy Tuberville, Auburn's riverboat gambler, plays every game with 'something up his sleeve', so it's just the norm for him. With this game being the fourth consecutive road trip for the Bulldogs in as many weeks, the best trick "Tub" could pull would be to just line up and try to be more physical than Georgia. Now that the groundwork has been laid, we begin to see what's 'up his sleeve' tomorrow at 3:30. It should be a "magical" SEC season. And oh yea, don't forget, Mark Richt has sleeves also!

Former Dawgs in the NFL

The University of Georgia has the third most active players in the National Football League with 36 "Pro Dawgs". Only Miami with 44 and Florida State with 37 rank ahead of the Bulldogs. There are however, nine former Dawg defensive ends in the league, the most from any school. Georgia is also tied for the most tight ends with four, as well as for the most kickers with two. In the past, Georgia has been known for supplying the pros with quality running backs and linebackers. With the talent that is stockpiled in Athens, and with the agressive recruiting of Georgia's staff, you will continue to see many former Georgia players in the NFL. However, it is always the hope of the Bulldawg Nation that they complete their college eligibility first. Are you listening, numbers 7 and 24?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Arnie!

Arnold Palmer, born September 10, 1929, celebrates his 79th birthday today. Happy Birthday Mr. Palmer, and thanks for all the super memories. We appreciate the class and integrity that has marked your career, as well as your life. Stay healthy and keep chalking 'em up!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Dashing" Demarcus Dobbs

Georgia defensive end Demarcus Dobbs returned a tipped ball interception 78 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter of the Bulldogs 56-17 victory over Central Michigan. Dobbs labeled his touchdown jaunt as "fun and exhilarating". As Dobbs and the Dawgs turn their attention to SEC play, he and his fellow defensive line mates will need to take their game up to another level by putting more pressure on the opponents quarterback. Georgia faces Steve Spurrier and his South Carolina Gamecocks in Columbia Saturday afternoon.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Roger Federer: A "Frederesque" Domination

Roger Federer defeated Andy Murray in straight sets today to capture his fifth consecutive U.S. Open championship in New York. The victory was also his 13th major title, moving him to within one of Pete Sampras' career record of 14. He is the only man to win five consecutive titles in two grand slam events, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. In the final, Federer was accurate, enthusiastic, devastating, annihilating, and simply fantastic. One doesn't have to be a tennis aficionado to appreciate the superb talent of a superior craftsman such as Roger Federer. He is to tennis what Woods is to golf, what Jordan was to basketball, what Koufax was to the artistry of pitching a baseball, and what Sayers was to the grace of running with a football: a master of all he surveys. If he isn't in a class by himself, I assure you it doesn't take long to call the roll! These athletes who combine unbelievable talent with a savvy mental approach, and an irreproachable will to not be defeated do not appear before us that often. They have an uncanny ability to do what is required to succeed, when it is required to succeed, and by any method necessary in order to succeed. Many times the means to the end by these guys is beyond our comprehension. Watch them, marvel at them, but most of all appreciate them. You never know when you will see their likeness again. Thank you, Mr. Federer. Game. Set. Match!

Seven and Seven!

Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford catches a pose with UGA VII following the Bulldogs impressive 56-17 victory over Central Michigan in Athens Saturday. How 'bout that for rollin' sevens!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tom Brady: Torn ACL - Out For The Season

Tom Brady suffered a season ending knee injury in the first quarter of Sunday's season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs. Brady had his knee buckle on him after being hit by Chief's safety, Bernard Pollard. Unofficial sources have confirmed the diagnosis in a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Brady currently has the third longest starting streak in NFL history with 128. New England will now turn to backup Matt Cassel, as they did for the remainder of the game Sunday. Brady had a foot injury the latter part of the 2007 season, and missed all four exhibition games with that same injury this preseason. Patriot's coach Bill Belichick is as resourceful as they come, but the reality of the grim situation is this: There is only one Tom Brady.

Jeff Gordon: In the Chase...Just Barely

After having not been been to Victory Lane all season long, the Dupont #24 Chevrolet of driver Jeff Gordon slipped into Nascar's chase for the Sprint Cup championship as the tenth qualifier out of twelve places. Gordon hasn't fared well in the Chase format, and the 'Car of Tomorrow hasn't been a success story for him either. But the important thing is to make it into the chase because it is kind of like a second season in itself. He definitely will not be favored to capture the championship, but the other eleven drivers will nevertheless have to contend with the most talented driver on the circuit in Gordon. The next ten Nascar races make up the Chase for the Championship!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Knowshon Moreno: Up, Over, Around & Through!

Georgia's sensational sophomore tailback Knowshon Moreno hurdles Central Michigan's Vince Agnew in the second half of Saturday's gridiron clash in Athens. The Bulldogs defeated the Chippewas 56-17 before 92,746 fans and one 56.5 pound English Bulldog mascot at Sanford Stadium. Moreno ended the day with 168 yards on 18 carries and scored three touchdowns. He also caught three passes for thirty yards.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The "Old Ball Coach"...Getting Older by the Outing

I've always heard this expression: South Carolina, where old coaches go to die. Well, Steve Spurrier is dying a slow death there himself. After losing to Vanderbilt University Thursday night 24-17, his record at Carolina is 22-16, and he is 11-13 in the conference. 2005 was his first year as the Gamecocks head man. (And please note: if you're playing regularly on Thursday nights, your program just might not be at the point you would like it to be - this is the second consecutive Thursday P.M. for South Carolina. We have a school in Atlanta full of Bumble Bees who like to toss it around on Thursdays also). Since this is Spurrier's fourth year, he's playing with a lot of his recruits. Not recruits like he enjoyed at Florida, but his signees nevertheless. He had to realize he would not have that rich talent pool to select from in South Carolina. If he didn't know it before, he sure as heck knows it now! As for the conference this year, the Gamecocks will have their best chances of victory at Ole Miss and Arkansas in Columbia. That means Spurrier could be on the short end of SEC game scores at least five more times this season. He will need to defeat cross-state rival Clemson at the end to avoid being completely chewed up in the state. He will have no problem out coaching Tommy Bowden, but he can't match up talent wise with the Tigers at this point. But who in the world will care about that game outside of that state at that point? Spurrier's only pal after it's all said and done might be the that lisp speaking fool on ESPN, old "Loose Bolts", Lou Holtz himself. If you recall he died at the University of South Carolina a few years ago. Just like Steve Spurrier is doing now.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Mark Richt has a recently launched web site, MarkRicht.com. Bluechip Athletic Solutions maintains the site at a monthly expense rate, which is paid by the Georgia Athletic Association. Coach Richt, who plans to make a weekly blog on the site, has no intentions of charging a fee for access to his site.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back in Time with Roger and "The Mick"

You know I can't resist an opportunity to showcase Mickey Mantle! On September 3, 1961, Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle became the first pair of teammates to each hit 50 home runs in a single season. Mickey finished the year with 54, but had to watch from a hospital bed as Roger hit his historic record setting 61st.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Erin Andrews: Third Time's the Charm!

Erin Andrews makes her third appearance on An Opinion On Sports. We couldn't let the second week of the college football season get started without checking in on ESPN's popular sideline reporter. Have a great season, Erin!

UCLA -vs- Tennessee: Overtime Thriller

What a great game to top off the first week of NCAA college football! Even though I struggled to get out of bed this morning after watching the game, I have to say it was worth it. Especially when I didn't have "a horse in that race" and I could just enjoy the game. However, I was hoping for an SEC victory even though I, of course being a Dawg, have no love loss for the Volunteers. I don't think the best team won Monday night, but I do believe the team that coached and played the smartest did indeed come away with the victory. Tennessee did not take advantage of what they were given in the way of turnovers and field position in the first half. UCLA took advantage of still being allowed to be in the game at halftime, and ultimately pulled the game out in the first period of overtime. UCLA quarterback Kevin Craft pulled a Jekyll & Hyde routine for the Bruins by playing as poorly as a Division I quarterback could play in the first half, and then by playing about as well as a Division I quarterback could in the second half. What a great initial victory for new head coach Rick Neuheisel as he returns to the scene of his collegiate playing days, and what a downer for embattled Tennessee head man Phillip Fulmer. Not to mention the fact that the Vols schedule want get much easier as the SEC East opponents begin popping up.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Who's Hot: SEC - Who's Not: ACC

At some point during Saturday nights Alabama - Clemson game at the Georgia Dome, Brent Musburger said something to the effect that Alabama was giving the best of the ACC more than they could handle. With that in mind considering Alabama's showing in the game, the SEC just got stronger and the ACC got weaker (if that's possible). Alabama is better than expected. Clemson might be better than they showed Saturday, but they still were grossly overrated (#9). And they are promoted as the best team in the Atlantic Coast Conference. All I can say is they better rub that Frank Howard Rock as hard as they can because they will need all the MOJO they can muster this year. It's ironic that the game was played in Georgia, because the two local teams now have two entirely different points of view afterwards. Georgia Tech must have a new ray of hope for their chances in that dismal conference. On the other hand, The Bulldogs of Georgia just saw their ridiculously difficult schedule get even tougher by the quality of Alabama's play along with their own loss of defensive tackle Jeff Owens. Two other varying takes from the game involve the two head coaches. I guess Tide fans think Nick Saban is already underpaid, and the Clemson faithful wonder why they have to pay Tommy Bowden at all. Saban's team was well prepared and certainly ready to play. Bowden's team was neither of the above. His teams have always under-achieved, and they always will. What you see with Tommy Bowden is what you get. Not much. At least he's easier to like than his munchkin brother, Terry.

Chad Johnson is Now Who?

I fully agree with the UNCF, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. In the case of Chad Johnson, the only question is how much is actually there to waste? And excuse me, the legal name now is Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. And I did say legal because he had his "real" named legally changed last week. He states he did it because "I'm having fun". I would have voted for the moniker his coach, Marvin Lewis, suggested: Ocho Psycho. However he, along with the rest of us, does have that inalienable right to trek down to the local courthouse and make a 'name change'. And he isn't the first high profile athlete to do so; do you recall Cassius Marcellus Clay and Lew Alcindor? But to be brutally honest, I scarcely think he is quite the caliber super star that Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were. So anyway, Chad changed his name to his jersey number. In Spanish. Habla Espanol? Donde esta' el bano? I think I'm going to be sick! I suppose now he can wear Ocho Cinco on his jersey without being fined by the NFL. Whatever...
Number 85 for the Cincinnati Bengals has the God given ability which enables him to possess the attributes necessary to snatch a thrown hunk of oblong leather out of the air and run very fast with it. Nothing more, nothing less. No brain surgery, no atom splitting, no saving of mankind from any doomed destiny. In other words, you can change your name to your license plate number is Swahili and no one will care. You're just not as special as you think you are. After all, Ocho Cinco is eighty four away from Numero UNO!

Dawgs Lose Jeff Owens For The Season

Georgia's victory Saturday over Georgia Southern didn't come without a tremendous cost. Just as most Dawg fans expected but dreaded, Coach Richt announced yesterday Jeff Owens will be out for the season with an ACL knee injury. The senior defensive tackle is eligible for a medical redshirt, so hopefully he will return next year for his fifth season. Owens was considered to be Georgia's best pass rusher. His loss is the third devastating season ending injury for the Bulldogs, after having lost offensive tackle Trinton Sturdivant and linebacker Marcus Washington. Even with the great recruiting classes Richt and his staff have been bringing into Athens, the Dawgs can ill afford to lose another starter for the entire season.