Saturday, January 31, 2009

'Team Clydesdale' is the New Champion!

"Hank" has defeated Coke's "Mean Joe" Greene as the new favorite Super Bowl commercial:

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You're a classic Big Guy, but after seeing some sneak previews of this year's commercials, I doubt that you'll enjoy a seven year domination like Mean Joe!

Could Bob Knight Really Become a Dawg?

Legendary columnist for the Atlanta Constitution, Furman Bisher, reports that ESPN's Bob Knight is interested in the recently vacated University of Georgia men's basketball coaching position. In fact, so interested that Bisher relates a source as saying if Knight were to be offered the job, he would accept it. Now wouldn't that shake up the world of men's college hoops?! I've never been a big fan of Coach Knight and his methods of dealing with his players, but he just might be the hard nosed disciplinarian Georgia basketball needs. After all, he would bring credibility to a program that isn't even on the credibility radar. Not even a bleep on the screen. And speaking of bleeps, he would bring out plenty of those in the press room. What the heck, go get Bobby, Damon Evans. I just can't imagine Bobby Knight and Mark Richt coaching at the same university. But on second thought, they each could probably use a good dose of each other!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Charlie Trippi: A Superb Athlete

The last time the Cardinals professional football franchise won a championship was 1947, and they were the Chicago Cardinals. The star offensive player for those Cardinals was Charlie Trippi, who had 206 yards of total offense and two touchdowns, as Chicago defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 28-21 for the title. Trippi was inducted into the pro football Hall of Fame in 1968. And where did Mr. Trippi play his college ball, you might ask? None other than the University of Georgia, where he was a two-time All-American. He was also the Most Valuable Player in the 1943 Rose Bowl, where his Bulldogs defeated UCLA 9-0. Perhaps the Arizona Cardinals can make Charlie Trippi proud by bringing another championship to this once proud franchise by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl Sunday. But they'll have to do it from the role of underdogs, as the Steelers are a seven point favorite.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is It Real or Is it....?

Check out this video for some unreal football takes. I thought the kicker, Mason Crosby, ringing three o'clock was a trip, as well as Laurence Maroney jumping straight through the car! Enjoy...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pat White: NFL Quarterback?

Many NFL talent scouts believe West Virginia's Pat White will be a receiver at the next level and not a quarterback where he excelled for the Mountaineers. White is out to prove those experts wrong. Last weekend he led the South to a 35-18 victory in the Senior Bowl, and more of his leading came with his arm as opposed to with his feet. He passed for 95 yards while leading his team to two scoring drives, all the while exhibiting a surprisingly strong throwing arm. He was named the game's MVP. I could see White performing as an NFL quarterback as far as talent is concerned, but I just don't see his body taking that punishment week in and week out at that level. I'm guessing that he would have a longer, more productive professional career not touching the ball every play as opposed to handling it every snap behind center. Nevertheless, speed kills. And with the speed and quickness that Pat White possesses, he'll be a killer at the next level. Regardless of the position he plays.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joe Torre: "The Yankee Years"

Watch for Joe Torre's new book, "The Yankee Years", to be released February 3rd. According to sources, Torre was not quite as happy with the Yankee organization as some might have perceived when he left. In fact, the new book is expected to have a little of the "tell-all" flair to it. Even at that, sources maintain that Torre sticks with facts and does not attack the Yankees unfairly. From all that I've read about Joe Torre, I would expect no less from him. He is scheduled to appear on the Late Show With David Letterman on February 3rd, attend a book signing in New Jersey, and head to Arizona for spring training. All of this should make for interesting reading, as well as for throwing a little intrigue into spring training.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dan Reeves: You Remember Him...

Dan Reeves, who has been out of coaching since 2003, has interviewed for the San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator position. Reeves, who is 65, met with 49er head coach Mike Singletary and GM Scot McCloughan about the vacated OC post. He is one of four candidates for the position up to this point. As a 23 year head coach in the NFL, Reeves made four trips to the Super Bowl, coming away winless all four times. The offensive coordinator job in San Francisco has also been a winless venture, as they have had seven coordinators in seven years. I realize the economy is tough these days, but Reeves would be getting a bigger headache than paycheck with this job. Be careful what you wish for Dan...

Kay Yow: 1942-2009

We all know that cancer is in so many cases an overpowering adversary. And we also know that very often individuals turn the tables and become cancer's adversary. These particular individuals just won't let cancer have its way with them without a long, hard, inspirational fight to the bitter end. I'm sure the image of someone you remember like this comes to mind. Even though I don't really know that much about N.C State lady hoops, from everything I've read about their super-successful coach, Kay Yow, I doubt that cancer has run up with a more fierce competitor than Yow. She had fought the disease since 1987, all the while managing to win more than 700 basketball games, teaching young women great life values, and inspiring countless cancer patients to battle their opponent with determination, desire, character, dignity and class.
Cancer did not defeat Kay Yow on January 24th, the game clock just ran out. Maybe even just a shot-clock violation. She's planted too many seeds, done too much good, and left too many memories for this to be interpreted as a defeat. Her cancer is finally gone, but Kay Yow continues to live on. Thank you Kay, and Godspeed!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Michael Irvin: A New Twist On Reality T.V.

This spring Michael Irvin will host a new realty show on Spike TV. The show, which has yet to be given a name, will feature twelve NFL "Wannabees" competing for a single roster spot on the Dallas Cowboys 80 man training camp roster. The twelve aspirants will consist of six receivers and six defensive backs. The concept for the show is all Irvin's, and he says all he's trying to do is help someone fulfill a dream and find the Cowboys another football player. If he finds them one who turns out to be as good as he was, he will have done a heck of a job.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chris Burnette: From Helmet & Shoulder Pads to Cap & Gown!

Georgia's Mark Richt has never recruited a valedictorian. Perhaps that is about to change. Troup County(Ga) offensive lineman Chris Burnette is in a competition not on the football field, but in the classroom to be the valedictorian of his senior class. The stiff competition involves Burnett and two of his classmates. As a little added incentive for Burnette, Richt has promised to be at his graduation if he finishes at the top of his class. The 6'3" 286 pound lineman committed to UGA early and had planned to enroll for classes beginning in January, but altered his plans and remained at Troup in order to vie for the honor of being the top graduate in his high school class. It sounds as if Mr. Burnett will bring more than his physical prowess to Athens. This young man will bring the more important qualities of leadership, responsibility, work ethic and character. I'd say one day he will be a "Top Dawg" in every aspect.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don Sutton: Back in the A-T-L?

The Atlanta Braves are negotiating to bring announcer Don Sutton back to Atlanta. Sutton, who is presently under contract with the Washington Nationals, spent 18 years with the Braves as a television announcer through 2006. This time he would be a part of the Braves radio broadcasts.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Willie Martinez: Is There a Hurricane Brewing?

Will Miami turn its eyes north in search of an alumni to fill its just vacated defensive coordinator opening? Speculation has it that the Hurricanes just might try to lure Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez to fill the same position for them. Miami's previous coordinator, Bill Young, left today for the same title at Oklahoma State. Martinez, who played on the 'Canes 1983 National Championship team, has come under heated criticism from the Bulldog faithful for his defense's "soft" play during the 2008 season. This story will either develop or dissipate quickly over the next few days as National Signing Day moves ever closer. Stay tuned...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey Dennis, Tubby Is Long Gone!

I remember when Georgia signed Dennis Felton as its head men's basketball coach in 2003, one of the things I heard about him was that UGA had someone to compete with Kentucky's Tubby Smith. Felton had evidently held his own in his prior match-ups with Tubby, and he did compete somewhat with Smith in the conference. The thing I didn't hear was that Smith was the only one he would compete well against! And Tubby isn't around anymore! Man oh man, this gig just isn't working out. At all. I realize UGA is not exactly a 'basketball school', but after Felton's five complete seasons in the classic city, the Dawgs should at least be competitive night in and night out. Georgia is not only NOT competitive, they are pathetic for a major college program (maybe even for some high school programs). In fairness to Felton, he did inherit a program in shambles. He's taken it out of the 'shambles' and put it right into the 'brambles'. I think it's just about time to give someone else a chance with this potential basketball juggernaut. After all, Tubby isn't coming back any time soon.

Hines Ward: Super Bowl Bound...Again.

This "Dawg" is back in the "Big Bowl"! Yes, Hines Ward will appear in another Super Bowl for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2006, Ward was named MVP of Super Bowl XL. The former Georgia Bulldog sprained his knee in last night's AFC Championship game but promises to be back in two weeks to play for all the marbles. Nevertheless, this week's MRI will tell the real story on Ward's knee. I certainly would not bet against him playing. An Opinion On Sports hopes that he does indeed play, and plays well, but that the Arizona Cardinals come out of the Super Bowl as World Champions. Sorry, Hines...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Leo Mazzone: Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda...

Leo Mazzone tells the AJC's Terence Moore that he "messed up" by leaving the Braves after the 2005 season. It makes you wonder why we always think the grass is greener on the other side. I mean, Leo had it flat-out made in Atlanta. He answered to no one but Bobby Cox, and Cox was smart enough to leave him alone to do his thing. Why mess with a good thing? You know, it was 'the car's running fine, leave the hood down' kinda thing. He had a system that worked. His Braves' pitchers produced big-time under his tutelage; and they struggled when they were no longer in Atlanta working with him. He could have been with the Braves organization forever, but he chose to leave. You know, that 'green grass' syndrome we talked about kicked in. Now he's out of baseball altogether, except for some analyzing in the booth or from the studio. But without any of that 'green grass' under his feet.

Braves to "Discuss" Andruw

Andruw Jones has been released by The Los Angeles Dodgers. Imagine that. When your employer still has to pay you, but doesn't want you around, that isn't sending out very good vibes. So Andruw shows up at a college basketball game in Atlanta (I refuse to post the name of that dreaded institution in this article) wearing of all things, an Atlanta Braves cap. My, My, you don't say. You think A.J. knows something we don't? Perhaps he was just throwing that 'ole baited hook in the water. Whatever the case may be, the Braves say they will have internal meetings concerning the pros and cons of bringing the other half of the "Jones Boys" back to Turner Field. An Opinion On Sports says leave him alone Atlanta. He has been on a two year slide into offensive oblivion, so let some other club rehabilitate him. The Braves already have a major reclamation project of their own in the highly overrated Jeff Francoeur. Anyway, Andruw Jones was a superstar who got lazy and complacent. He discontinued doing the things that got him to that level in the first place. Plain and simply, he quit working. He let the game pass him by, at least offensively anyway. He put on weight, started getting injured, and his performance suffered tremendously. His career was and is out of control. Andruw is a good guy, so I hope his career can be revived. Just not with the Atlanta Braves doing the resuscitation. One "Jones Boy" is enough anyway.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mickey Mantle: Big Bucks in 1961!

On January 16, 1961, Yankee slugger Mickey Mantle became the highest paid player in baseball when he signed a $75,000 contract. Alex Rodriquez of the Yankees makes $26.2 million per year as the highest paid player now. The Mick's salary wouldn't even come close to paying the taxes on A-Rod's income. There's no comparison there, but I promise you, Mantle could match him talent-wise, as well as navigating the Big Apple's party venues!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Don't Really Have to Leave Early After All...

Wrong again. I had arrived at the conclusion that when you are eligible for the NFL Draft and your stock is relatively high, you have to go. You have to take the money and run. There is too much at stake to remain in college for another year. But wait. Oklahoma's Sam Bradford (above) isn't leaving early, and neither is Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Florida's Mr. Universe, Tim Tebow, is coming back, as well as Gator linebacker Brandon Spikes. I realize you can debate the pros and cons for each individual athlete leaving the college ranks early from dusk until dawn and get tremendous differences of opinions. He should have, he should not have, he made the wrong choice, he's crazy, he had nothing to gain by staying another year, he should finish what he started, etc, etc. I personally hate to see any of the "college boys" bolt early. I believe you only get one shot at not just college football, but college life itself. I think you should 'milk' that experience for all it's worth. As a matter of fact, I think the most fortunate players are the ones who are red-shirted and get to be fifth year seniors. They are the sponges, soaking all of it up! David Pollack loved college too much to leave early. It was the same for Matt Leinart and Tebow. Get a Lloyd's of London policy and play on for your 'ole university. Enjoy the pageantry, color, and excitement of college football for as long as you can. There will never be anything else like it. And guess what Matthew and Knowshon, they'll still continue playing "between the hedges" long after you've departed. Early exit or not.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Making Up For Smoltz?

Today the Atlanta Braves signed free agent pitcher Derek Lowe to a four year, $60 million deal. Also today they introduced 33 year old Japanese pitcher Kenshin Kawakami, who they earlier signed to a three year, $23 million contract. But they refused to pay John Smoltz $5 million for one year? Go figure. I like these two additions, but I still insist Smoltz should be a Brave.

Tony Dungy Retires

It is true that Tony Dungy is the first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl title. And since we are so much into counting in this country these days, I suppose he is the first black head coach to voluntarily retire from the profession. But I assure you the color af Dungy's skin has nothing to do with the character of the man. Tony Dungy is class. Tony Dungy is about character and integrity and honesty and respect. Tony Dungy is a Christian man who lives his faith and religion. His actions literally speak louder than his words. What you see is what you get with Dungy; and you see a lot. The NFL will miss Tony Dungy. One very important reason is because he is proof that we need to be counting character instead of race. You see, it says much more about "who" Tony Dungy is, as opposed to "what" he is. The world needs more people like Tony Dungy. And we need them in a hurry.

A Virtual Colonoscopy Tour

I thought I might take the liberty to slip away from a sports opinion for a change and talk about a reason that kept me from posting an article yesterday. I underwent that procedure that all of us, especially men, hate to go through. Ah yes, the ever popular colonoscopy! Webster says that a colonoscopy is an internal look at the colon, and there ain't but one way in that joker baby. You got it, through the backdoor! And the Doc isn't gonna knock before entering! If you've experienced the procedure, this will be oh so familiar to you; if you haven't...just wait. Your time is a-coming! Twenty four hours before your "scope", you go on a clear liquid diet, which I did Sunday. It's really great watching the NFL playoffs while drinking water, Mountain Dew, and/or Ginger Ale. But the thing is, at this point they are "fluids". Once they're called "fluids", the taste even changes. You aren't drinking them because you want to, it's because you have to. Fluids just aren't the same as drinks. Is that like "a name, by any other name, just isn't the same"? Then that evening, you begin drinking the "prep". The drink straight from hell, I kid you not. You can pick any flavor they make, and it's still more than horrible. You know, if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, then by gosh it must be a duck (you get the point, some things you just can't disguise!) This "prep" leads you to over a million trips to the bathroom of your choice, preferably the one closest to you. When you finally arrive for your procedure, it's like so what?, 'cause you've already given up all hope after about your 700,o00 trip of the ones mentioned above. Anyway, they put you to sleep so it's la-la land at this point. The last but certainly no less agonizing part is the stomach cramps from all the air they pumped into your already tired, worn-out colon, stomach, bowels, etc. (just pick one) during the actual procedure. This all adds up to one heck of a couple of days. So stay tuned, because coming to a "Same Day Surgery' unit near you, is the one and only "Colonoscopy"! And you'll be the star!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Joe Cox: Not Rebuilding, Just Reloading!

Relax Bulldawg Nation. We're in good hands with one Mr. Joe Cox. Learn who Joe Cox is over at Bubba and Earl's. I'll go ahead and tell you one thing: He is a kid who has waited for his turn by working hard to get better and never complaining about his situation. He is very talented, but he is all about character and leadership as well. Joe Cox is a class act!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Half-Cocked Gamecocks!

Way to go Steve. Your South Carolina Gamecocks allowed the Big Ten their only bowl victory. Iowa's 31-10 victory over your 'Cocks in the Outback Bowl enabled their conference to avoid being shutout this bowl season. As for as the Southeastern Conference is concerned, Vandy has won a bowl game since South Carolina last won one. Kinda puts things in proper perspective, doesn't it?

Tim Tebow: A Little Too Hard to Swallow!

Once the sports media falls in love with a particular athlete, they don't believe he can be 'over-hyped'. It's almost as if too much is really not enough. I like to say they keep "forcing a guy down my throat", and I can't stand that. The worst part about that is they give all their coverage and attention to one guy, diluting the attention given to others athletes. They do it with Tiger Woods. I know he's the greatest golfer in the world because he shows me he is. I don't need the media types to continually harp on him unceasingly. On TV, they'll concentrate on Woods even when he's having a rare, but nevertheless bad outing, all the while ignoring the golfers who are playing well. And they do it with Tim Tebow. Oh how they do it with Tim Tebow. I realize he will go down as one of the greatest college football players ever, certainly one of the all-time great competitors. I understand what a great young man he is off the field as well. But give me a break. As a die-hard Bulldog, I can't be too enamored with the guy anyway, but the media actually turns me off by "forcing him down my throat". I stopped watching ESPN's coverage of last night's BCS Championship this morning because they made it all about Tebow. Over and over and over. Wasn't Florida's defense worthy off a little more of Mr. Tebow's air time?When is enough, enough? Probably not anytime soon, and that is the main reason I hope he turns pro early. I know he won't, but a break from him in the SEC would be terrific. On and off the field.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

John Smoltz: Not A Brave?

John Smoltz is no longer a member of the Atlanta Braves. John Smoltz will be pitching for the Boston Red Sox in 2009. Those two sentences just don't sound right. Smoltzy has always been a Brave. Always. I know his age, his ability to make his scheduled starts, and his injuries of just last year, have to be concerns for the Atlanta organization. But the Braves front office has struck out, no pun intended of course, on practically every big move they've tried to pull off this off-season. And this includes going after two or three 'big name' starters. It seems to me that failing to sign the starter(s) that you desperately needed would make re-signing Smoltz even more important to the Braves organization. His presence in the clubhouse alone is worth the difference in the Boston offer versus the Atlanta offer (which is reportedly around $2.5 million). Like Chipper Jones stated, he's John Smoltz, he's earned that type of respect. You're rebuilding Atlanta. You've missed the playoffs for the past three years and you haven't been very competitive against the top two teams in the division, namely Philly and the Mets. You need those seasoned veterans like Chipper and Smoltz around. John Smoltz can still compete. Boston would never have signed him if he couldn't. You should never have let him go. Shame on you Atlanta.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Departures & UGA's Offensive Line Woes

With today's announcement that both quarterback Matthew Stafford and tailback Knowshon Moreno will enter this year's NFL Draft, the good news coming from this is that it frees up two more scholarships in a year where UGA's openings are limited to begin with. Here's hoping they both go to high school offensive linemen, and this is the reason: For practically all of Coach Mark Richt's eight year stint at Georgia, the lack of experience and depth on the offensive line has been an ongoing problem. And a problem of gigantic proportions, which has absolutely nothing to do with the physical size of the guys we are referring to. Academic issues, discipline infractions, recruiting omissions and career ending injuries have all contributed to a decimation of personnel at guard, tackle and center. As of today, the Dawgs have a total of twelve scholarship offensive linemen. Of those twelve, seven will exit the program after 2010. Georgia has only two verbal commitments for 2009. All of these numbers mean that we will be o.k. for the next two seasons, but after that we will again be unbelievably thin, young and inexperienced for at least a three year run. Deja Vu all over again.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ted Turner: This Date in Time

On January 6, 1976, Ted Turner purchased the Atlanta Braves for a reported $12 million. The franchise was valued at $450 million in 2007. Incidentally, Turner was just recognized as the King of U.S. Landowners with 2 million acres. Can you imagine the taxes on 2 million acres?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Who's Your Number One?

After all, your guess,or opinion, is just as good as anyone else. And I do mean anyone. Now we have four teams who have a legitimate claim to the title, and only one has an unblemished record, and only one will be crowned as the National Champion. The winner of Thursday night's BCS Championship game between Florida and Oklahoma will be the 2008 NCAA Champion of college football. That's because the format adopted by the Bowl Championship Series, and adopted by the colleges and universities, is the determining factor. Right or wrong, in sickness as in health, 'til death do us... no, that's an entirely different format altogether and a lot more complicated than football... Anyway, back to football. The Florida/Oklahoma winner is one of the four with a legitimate claim to the title. The winner will finish with one loss, while the loser will have two. Southern Cal has already completed its season standing at 12-1, and Texas will have only one loss after they defeat Ohio State tonight. Both of these teams have a genuine argument for number one. Then there is Utah, who thrashed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and stands as the only Division I undefeated team at 12-0. That demolition of the Tide took Alabama out of this equation, and made many college football fans take the Utes for real. I for one think they are very 'for real'. Wouldn't it be great to see a four-team playoff involving four 'real' finalists"? We could have already played the first two games, and Thursday night would be the ultimate championship game. Everyone would have had their fair chance on the field. Computers and polls be damned. No excuses, we're talking complete legitimacy here. It could work, it would work. If only the "powers that be" would allow it to work.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Robbie Maddison: Jump On, Jump Off!

Robbie Maddison picked one heck of a way to "jump star" the New Year. Just slightly after the introduction of 2009, Maddison jumped on top of a ten story building in Las Vegas, and then free-falled his motorcycle back off the Arc de Triomphe safely. It was, in reality, the successful completion of two death-defying feats in one night. I don't usually get into the stunt thing, but I have to admit Maddison's act was pretty impressive. There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong that would have led to a very unhappy new year for Robbie, but he pulled it off in spectacular fashion. Too slow on the ascension, and he crashes into the side of the building. Too fast on the ascension, and he flies off the other side of the building. Too fast on the dissension, and he crashes at the bottom. There were no magical illusions involved, although there may have been some stupidity involved in order to even attempt such a pair of jumps. And to top it all off (no pun intended!), he said that next New Year's jump will be even more spectacular. Whatever you say Daredevil Robbie, we can't wait...

Conquering Commodores!

Congratulations to Vanderbilt University for capturing their first bowl victory since the1955 Gator Bowl! Wow! With their 16-14 victory over ACC member Boston College in the Music City Bowl, Coach Bobby Johnson's Commodores finished the 2008 season with a respectable 7-6 record.

Happy New Year Coach Stoops!

On January 1st, Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops received a $3 million bonus from the university. Yes, a $3 million bonus. He received this money as a "stay bonus" which was a part of his initial contract. After completing his tenth year as the head Sooner on December 31st, 2008 the bucks were his. You just know that there are some professors at Oklahoma who have been teaching at the university longer than that who are thinking "I didn't even get a gold watch at thirty years". Oh well, such is the game and that game is always about the almighty dollar! Oh yea, one more thing in that regard. If he defeats Urban Meyer's Florida Gators next week for the National Championship, he gets yet another bonus of $250,000. I would say that Bob Stoops, as well as other Division I head coaches, is "Recession Proof"!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hey Georgia Tech: Eat More Chikin!

At least Georgia Tech didn't have far to go to carry their whipped rear ends home after being thoroughly trounced by the L.S.U. Bengal Tigers in the New Year's Eve Chick-Fil-A Bowl. That's because the Tech campus is a lot closer to the Georgia Dome than the Jackets ever were to being in the game with the Tigers! I guess that triple option offense isn't Tiger proof guys! The Engineers were dominated in their own back yard by the boys from the Bayou. No contest. Perhaps the Bees were too caught up with illusions of how they would look with their new "Georgia game score" rings in those Industrial Arts classes. They better keep working on the blueprints for that "invincible" triple option attack Those three points Wednesday night were w-e-a-k (I kinda thought they were s-w-e-e-t!). When you're down 35-3 at halftime, that offense will not get you back in the game. Not last night, not any night. That "blind hog" might have found an acorn in the Georgia game, but he was exposed for what he truly is against L.S.U. In a showcase event where Georgia Tech thought they would show the college football nation how far they have come, they only showed how far they have to go. One heck of a long way!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from An Opinion On Sports! May health, happiness, wealth and success be yours in 2009.