Friday, February 8, 2013

National Signing Day Observations

Now that the smoke has cleared, here are a few observations from National Signing Day that, for the most part, seem to be accurate:

  • If Saban wants 'em, Saban gets 'em
  • If Georgia doesn't get 'em early, they don't get 'em
  • Don't bet the farm on anything an 18 year old football player tells you before the fax goes out
  • But you can bet the farm on the fact that Georgia will always undersign its class
  • It makes for a touching story that the nation's number 1 recruit would choose to play college football with his brother even though it means he will play in a glorified high school stadium and  forfeit the opportunity to ever play in his conference's championship game.
  • National Signing Day is not the time for coaching rumors to be circulating around
  • National Signing Day is not the time for coaches to undergo hip replacement surgery
  • And lastly, many aspiring high school football player signees can be sold more easily on the "delusions of grandeur" as opposed to the reality of the truth.

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