Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mark Richt & Jacob Eason: Can't a Guy Just Recruit...?

It seems that Mark Richt's breakfast on the west coast has everyone up in arms regarding his intentions. As the story goes, Richt headed for the airport following Georgia's win over Auburn Saturday and departed on an already planned trip. His intended destination was Washington state and a visit with UGA's top quarterback recruit Jacob Eason. The coach, Eason and Eason's Dad had breakfast together and then spent the remainder of Richt's visit hanging out together. You see, Coach Richt is allowed this unusual visit with a recruit because this particular player has already signed his financial aid papers with the University of Georgia.This gives the Bulldog coaches unlimited contact with Eason. So, why did Richt take a cross-country, in-season recruiting trip? He did it to try and make sure Jacob Eason enrolls at the University of Georgia in January 2016 as planned. Plain and simple. No ulterior motives. Jacob Eason is that important to the future success of the Georgia Bulldogs. Richt just tried to calm the seas among the recent rumored staff turmoil and assure the high school star that Athens, Georgia is where he indeed needs to be to play his college football. A very important recruiting trip. No more - no less.

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