Thursday, August 23, 2018

Urban Meyer: He Didn't "Deliberately Lie"

At the Ohio State press conference regarding the status of head football coach Urban Meyer, the head of the investigative team, Mary Jo White, stated that Meyer did not "deliberately lie". That term stood out to me above all the other colossal moments during that fiasco. A lie is the direct opposite of the truth, so if one chooses not to use the truth, isn't the lie automatically deliberate? However, in the end none of that matters in the least. When a coach returns a renowned program back to its glory days of winning football, he has a solid lock on his job. Urban Meyer owns Ohio State University. He holds the keys now. He knows he is untouchable by anyone at the administrative level above him. He doesn't have to ever be concerned by the actions, or lack thereof, of his despicable character. He can "look the other way" as much as he wants to now. His attention only has to be focused on winning football games, because a failure to do that is the ONLY thing that can put his job in jeopardy.

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