Monday, October 26, 2020


Auburn University has a 3-2 record at the half-way point of the SEC season. However, those 3 wins have been aided by critical officiating calls/no-calls by the inept SEC football officials. In their opening game against Kentucky, the Wildcats were not rewarded for a touchdown that they should have been credited for. This touchdown that wasn’t called a touchdown in the final seconds of the first half might have been the difference-maker in Kentucky’s 29-13 loss to the Tigers. In Auburn's second win against Arkansas, the Razorbacks owned a 28-27 lead late in the fourth quarter. The Tigers had worked their way into field goal range. The controversy came on a 3rd-and-1, when Auburn QB Bo Nix fumbled the snap, then spiked it into the turf in an attempt to stop the clock. However, Nix spiked the ball backwards and Arkansas fell on it, which should’ve been ruled a fumble. Instead, the officials ruled that the play was an incomplete pass with intentional grounding because ball didn’t reach the line of scrimmage. Auburn then kicked a game winning field goal with seven seconds left on the clock, denying Arkansas the chance to run out the clock and collect the win. Lastly, this past Saturday against Ole Miss, the Rebels recovered a ball in the end zone on a kickoff that the Tiger return man actually touched. But the officials on the field, as well as the replay officials, ruled that the ball was not touched by Auburn, thus denying Ole Miss the touchdown and awarding the ball to Auburn on the ruled touchback. The Tigers went on to win the game by a final score of 35-28. Auburn might have gone on to win the game against Kentucky in the second half even if Kentucky had been awarded the first half touchdown. We'll never know. Arkansas would definitely half defeated the Tigers with the correct ruling, and Ole Miss probably would have won the game Saturday if awarded the touchdown with the recovered ball in the end zone. With all of this in mind, I think it is realistic to infer that Auburn's record at this point should be 1-4 at best. Woulda, shoulda, coulda!

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