Monday, October 4, 2010

What's Wrong in Athens?

Literally everyone wants to know what the problem is in Athens. The Dawgs are currently on a four-game losing streak, and they have not won a conference game up to this point. They have given two programs, Mississippi State and Colorado, a false sense of gratification for achieving much less than they actually did. They have let South Carolina and Arkansas be Division contending pretenders, at least for a game. So what is wrong with the football program at the University of Georgia? Some say a lack of talent, although Mark Richt's teams have been in the Top 10 recruiting class polls every year he's been in Athens. Some say our Strength & Conditioning program is no longer producing positive results (hence our poor offensive line performance). Still others say Richt's "Florida State Offense" needs to be revamped and overhauled (that is changed completely). Our offensive philosophy is said to be very predictable; 'vanilla', if you will. You hear the phrase 'lack of discipline', both on and off the field. Another reason for the downturn at Georgia thrown around is that kids are not being 'coached up'. Some members of the Bulldog Nation feel that Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo need to go (the phrase is Bobo needs to Gogo), and still others believe Richt himself must end up being the 'fall guy' when this is all said and done. In other words, Georgia needs to clean house and let a "new broom sweep clean". I'll tell you up front that I'm not smart enough to decipher through all these problems (and yes, I think all of the above are legitimate concerns). I just want to know if whatever is wrong in Athens is "fixable" by Mark Richt. If they ere, then let's go forward starting right now. If Richt can't fix the program, then I know what the answer is and will be.

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