Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NFL: Lockout or Look-Out?

I remember that after Major League Baseball shut everything down several years ago, they realized they had a helluva lot of work to do to win back baseball fans. Attendance at the parks, as well as general fan interest in the game, was at an all-time low. I believe that was the beginning of players throwing baseballs in to the stands to build up a new rapport with the fan base. They continue to do that each season with regular frivolity. It must have worked, because now most fans have bought back into the game. Also, time is a great healer itself. Now it's pro football's turn to weather the storm of intense labor negotiations. Whose greed will eventually win out, the players or the owners? Who will be willing to sacrifice more for the sake of the fans? For the sake of the game itself? If they choose to lock-out, they better look out. After all, Rawlings baseballs are a lot cheaper than Wilson Duke footballs. May the best team win.

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