Friday, November 20, 2020

Jake Scott: A Damn Good Dawg!


Jake Scott, former Georgia Bulldog All-American Safety and Punt Returner, has died at the age of 75. Scott led the Dawgs to the 1968 SEC Championship, which also featured an undefeated regular season of 8-0-2, as well as an invitation to the Sugar Bowl. In both 1967 and 1968, he led the SEC in interceptions. Also in 1968, he led the conference in punt returns and punt return yardage. Scott still holds the SEC record for most interception returns for touchdowns in a single game with two against the Kentucky Wildcats in 1968. Scott of course, went on to a fantastic professional career with the Miami Dolphins, with saw him garner a Super Bowl MVP award, five consecutive Pro Bowls and three Super Bowls. However for me, I'll always remember him most as a tremendously gifted athlete wearing the Red and Black for the University of Georgia. Thanks for the thrills and the victories Number 13! God Speed Jacob E. Scott III.

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