Monday, November 23, 2020

Mississippi State: Hats Off For Playing the Game!

 Mississippi State traveled to Athens Saturday to take on Georgia in a clash of the SEC Bulldogs. Mike Leach traveled with only 49 scholarship players, but those 49 put in one heck of an effort and took the Georgia Dawgs to the limit before the canines from Athens secured the victory. In this Covid confused season, it would have been easy for Coach Leach to use the SEC's 53 man roster limit requirement and call off the game. But State wanted to play, and you could see the effort on the field throughout the game, as they played one of their best games of the season with a depleted roster. The 31-24 final score was indicative of how competitive the Maroon Bulldogs were all night. Heavily favored Georgia came away with the hard fought victory, but Mississippi State walked out of Sanford Stadium having earned a ton of respect for itself.

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