Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ryan Braun: Far Worse For Baseball Than Pete Rose...

Ryan Braun gets a 65 game suspension for taking PEDs. Pete Rose gets a lifetime ban for betting on baseball. What do the two have in common? Well, they both lied, and neither one of them will ever get to make it into the Hall of Fame. A sin is a sin, but is one guys fall from grace bigger than the other's? I will say that although Pete Rose tampered with the integrity of the game, he never disgraced the game on the field in any way as a player. On the other hand, Braun has stepped on every legitimate element that is the "Nation's Pastime". I personally believe Rose should be pardoned and allowed to enjoy the fruits of his career as the "Hits King", even being inducted into the HOF. And now I believe Braun should be banned from baseball for life. His stats are doctored by a foreign substance, his career numbers are phony, and his accolades are all undeserving. Braun has wasted his God given talents. Now he should be forced to sit out the game he cheated and feel those same talents erode from his very being. 

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