Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tim Hudson: Going Down When He Just Got Going...

Tim Hudson had not been particularly impressive during much of the first half of this 2013 MLB season. In fact, his name had been battered around in possible trade discussions. However, all of that began to change just prior to the All-Star break. He had finally begun to resemble the Tim Hudson of old. The "go-to" veteran on a Braves staff stacked with talent, but lacking experience. The starter Atlanta was counting on to lead the Braves in their second half stretch run for a division title is now lost for the year after suffering a broken ankle in Wednesday night's game against the New York Mets. A freak accident suffered in the 8th inning of his best outing of the season. Gone is the experience, the leadership, the stability and the tremendously proven ability. The Braves went on to earn the important victory for Hudson, and here's hoping Atlanta has enough to overcome the extreme cost of this win. They definitely have someone to play for now.

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