Monday, October 23, 2017

Georgia State Stadium: Definitely on the Right Track...

After attending the GSU/Troy State game this past Saturday, I came away with the following observations:  State has done a great job with Turner Field, thus far.  There is still much to be done to completely transform this venue into a really top tier football facility. The concourse where everyone enters is a bit drab. It needs GSU football murals and more GSU blue throughout that area. Adding those, as well as a few more touches, would liven up that area and give fans a better "first impression". The end zone seating at the old home plate end of the field should be closed until GSU needs those seats for capacity.  The sight lines there are terrible, and bringing the home crowd all behind the home team would increase the noise level for the Panthers, giving them more of a home field advantage and the appearance of a larger crowd. Once you leave the concourse area, the concessions are few and far between, and putting more behind the home crowd would be a big plus. The concourses are big and open which is nice and should afford sufficient space for those additional concessions. The people in charge of game day should visit more venues and adapt other ways to enhance the game day experience at Georgia State Stadium. The scoreboard/video screen is really nice, but one does grow weary of seeing the same spirit videos all game long. I realize this was only the second home game, so I am sure there is much trial and error going on. The future plans for the football and baseball facilities on site sound exciting. I would say GSU is on the right track with still much work to be done. Good luck and go Panthers!

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