Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NASCAR: My Crew is Your Crew is My Crew...

If you're at all familiar with this blog, then you know I love taking shots at NASCAR. I like to say it's the WWE of motor sports. For sure, it ain't your Granddaddy's NASCAR. My latest jab at them concerns Jimmy Johnson's pit crew being pulled during a race and replaced by the number 24 crew of Jeff Gordon, who had already crashed and burned out of the race. Now the good 'ole boys of NASCAR have only two races left in their "chase" for the points championship. Johnson, finding himself in second place at this point, has announced he will keep Gordon's crew for the remaining two races in order to enhance his chances of winning the crown jewels. He's saying your guys are better than my guys. It is worth noting here, I guess, that Gordon and Johnson both belong to Hendrick Motorsports and are, thus, teammates. My problem with this is that a team shouldn't be allowed to change its pit crew during a race. Like the old expression goes, "you got to dance with who brung you". The word "TEAM" is just what it implies, a team. After the race, make all the changes you want, but not with another car's crew. Replace or revamp you own, not one that belongs to your "teammate". If I were a member of Johnson's former crew, I think I would tell the 48 bunch to put it in another zip code (that was tactful, wasn't it?), and if I was Jeff Gordon I would say my crew is my crew. Go work out your own problems. Isn't NASCAR a joke?

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