Wednesday, November 10, 2010

South Carolina -vs- Florida

South Carolina visits the Swamp Saturday to take on Florida for the SEC Eastern Division title. This is a news bulletin to the entire Gamecock Nation: You will lose this game to the Gators, thus blowing the best and only chance you will ever have at making it to Atlanta for the Southeastern Conference Championship. It's sad to say but Carolina fans thought for sure this was going to be their year. Nope, not, and never. It will be many years before the SEC East is this weak again. The 'Lamecocks' will fall this weekend to one of the worst Florida teams in over a decade. South Carolina is very close now to being the best they can and will be. It just isn't going to happen for them, just as it isn't going to happen for Kentucky and Vanderbilt. Florida, Georgia and Tennessee will all get better. The Gamecocks will not, and that starts Saturday.

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