Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Barbara Dooley: That Rile Might Stay Up...

I think Derek Dooley is a good guy. I don't know what caliber of football coach he is because he hasn't been operating at the SEC level long enough to prove himself. There is one thing for sure, the "Hillbilly Honeymoon" won't last forever. That proving period will probably end this year, past program problems and transgressions not withstanding. Mama can defend her "Precious" all she wants, but he's a Big Boy now coaching in a Big Boy conference. The vultures will soon begin circling if he doesn't restore the Volunteer program back to its days of glory. Take all the shots at her baby you want, but just remember Mama's listening. Oh yea, take a hint from Bobby Bowden, she's "not too old to find you, son"!

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