Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stephen Garcia: The Straw That Broke the Gamecock's Back

This can't be baseball, because you only get three strikes in 'America's Pastime'. It has to be the 'Ole Ball Coach, because he's the only one who allows anyone to tempt fate five times. It appears that even six times is one too many transgressions for Steve Spurrier. Thus a failed alcohol test and one Stephen Garcia is permanently booted off the South Carolina football team. And we all thought he had has many lives as the old feline, only to come up three short. But wait, knowing Garcia will partake of an adult beverage is just as sure a thing as the preacher man praying. So what's really going on in Columbia? I think that Connor Shaw's performance against Kentucky on Saturday finally convinced Spurrier that he is now prepared to be the 'Cocks number one signal caller. Shaw finally gave the "Evil Genius" the assurance he needed to rid himself of Garcia and all of his excessive baggage. It was Shaw who helped Spurrier put the noose around the neck of Garcia, not a failed alcohol test. But you all knew that anyway, right? Of course you did. But be careful Coach, it was 'Kensucky' that Shaw excelled against...

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