Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just Can't Miss These "10"

Think about sport's "Hardest Tickets", or perhaps call them your "Favs", or just the biggest sports events to you. For example, take a look at my "Top 10", in no particular order:

1.) The Masters, 2.) The Kentucky Derby, 3.) The World Series, 4.) The Super Bowl, 5.) The Indy 500, 6.) The Daytona 500, 7.) NCAA Men's Final 4, 8.) ACC Basketball Tourney Final, 9.) Wimbledon, 10.) Georgia vs. Ga. Tech Football!

What a year for a sports enthusiast if you attented all 10 in a single year! (Maybe in another lifetime!) Maybe I'll just strive for all 10 in this entire lifetime. Just think, I only have 7 more to go! Check out your Top 10 and make those travel plans NOW!

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