Monday, March 31, 2008

And Who is YOUR Travel Agent?

Do you think this scheduling just might have an effect on the cost of a ticket? The Atlanta Braves closed out spring training by breaking camp in Florida and coming to Atlanta to play 2 exhibition games against the Cleveland Indians. O.K., a dress rehearsal at Turner Field before the 'real' season begins. But check this out, the Braves fly to Washington for a 1 game 'series' to open the season with the Nationals on Sunday night. ONE GAME - Come on Major League Baseball. Now the Braves fly back to Atlanta for a 3 game set with Pittsburgh followed by 3 games with the Mets. Tuesday is an off day. Why not play at least 2 in Washington and not have an off day on Tuesday (it would only be the 3rd day of the season)? Better yet, why did the Braves even open in D.C.? Why not the team that follows us in there be the opening opponent? I know there is a logical explanation for all of this by the MLB front office, but it would really have to be solid to convince me. Perhaps the cost of jet fuel hasn't escalated at the same rate as gas for our autos? Perhaps MLB has 'classified' info from the Weather Channel that rain outs for these two teams are in their future? Or, perhaps costs are no big deal to MLB because of are willingness to pay escalating ticket prices? Let me know what you figure out, and remember MLB: Delta is ready when you are!

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