Friday, March 28, 2008

Rah, Rah, Rah!

The NCAA Basketball Tournament heads into its last week expecting 4 great teams to make up this years Final Four from this weekends slate of Sweet 16 teams. Around the country, most colleges and universities are preparing to finish up spring football practices in the next week or so. Also, college spring sports are in full gear. After those, we all count the days untl kickoff! O.K., O.K., too forward, too fast. I agree. After all, the MLB season is absolutely upon us, and 'hope springs eternal' for all of us as our teams start out dead even. I do look forward to the season, as well as a trip or two to Turner Field. Go Braves! But the point I'm dancing aroud here is: Only college athletics can capture the excitement, pagentry, loyalty and passion of sports and its fans. I know, pro sports are exciting and most of us have loyalty to certain teams, but only the college game has that "X Factor". I'm talking about the way we're stirred when "our team" wins or loses. There's nothing else like it! And guess what? It's coming to a college campus near you!

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