Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sights & Sounds of Sports That Stay With You

Classic Scenes and Sounds of Sports:
1. Joe Namath's Raised Finger After the Jets Super Bowl Victory
2. Carlton Fisk of the Red Sox Frantically Urging His Homerun to Stay Fair
3. The Most Famous Words in Motor Sports: " Gentlemen, start your engines!"
4. Al Michaels During The U.S. Hockey Team Olympic Victory: "Do you believe in miracles?"
5. The Raised Putter of Jack Nicklaus at Augusta on #17 During His Final Masters Victory
6. Michael Jordan's Prolonged Follow-Through After His Championship Winning Jumper
7. The Unique Fist-Pump of Kirk Gibson as He Approaches 2nd Base After His Famous Homer
8. Brent Musburger's Classic Opening: "You are looking live "
9. Harry Caray: "ah one, anna two, take me out to the ball game..."
10. Larry Munson, famous voice of the UGA Bulldogs: "Get the picture!"

These are just a few of so many of the great scenes and sounds of the wonderful world of sports!
What ranks high on your list?

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