Monday, March 24, 2008

When More is Better!

While enjoying the North Carolina - Arkansas tournament game yesterday only to see CBS divert the telecast to partial coverage of at least 2 other games, I thought it sure would be nice if CBS could "spread the joy around" a little. You know, in layman's terms. "sub-contract" out a couple of games to other networks or stations. Not to worry CBS, the Final Four would still be all yours! I suppose I want to be able to select the games I want to see, not necessarily those the network selects for me. After all, The NCAA Basketball Tourney is a big deal. It only happens once a year. Let's make it as accessible as possible. Allow SEC guys to see SEC teams, ACC fans to view ACC games, or better yet, let me "Cherry Pick" the best game going on at that time! I s that too much to ask? I just want my cake and be able to eat it too! By the way, would you like ice cream with your cake?

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