Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bobby Bowden: Just Go On Out

Bobby Bowden should just hang up his whistle and call it a career. After all, by all accounts he doesn't even use it anymore (the whistle nor the career). 'Ole Bobby is just hanging around for the numbers. Numbers as in wins. Wins as in get more than Joe Paterno. More than JoePa as in hold the all-time wins record. It's all about the record now. What happened to big "TEAM" and little "me"? Bobby is all about Bobby these days. Or as they might say on the streets, "Bobby loves him some Bobby". I, for one, hope that the NCAA makes Florida State forfeit those 14 games for academic misconduct. Not that I side with the NCAA very often, but I'm just that sick of Bowden. Go on already. Go fishing with Tommy. That stature of you pointing on the FSU campus is actually pointing the way out for you. Just go Bobby Bo! Take one for the TEAM for a change.

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