Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Carver High -vs- University of Georgia: No Winner Here

The University of Georgia withdrew a high School football player's scholarship offer while the player was on campus last weekend. This decision has drawn the ire of Carver of Columbus head coach Dell McGee, so much so that he has allegedly banned Georgia from recruiting at his school. Now hold on a minute coach. I will admit, Georgia botched this thing and they have said as much. But also, the player, quaterback Devin Burns who was offered back in the spring, has to shoulder some of this blame as well. As does McGee. If Burns had accepted when he was offered, he would be a Dawg now. Georgia would/will never rescind a scholarship once it is accepted unless the player breeches some part of the agreement. Coach McGee had to know the Bulldogs only had 20 or less 'ships to work with this year. He could have advised his player better with relation to time and numbers. In Georgia's defense, they have signed most of this class to date since Burns was offered. It does at some point become a numbers game, and this prep player simply got caught up in the numbers. It is indeed unfortunate for both parties involved. It is actually surprising that this type of thing doesn't happen more often. But I believe McGee is out of line attempting to bar the Georgia staff from his high school. He should know the reputation that Mark Richt's guys have; and he shouldn't to allowed to punish other Carver kids who might want to go to UGA. The University of Georgia does not make a habit of allowing this type of situation to take place. Dell McGee is aware of this. Everyone should back off and take a long look at how all aspects of this thing went down. Especially Coach McGee, who just happens to be a former Auburn player.

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