Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No "Blue Skies" For Logan 'Gray'

I keep lobbying for more playing time for UGA quarterback Logan Gray. Not punt return duty or mop-up QB duty. Meaningful playing time. At least one significant series per game. Not one play, but one series of plays. I've stopped referring to Joe Cox as an "average" college quarterback. I simply refer to him now as a "mediocre" college quarterback. Having said that, and thus admitting that Joe is by no means a "superlative" college quarterback, would there be any harm in Mark Richt and Mike Bobo playing Gray? It is evident that they do not plan to burn a red-shirt for either one of the freshmen signal callers signed last winter. With Aaron Murray and Zack Mettenberger assured of only clipboard duty in 2009, why not have at least Logan Gray with playing experience when we head into the 2010 season? We're going to be in Columbia, S.C. next September before you know it, so get someone on this team some quality minutes. More playing time certainly would not have hurt Cox last year. In all fairness, Logan Gray might not be Georgia's quarterback of the future. But he very well could be the QB of the early 2010 campaign. Give him some PT these last five games. We have every 'excuse' in the world to do it now.

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