Saturday, April 4, 2009

Logan Gray: Focused to Move Forward...

There will be no more special teams for Logan Gray. Oh, he still wants to play and contribute as badly as he always has, but this time just at quarterback. His punt return career is over. He's finished as a kick returner and punt team gunner. All of his athleticism will be henceforth utilized in his diligent work to solidify himself as Georgia's back-up quarterback. Lest we forget, Logan Gray was an 'Elite 11' quarterback out of his Missouri high school. He's just yet to make that huge transition from prep QB to college signal caller. Now is the time to make that move, and this spring he is full steam ahead in staking his claim. If he can progress in the finer points of being a college quarterback, then offensive coordinator Mike Bobo can tweak the Bulldog offense to capitalize on Gray's speed, quickness, and running ability. He is very capable of adding another dimension to Georgia's offensive attack. His abilities to both run and throw well once he escapes the pocket can add strain and additional pressure on a defense. That is the opportunity Logan Gray is looking for. That is the opportunity he is focused in on and working hard for.

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