Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bryan McClendon: A Dawg's Dawg

Bryan McClendon has always been a Dawg. His Dad played for Georgia, as did he. He began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Georgia, and has paid his dues and worked himself up all the way to the title of interim head coach. He now is the man in charge of getting the Bulldogs ready for their January 2nd bowl game. The big thing about this is that McClendon might not be sure of his future. Incoming coach Kirby Smart has not named him as a member of his new staff at this point. It is believed that Smart would prefer to bring Alabama's wide receiver's coach Billy Napier with him to Athens. It is also no stretch to assume that McClendon has a spot on Mark Richt's Miami staff if he wants it. Regardless of where he ends up for the 2016 football season, McClendon is in Athens doing what needs to be done for the 2015 UGA squad. He could be job hunting, or even at a new location by now, but he chose to "Finish the Drill" with this team. That in itself says a lot about the character of the man. Wherever Bryan McClendon is coaching next year, he will be a credit to the kids and the program. Thanks Coach for always being a Damn Good Dawg!

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Dawgs in Brunswick,GA got your back.say hay to Willie