Monday, December 28, 2015

Cotton Bowl: Going Out of Conference This Time

In most cases when an SEC team plays out of conference, I tend to go with the conference when selecting my preferred winner. But I always make that decision weighed upon the impact the winner might have on Georgia's season. With that being said, I am hoping for an upset Michigan State win in this year's Cotton Bowl over favored Alabama. Yea I know. a Spartan win eliminates any chance of the SEC winning the National Championship. I get all of that. My reason for not wanting the Crimson Tide to win is totally selfish: I want Kirby Smart back in Athens as soon as possible working for Georgia, not Alabama. A Tide loss puts Smart with UGA, where he belongs by the way, at least 11 days sooner than does a Tide victory. As far as I'm concerned, the 2016 campaign has already begun and the Head Coach needs to be on campus steering the ship. It's just that simple...

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