Thursday, December 10, 2015

Should Mark Richt Attend UGA's Senior Gala?

Part of me says that Mark Richt should not attend Georgia's annual Senior Gala this weekend. He's moved on, we've moved on, let's all go forward. The other part of me says that he should attend. After all, he's been with these seniors 4 and 5 years. He recruited them, coached them, and mentored them. They asked him to be there. So, why shouldn't he? Are there too many conflicts of interest now that he's at Miami for him to come back at this time?  I'm really leaning to the side that says he shouldn't attend. Nothing against Coach Richt. We all know what a great guy he is. It just seems somewhat awkward. But really, is it even such a big deal if he's there or not?

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Unknown said...

He'll yes! He did not fire his seniors