Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How's Everything Going Over There In Tuscaloosa...?

Get the picture: Kirby Smart was at Alabama but now is at Georgia, but is back in Tuscaloosa coaching the Crimson Tide. Jeremy Pruitt was at Georgia but is now a member of the Tides coaching staff, but not currently coaching. Just to thicken the plot, Smart and Pruitt are sharing an office together in the Alabama football operations complex. Glenn Schumann, who Kirby Smart brought to Athens with him, is also now back at Alabama for bowl practices. Now for the really awkward part: Georgia and Alabama are hoping to sign several of the same kids for their respective 2016 classes. Even though we are in the "Dead Period" as far as recruiting contacts are concerned, we all know the business of recruiting never stops. For instance, Georgia just tendered an offer to an Alabama quarterback recruit (2017), who incidentally hails from Georgia. Georgia also approached a defensive back who is a Tide commit. And don't forget that Coach Smart perhaps might be trying to steal yet another one of Nick Saban's staff members to bring back to UGA with him. Don't you think all of this leads to a lot of whispering around the Alabama offices? Don't you think the situation is just a tad bit uncomfortable for all concerned? Don't you find all of this just a little strange? For two schools just a state line apart, residing in the same super competitive conference, vying not only for the same recruits, but also for the same coaches no less, you dang straight it's more than a little weird. I know we will all be glad when this strangeness ends and everyone gets settled in their new homes. But for now I really do wonder how things are going in Tuscaloosa...

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