Friday, December 4, 2015

GEORGIA: Stuck in the "Limbo Period"

I hate when things get bogged down. I want to see things completed and moving on to the next step. I don't like indecision and having to wait for change to take place. It's especially frustrating when outside issues have an impact on my alternatives. I'm like the kid at Christmas who can't wait for the 'big day" to finally get here. And that is exactly where I am with Georgia Football at this point, and I imagine many of you are as well. I want South Carolina to go ahead and make their head coaching hire. I want Mark Richt to begin assembling his staff at Miami. Coaching decisions at these two schools could have an impact on our new staff. After Saturday night, I want Kirby Smart to at least acknowledge the University of Georgia. It is common knowledge that he is riding out the remainder of the bowl/playoff season with Alabama, but I want to hear about how he is handling that as well as his new job with the Bulldogs. Whether Nick Saban likes it or not, Smart will have responsibilities in Athens once he is officially announced as head coach. He will have to begin juggling those two jobs. We all want to know which coaches he keeps on staff at Georgia, as well as where the ones go he chooses not to retain. Who will be the next defensive and offensive coordinators at Georgia? What will be our new offensive philosophy? Can the new staff hold the 4th rated 2016 recruiting class together, especially securing the commitment of quarterback Jacob Eason? So many questions, so few answers.Stuck in limbo...

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