Monday, December 21, 2015

Georgia's Quarterbacks: 2015 Edition

It's fair to say that the play of Georgia's quarterbacks this season has been less than exemplary. After losing Jacob Park to transfer, the Dawgs had three signal-callers coming out of summer camp, but none of the trio could nail down the starting job. Incoming UVA graduate Greyson Lambert eventually emerged as the starter, with Faton Bauta making an ill-fated start against Florida. Brice Ramsey earned more time as a punter than he did as a quarterback. In the last several games of the season, the Bulldogs spent a considerable amount of snaps out of the "Wild-Dawg" formation with play-makers handling the direct snap from center. Was the inept play at the position due to OC/Quarterback Coach Brian Schottenheimer's inability to develop any of these guys? Did Georgia miss Mike Bobo terribly in that role? Did Mark Richt not get involved enough in the hands-on quarterback coaching? Did poor offensive line play contribute to the situation? Did the loss of Nick Chubb hurt the quarterback play that much? Were the three just overwhelmed by the level of competition in the SEC and unable to respond and perform? Perhaps some of all the above? I think it was at least some of everything above. Regardless of the reasons, the lack of production was evident. What do you think?

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