Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jacob Eason: The Stakes Just Got Higher for UGA

Jacob Eason, the Lake Stevens, Washington quarterback who has been verbally committed to Georgia for a long time, is heading to Florida today for an official visit. He has always maintained he loves the passion of SEC football. He also, as you would expect, has been contacted by numerous other schools in the wake of Georgia's firing of Mark Richt. His recruitment is obvioulsy wide open at this point.Probably no one knows where Eason's UGA commitment stands at this point, perhaps not even Eason himself. But there is one thing still crystal clear: Georgia needs him desperately. The Bulldogs do not have a quarterback on campus that can carry them through next year, and Eason is their sole target in the 2016 class. This head coach  decision at Georgia needs to be swift. There is a 4th ranked recruiting class at stake. It has to be saved. My question for you is this: If Jacob Eason goes to another SEC school because of Richt's firing, is the destruction of the 2016 recruiting class worth the price of a new head coach?


Bulldawg Bill said...

No. Patience is not a hallmark of the Fire Richt crowd. And rest assured that they will be the first ones bitchin' and whining when the talent gap hits us anf Coach Savior is left with a losing record and not enough upcoming talent to get out of the hole fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Horrible mistake by McGarity. Probably never have the opportunity to sign another class like this one could have been.