Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michael Vick: There's No Place Like Home...

Michael Vick will possibly serve out the remainder of his prison sentence under home confinement. It seems that there is no room in a halfway house for him, thus the move home. There are two months, more or less, remaining on his sentence. Why not keep him in prison since he can't go to the halfway house? I must be missing something here. I wonder if he'll be on "double secret probation"? Will it be one of his houses, or how about a real 'dog' house? What if schools began doing this: "there's no room in 'time-out' now, so we're sending you home to be confined to your room. But do not get on the Internet!" But I digress. Do you think I should post a welcome home sign for Vick on An Opinion On Sports? Oh well, I'll take that as a NO.

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