Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not For A Photo Finish This Time...

Let's talk about Michael Phelps once more. I do not condone what he did. You may label his actions with any descriptive you want. Stupid, immature, irresponsible, illegal, all of the above. They all fit. However, the reason I bring up this subject again now is because of the news that the authorities in Columbia, South Carolina where the alleged marijuana pipe incident took place, are making arrests related to this event. All of the arrests being made, and it is rumored that Phelps' number is soon to be called, are stemming from the picture of Phelps and the story behind that particular picture. I'm sorry, but that sounds a little like the "ambulance chasing lawyer" to me. Did you not have a case until the picture surfaced? What do you have, some guy married to the Internet tracking down leads that you can't uncover on your own? Are you doing this simply because of Phelps' celebrity status? I might be 'splitting hairs' here, but this just doesn't seem the same as being caught by one of those traffic cameras running a traffic light and being prosecuted after the fact. It would go down much better if you had raided the 'party' and locked all of the participants up. Then I would have thought "those Carolina police are on top of things over there". But on the other hand, with all the technology in our world today, this way sure is one heck of a lot easier than the old fashioned "beat the bushes" method. But I gotta believe 'ole Joe Friday couldn't handle this. You know, he was a "just the facts ma'am" kinda guy!

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