Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brett Favre: Quietly This Time

The 2009 retirement of Brett Favre from professional football has been announced by the New York Jets. As I'm typing this, I feel that if I were saying this, I'd be whispering. But it kind of hard to relate that via a keyboard, right? You realize a year ago, there was all the fanfare surrounding the tearful retirement announcement in Green Bay. Then the yes I am, no I'm not fiasco. Now it's riding off quietly into the sunset. I'm glad he chose to do it this way this time. He really messed his image up last time, and I blame the Packers for that just as much as Brett. If they had left him alone at the beginning of the calendar year, he probably would have retired and stayed retired. The 'Pack' tried to force his hand, and then that old quarterback ego got in the way and it was "well I'll show you". That led to the year as a Jet filled with a lot of ups and downs, but not much consistency. I like Brett Favre. But I wanted him to stay retired last year. Now I want him to stay retired this year. Don't put anymore tarnish on the armour. Attack retirement with the same vigor you attacked NFL defenses with. Thanks for all the good memories #4. They far outweigh the bad.

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