Thursday, February 5, 2009

Duke "Exposed" by Clemson

The tenth ranked Clemson Tigers handed Mike Krzyzewski's fourth ranked Duke Blue Devils a resounding 74-47 defeat Wednesday night at Littlejohn Coliseum. It was Duke's worst loss since 1990. The '3-point dependant' Devils were a pitiful 3 for 13 beyond the arc, as they posted their lowest point total of the year. The typically arrogant Dukies were flustered and flabbergasted all night by Clemson's relentless pressure. "Cryzewski" wasn't nearly as adept at intimidating the officials as he usually is, and Duke teammates even resorted to screaming at one another and calling each other out before the game ended. If you dislike Coach K and his perfect band of players as much as I do, it was a beautiful sight to behold! For the last few year they have survived by the three-point shot. They really have been a vastly overrated team that has been very good at matching your two pointers with their three pointers. When they have that lone weapon taken away from them, as the Tigers were successful at doing, they are not a very good team at all. It is really great to see a cocky bunch lose that swagger when they get their lunch handed to them. Now maybe the rest of the ACC will continue to serve them up.

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