Friday, December 4, 2009

Alabama -vs- Florida: One For The Ages

What more could you ask for? Number One versus Number Two. Florida against Alabama. Saban toe-to-toe with Meyer. Tebow squaring off with Ingram. Southeastern Conference championship on the line. National title implications. Heisman candidates in a head-to-head competition in one last showcase before ballots are cast. NFL top draft selections all over the field. The best collegiate football conference in America on display for all of America to see. The "Best of the Best". The "Creme de la Creme". They played each other last year in the SEC championship game. They play each other tomorrow. They will play each other in the regular season in 2020 and 2011. Hey, this thing is just getting started again with these two powerhouses. You have to understand, they have played each other seven times for the conference title. No other pair of teams has played each other more than twice. This is the ultimate match-up. This may very well be the national title game, for they are arguably the two best teams in the country. And that won't necessarily change after this game is over. In fact, if this thing goes down to the wire in a classic showdown kind of way, they should book both of them in Pasadena for a re-match. Winner take all, and that means the "Crystal Ball". I think 'Bama wins tomorrow with a grind-it-out, southern style, late go ahead touchdown drive against a, by then, worn out Gator defense. The Tide defense then seals it by stopping Tebow on the biggest fourth down of any of their lives. Yep, it's really gonna be something...

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