Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Craig James: I Hope You're Right

Whether or not it's actually true, in a lot of circles Craig James will be blamed for the firing of Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach. I prefer to think the university administration was just looking for a good excuse to part ways with the eccentric Leach, but many will lay the blame on James and his son Adam. There are two sides to this story, of course. One is the true version of how the young James was treated, and the other is altogether false. It seems no one on the outside is being allowed to know who is right and who is wrong at this point. I wrote yesterday that Leach and James were both probably finished at Tech, and I still think Adam will have to go too. Now on top of that, the elder James might be finished at ESPN as well. His credibility may take a big turn south if his family's allegations prove to be erroneous. He would forever be known as the parent who got his kids coach fired. For what it's worth, that moniker may already be on him. I still don't see any winners coming out of this debacle. Texas Tech has alienated its fan base, Adam James is a marked man, Craig James is labeled, and Mike Leach is out of a job. The clean-up of this mess is going to take quite a while.

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