Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Steve Spurrier: Still Not Enough Time...

The University of South Carolina gave head football coach Steve Spurrier a one year extension to his contract. This new deal will carry Spurrier through 2013 with the Gamecocks. His salary will remain at $1.75 million annually. With the young players on the USC roster due to successful recruiting endeavors, Spurrier feels he is close to achieving his goal of finally getting the 'Cocks to the SEC championship game. Carolina was 7-5 this year, and is 35-27 for Spurrier's five years in Columbia. They will play Connecticut in the PapaJohns Bowl on January 2nd. I've always felt that South Carolina under Spurrier will play everyone tough, even surprising some teams and pulling off an unexpected victory. However, I don't see them winning their division, the SEC East, any time soon. Spurrier may be excited about his talent level for the first time with the Gamecocks, but it still isn't anywhere close to the "hosses" he had when he was at Florida. Steve Spurrier has already won his last SEC East title, and he left it in Gainesville, Florida.

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