Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Atlanta Braves: $83,890,334 Payroll

The Atlanta Braves nearly $84 million payroll ranks as the seventeenth highest out of 30 major league baseball clubs. The Yankees are first of course, with a whopping $213,359,389 payout. Just their starting infield brings down a staggering $85.2 million, which is more than the entire payroll of 15 other franchises. They are led by Alex Rodriguez's $33 million coup. The club that is ranked in last place with the lowest payroll is San Diego. The Padres only allocate $37,799,300 in player salaries. By the way, the Braves top salaried ballplayers are Derek Lowe at $15 million and Chipper Jones at $13 million. And how is your salary holding up during this recessionary period?

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